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Kathy Wills-Bryant

Wills-Bryant, Kathy

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

[NARRATIVE #1 on November 26, 2022]

On 11/26/2022 I (Deputy Bennett) responded to [20 BLOCK] Sammy Haggard Rd for a stabbing.

While en route to the above address I asked dispatch where the knife and suspect were located. Dispatch informed me that the female is inside the camper on the property and was unsure if the knife was still in her possession. When I arrived on the scene I noticed the male victim [VICTIM #1] walking towards me bleeding from the left arm. I asked [VICTIM #1] where the female with the knife was and he stated still in the camper. [VICTIM #1] stated that the female’s name was Kathy Wills.

Due to the nature of the call and unknowing if the female still had the knife I drew my agency-issued handgun SN# BHFW962 and gave loud verbal commands to exit the camper. Kathy opened the camper door and placed her hands out for me to see. As I was placing Kathy in cuffs I asked where the knife was. Kathy stated she knew nothing about a knife while I patted her down for weapons. At this time CPL Townsend arrived on the scene. I placed Kathy in cuffs behind her back and placed her in the back passenger seat of CPL Townsend’s patrol car. EMS was advised to come to check on [VICTIM #1].

Once EMS arrived, [VICTIM #1] was treated. I spoke with [VICTIM #1] about the incident before he was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional. [VICTIM #1] stated that he tried to call and check on [WITNESS #1] the brother of Kathy who was staying with her. After trying to get into contact with [WITNESS #1] he decided to walk over to the camper which was located on the same property. He walked into the camper and was talking to [WITNESS #1] on the couch.

While talking with [WITNESS #1], [VICTIM #1] stated that Kathy came in there yelling because he had woken her up. [VICTIM #1] stated that he told her all she did was sleep all day anyway’s. After the comment, Kathy slapped and punched him in the face. At this time I didn’t notice any redness on his face. After she hit him, [VICTIM #1] stated she told him to “get the f*ck out” which he turned to walk away. When he looked back he saw her grab what he described as a steak knife and stabbed him in the left shoulder. After he was stabbed he walked outside and went down to his sisters. [VICTIM #1] stated that after 20 to 30 minutes he called 911. At this time EMS transported him to Piedmont Athens Regional.

While on the scene I noticed a blood trail where [VICTIM #1] had been walking around bleeding. Cpl Townsend notified Investigator Hanley about the incident and he responded to the scene. Once Investigator Hanley arrived the scene was turned over to him.


[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on November 26, 2022]

On the above date and time I responded to [20 BLOCK] Sammy Haggard in reference to a stabbing that had occurred. While I was in route to the call, Deputy Bennett arrived on scene and advised that he had the female suspect at gun point. I arrived shortly after and Deputy Bennett handcuffing the female subject.

I also made contact with the victim, [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] approached me and advised that he had been stabbed in the left shoulder. I observed what looked like a stab wound through his shirt sleeve and blood had saturated that the sleeve and was running down his arm. Shortly after this Deputy Bennett secured the female suspect in the back seat of my patrol vehicle who was identified as Kathy Dianne Wills Bryant.

I spoke with [VICTIM #1] who stated that he had gone into the camper to check on Kathy’s brother like he’s been doing every morning. [VICTIM #1] stated that Kathy became irate and started punching him in the face. [VICTIM #1] stated that Kathy then grabbed a large “steak” knife and stabbed him in the shoulder with it as he was going out the door. I asked [VICTIM #1] if he knew where the knife was and he stated that he did not.

I then went inside the camper and spoke with Kathy’s Brother who was identified as [WITNESS #1]. [WITNESS #1] stated the [VICTIM #1] had come into the camper and started cussing at them and told them they were going to have to leave. [WITNESS #1] stated that [VICTIM #1] got in Kathy’s face and “bucked” at her. [WITNESS #1] stated that when he did this that Kathy started hitting [VICTIM #1] in the face with closed fists and was eventually able to get him out of the camper. [WITNESS #1] stated that he didn’t have a clue how [VICTIM #1] got stabbed in the arm and never saw a knife.

At this time I contacted on-call Investigator which was Investigator Hanley. Investigator Hanley advised that he would be on the way to the scene shortly. While waiting on Investigator Hanley to arrive I went and mirandized Kathy and then asked her what happened. Kathy stated that [VICTIM #1] broke into her camper this morning and refused to leave. Kathy stated that [VICTIM #1] started cussing at her and telling her that he could go anywhere he wanted to on his property. Kathy stated that she started pushing [VICTIM #1] back to get him out of the camper but that’s all she did. Kathy stated that she did not stab [VICTIM #1] and she didn’t know anything about a knife.

Investigator Hanley arrived on-scene a few minutes later and conducted his investigation. That knife that was determined to have been used in the assault was collected and logged into evidence and secured in locker #11 by me. I also transported Kathy to Madison County Detention Center where she was booked in for aggravated assault. I later obtained a warrant for Kathy for the listed charge.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on November 26, 2022]

On 11/26/2022, I responded to [20 BLOCK] Sammy Haggard Rd at the request of Cpl. Townsend in reference to an aggravated assault. Upon my arrival, I spoke with Cpl. Townsend and Deputy Bennett about the incident details.

I then spoke with the suspect, Kathy Bryant. Kathy was seated in the back of Cpl. Townsend’s patrol car and in handcuffs. I introduced myself to Kathy and read her MIRANDA warning to her. Kathy stated she understood her rights and agreed to speak with me. I asked Kathy about the incident between her and [VICTIM #1]. A summary of the conversation is as follows.

Kathy stated [VICTIM #1] jerked the door of her camper open and came inside uninvited. Kathy believes the door was locked by due to the type of door it it, it can be pulled open. [VICTIM #1] came into the camper and Kathy told him to leave. An argument ensued and [VICTIM #1] stated he owned the property and he could go anywhere he wanted to. Kathy denied stabbing [VICTIM #1] and said she did not know how he got stabbed. I asked Kathy if I could look inside her camper for a knife and she agreed, giving me persmission to search the camper.

I then went inside the camper and spoke with [WITNESS #1], Kathy’s Brother. [WITNESS #1] stated he did not see Kathy stab [VICTIM #1]. Given the fact the [WITNESS #1] was lying on the couch of the camper, it would have been difficult for him not to see the event as it occured. I told [WITNESS #1] I knew Kathy stabbed [VICTIM #1] and asked where the knife was. After some brief conversation, [WITNESS #1] indicated the knife was in the area of the kitchenette table. Cpl. Townsend and I then located a butcher style knife inside a cardboard box underneath the table. The knife was recovered and placed into evidence. The knifes blade appeared damp and I also noticed the sink bottom was wet in the kitchen.

I then spoke with Kathy again at Cpl. Townsend’s patrol car. After some conversation, Kathy admitted to stabbing [VICTIM #1] however, she claimed it was in self defense as she was tired of being beat on by men. I asked Kathy if she attempted to clean the knife after the stabbing and she said she did not.

I then spoke with Cpl. Townsend and he stated that [VICTIM #1] had marks about his face along with the stab wound. Cpl. Townsend stated no marks or injuries were apparent on Kathy’s person. Kathy was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by Cpl. Townsend.

All interviews were conducted in the presence of Cpl. Townsend and/or Deputy Bennett and were recorded with the body worn cameras.

[End of Narrative]