Robert Johnson


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Sunday, November 7, 2021 at approximately 1825 hours, I was conducting a business check at 11858 East Oglethorpe Highway. I observed a black Nissan Altima with a Georgia license plate of [REDACTED] at the gas pump of the convenience store. As I drove past the vehicle with my windows rolled down, I could smell the strong odor of marijuana emitting from the area of the vehicle.

The vehicle drove onto Butler Street and made a right turn onto East Oglethorpe Highway. I proceeded to follow the vehicle. I requested a status check of the license plate on the vehicle through dispatch. Dispatch advised the vehicle had no valid insurance. The vehicle proceeded on East Oglethorpe highway and made a left turn onto Ga 25. I conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle using my emergency lights and sirens. The vehicle came to a stop on Ga 25 at Live Oak Lane.

I conducted a driver’s side approach to the vehicle. I identified myself and advised the driver of the reason for the traffic stop. I requested for the driver to display his driver’s license. He stated he did not have his driver’s license on his person. He provided me with his name and date of birth. He was identified as Mr. Johnson. While talking to the driver, I could smell the strong odor of marijuana emitting from within the vehicle. I instructed the driver to exit the vehicle and walk to the front of my patrol vehicle.

I asked Mr. Johnson if there were any illegal narcotics in the vehicle. He stated there was marijuana in the center console. I requested an additional unit for backup. Ofc Stender #309 arrived on scene. I asked him to stand by with Mr. Johnson while I instructed the two other occupants in the vehicle to step out.

I reapproached the vehicle on the passenger’s side and instructed the female front seat passenger, who was identified Ms. Norman, to exit the vehicle. When I instructed her to exit the vehicle, she reached between the seat and the center console with both hands. I instructed her to show me both of her hands. She complied and stated she was trying to unfasten her seatbelt. She walked to the front of my patrol vehicle. I requested a female deputy to the scene to conduct a search of Ms. Norman’s person. I then instructed the back passenger seat occupant, who was identified as Mr. Bowers, to exit the vehicle. I instructed him to walk to the rear of their vehicle and to place his hands on the car’s trunk. I searched his person with no contraband found.

I requested for Ofc. Stender to search Mr. Johnson’s person while I conducted a status check of his license through dispatch. While Ofc. Stender was conducting a search of his person, he found a green pack of Kool cigarettes in the front left pocket of his pants. He handed me the pack of cigarettes, and I located a clear bag containing a crystal, clear rock-like substance. I suspected the substance to be methamphetamine due to my training, knowledge, and experience. Ofc. Stender placed him under arrest in double locked handcuffs which were checked for fit. I escorted Mr. Johnson to the rear driver’s side seat of my patrol vehicle and placed him inside. The rear seat of my patrol vehicle was searched prior to the beginning of the shift, with no contraband found.

ADS Kilgore #959 and Cpl. Lesinski #933 arrived on scene. Cpl. Lesinski conducted a search of Ms. Norman’s person and no contraband was found.

I searched the vehicle and located a clear bag containing a green leafy substance in the center console. I suspected the green leafy substance to be marijuana due to my training, knowledge, and experience. I located a syringe under the passenger’s seat commonly used for narcotics.

I advised Lt. Brown of the incident. I made telephonic contact with Narcotics Detective Winchell #915 and informed her of the incident. She arrived on scene a few minutes later.

Detective Winchell used a digital scale to weigh the green leafy substance. It weighed 21.1 grams. She used a field test kit and it confirmed the crystal, clear rock-like substance was methamphetamine. The evidence was turned over to her on scene.

I requested the next wrecker service on the list through dispatch, and they advised Clarks II was en route. I conducted an inventory of the vehicle. Clarks II arrived on scene at 2001 hours. The vehicle was turned over to him.

I transported Mr. Johnson to Liberty County Jail. He was turned over to jail staff without incident. Mr. Johnson received one citation for no proof of insurance. I searched the rear seat of my patrol vehicle prior to leaving the jail, with no contraband found.

My body-worn camera was active during the incident. Detective Winchell will secure a warrant against Mr. Johnson for possession of methamphetamine.