Willie Lumpkin


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:



Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets.]

On Wednesday August 18, 2021 at approximately 0823 hrs, I was conducting traffic enforcement in the area of Lewis Frasier Rd near Highway 17. While in the area, I noticed a green Chevrolet pickup pass my location bearing Georgia Tag # [REDACTED]. I ran the Georgia Displayed tag through GCIC/NCIC using my Mobile Data Terminal. When this information returned, there was no valid insurance on the vehicle and the Tag was expired as of January 2021.

I activated my emergency lights and siren to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle on Highway 17 near Smiley Hall rd. The vehicle slowed and stopped on the shoulder north of Smiley Hall rd.

I activated my Body Worn Camera and exited my patrol vehicle. I made a driver side approach and greeted the driver. I informed the driver the reason for the traffic stop and requested his driver’s license. The driver provided me with his Georgia driver’s license and an expired registration card. While speaking with the driver, I could smell the distinct odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicles passenger compartment. The driver was identified to be Willie F. Lumpkin by his driver’s license he provided.

I advised Willie to remain inside his vehicle and went back to my patrol vehicle to run his driver’s license through GCIC/NCIC. I also radioed for another unit to assist with a vehicle search. While units were en-route, I determined Willie Lumpkin was a valid driver but the vehicle he was operating had no valid insurance.

When units arrived on scene to assist, I requested the driver Willie Lumpkin to exit the vehicle. I advised him, I could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and he told me he smoked marijuana two hours prior to this traffic stop. He advised there was no marijuana inside the vehicle.

I walked Willie to the front of my patrol vehicle and searched him for weapons and contraband. While searching his person, I located a wooden smoking device burned on the end. This smoking device smelled liked burnt marijuana. Nothing else was located on his person.

The right front passenger [WITNESS #1] was removed from the passenger side of the vehicle and searched for weapons and contraband. Nothing was located on his person.

Deputy J. Henning 967 who was on scene to assist, stood by with the driver and front passenger while Deputy Styles 958 and I conducted a hand search for the vehicle.

During a hand search of the vehicle, Deputy Styles located a small clear plastic corner bag in the drivers door containing what appeared to be marijuana. Nothing else was located inside the vehicle.

I then placed WillIe Lumpkin in handcuffs (double locked and checked for fit) without incident. I advised him he was under arrest for possession and of drug related objects.

Willie was searched incident to arrest and nothing else was located on his person. Willie was then placed in the rear seat of my patrol vehicle. The rear seat of my patrol vehicle was searched and cleared for weapons and contraband at the start of my shift this date and nothing was located.

Willie’s vehicle was removed from the scene by Liberty Towing.

[WITNESS #1] was released from the scene.

I later transported Willie Lumpkin to the Liberty County Jail and he was turned over to Jail Booking Staff. After he was turned over to Jail booking staff, I cleared the rear seat of my patrol vehicle and nothing was located.

Willie Lumpkin was issued uniform traffic citations for the following: No Tag, No Proof of Insurance, Possession and use of drug related objects. He was also give an written warning for a broken windshield.

All evidence located during this traffic stop was turned into the Narcotics drop box located at the Liberty County Jail. Evidence Voucher # 09174 was completed and attached to the evidence.

This case is closed with one arrest.