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Caleb Bauder

Bauder, Caleb Scott

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Battery/Simple Battery Family Violence

FV Criminal Trespass

Disorderly Conduct

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 04/21/2023 at 2209, I Deputy Weaver was dispatched to [1900 BLOCK] Red Cut Road lot [REDACTED] due to [REDACTED] calling 911 due to a fight in progress.

Upon arrival I spoke with [VICTIM #1] and she stated that her and Caleb Bauder was at her house hanging out and trying to talk about there relationship. She said while they was talking that Caleb then accused [VICTIM #1] of going through his phone and opening two snap chat’s from two different girl’s. She then said that Caleb accused her of talking to six different guys on her snap chat.

She said he then got mad and was walking down the hall way in the house and he kept grabbing her face not in a way to hurt her but she said she told him multiple times to stop. [VICTIM #1] did not appear to have any injuries at that time. She said once she told him to stop he then punched the wall in the hall way.

She said she then locked herself in her bedroom and could hear him throwing items in the house. She said he then went outside and then locked himself out of the apartment. She said he then began to beat on the door very hard. She said he finally left.

While in the apartment I could see a red craftsman drill that looked as if it had been thrown into the kitchen cabinet under the sink. The drill was broke almost in half and the cabinet was cracked and almost had a hole in it. I also noticed a black speaker and a bowl of food in the floor that looked like it was thrown as well. The food was splattered on the cabinet and in the kitchen floor.

I then walked into the living room and notice a side table next to the couch that was chipped and asked [VICTIM #1] if it was like that and she said no. I then noticed a metal flower pot that was not damaged but in the floor and looked as if it was the item that was thrown into the side table which caused it to get chipped. I did take pictures of the damage on the items in the house.

I then stepped outside to speak with any witnesses and I did make contact with [VICTIM #2] who lives two apartments down in apartment [REDACTED]. He said him and his family was asleep and heard a loud banging noise that woke them up. He said he then stepped outside and seen a man banging the door and then got into his truck and left the area.

While I was working the scene Sgt Miller with the Chatsworth Police Department found Caleb driving down 411 in Chatsworth and stopped the vehicle and placed Caleb under arrest. After Caleb was dropped off at the Murray County Detention Center I then read Caleb Miranda Warning which he said yes to and agreed to talk with me.

I then told Caleb I was here to get his side of the story. He said that they was over at [VICTIM #1]’s apartment and they was trying to work there relationship out. He said he had cleaned her apartment and washed her clothes. He then said he noticed that [VICTIM #1] had went through his phone and opened two of his friend snap chat’s that were females.

He said he then called her out about her talking to six different guys on her snap chat. He said he then got mad and was trying to apologize to her and said he was trying to crab her face sweet like. I then asked him if she told him to stop and he said no. He said he did throw a speaker but does not remember throwing a red drill.

He said he then left the apartment and when he was trying to get back in he knocked on the door rough like due to him thinking she could not hear him at the door. Caleb said he then left the house. Caleb was charged with Simple Battery Family Violence, Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct.

[End of Narrative]