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McCormick, Michael

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[NARRATIVE #1 on December 27, 2022]

On December 27th 2022, at approximately 1533 hours, I was dispatched to [1300 BLOCK] Pelican LN SE in reference to a physical domestic.

Upon arrival, I met with the complainant later identified as Ms. [VICTIM #1] who advsied that her husband was drinking today and she was folding laundry in the laundry room when her husband Mr. Michael McCormick entered in and got very irrate with her and threw the towels that she folded all over the room. Furthermore, he took his hands and swiped over a shelf that had goods on them and slung all the goods on the shelf around the room and got into her face yelling and screaming.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated she has had various problems in the past with Mr. McCormick while he was intoxicated. Ms. [VICTIM #1] also stated she feared that if he stayed the problems would escalate and things would become more physical between them. I then went and talked to Mr. McCormick who stepped outside without any clothes on upon my arrival. I ordered him to put clothes on.

Upon entering the residence, I observed Mr. McCormick slurring his words and he had a pronounced odor of alcohol coming off his breath. Mr. McCormick stated he had a couple of beers to drink earlier today. I asked Mr. McCormick what happened and he stated he got mad at Ms. [VICTIM #1] because she was getting onto him about being drunk around her.

I then asked Mr. McCormick if he had slung some clothes around and he very lightly said no and I then requested to see the laundry room. I observed towels and items all over the floor in the laundry room. I asked Mr. McCormick what had happened and he stated he threw the towels and slung his arm across the shelf and knocked all the goods off because he was upset.

Mr. McCormick then stated very lightly that he got into the face of Ms. [VICTIM #1] and began to yell and scream at her, then walked away. I asked Mr. McCormick how long he and Ms. [VICTIM #1] have been together and he stated that they have been together for almost 2 years. I advised Mr. McCormick to stay in the house until I return.

I then walked over to Lt. Mercier #1223 and advised him of the situation and he advised me to arrest him for Disorderly Conduct and Simple Assault, FVA. I then walked back into the house and advised Mr. McCormick to put his hands behind his back and that he was under arrest for Disorderly Conduct and Simple Assualt, FVA. Mr. McCormick snatched away and replied “Get your fu*king hands off of me”.

Cpl. Rowe #1225 and GSP #T0882 assisted in putting Mr. McCormick in a set of double locked handcuffs and putting him into the back of my patrol vehicle. I advised Mr. McCormick that he will also be charged with Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers for snatching away in an aggressive manner.

I then issued Ms. [VICTIM #1] a case number and advised her remedies between her and her husband. I transported Mr. McCormick to MCDC and turned him over to the jail staff without any further incident.

Mr. McCormick was charged with the following charges: Disorderly Conduct 16-11-39, Simple Assault FVA 16-5-20 (D), & Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers 16-10-24. All misdeamnor charges.

Warrants have been issued.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on January 06, 2023]

On January 6, 2023, at 17:39 hours, I responded to a problem with persons report at [1300 BLOCK] Pelican Ln. Dispatch advised Michael McCormick was at this residence and was not supposed to be.

While responding, Investigator Ward with the Criminal Investigation Division advised that Michael was told by a judge and himself he could not go back on the property due to a Temporary Protection Order filed against him by [VICTIM #1] and it was part of his Bond Agreement from being released from McIntosh County Detention Center earlier on this date.

Upon my arrival I saw Michael on the front porch sitting in a chair and charging his phone. I approached Michael and asked him if he was aware he wasn’t supposed to be on the property. After a few moments he answered and said, “Uhm, she invited me over here.” I asked him when and he stated he called her at work today and that is when she stated he could meet her 6:30 tonight.

I detained Michael and told him to sit in my patrol vehicle until other units arrived while I spoke with [VICTIM #1]. I had [VICTIM #1] step outside the residence and asked her what happen today. She stated Michael repeatedly called her at work and she told him several times to leave her alone. She said she then left work early and came home.

She advised Michael arrived on her property and began beating on the door and yelling at her so she called 911. I asked [VICTIM #1] if at any point of their contact today did she invite him over and she replied, “Absolutely not”. At this time deputy Ross arrived on scene, I advised him on the incident and asked him to stand by with the involved parties while I called Investigator Ward.

Ward confirmed that Michael was advised of the bond conditions and signed and acknowledged the Temporary Protection Order. At this time I placed Michael under arrest for violating O.C.G.A. 16-5-90 (a-2) when he did admit to violating the bond conditions by calling [VICTIM #1] and entering the property of [1300 BLOCK] Pelican Lane with [VICTIM #1] present.

[End of Narrative]