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Malachi Alford

Alford, Malachi Tymarea

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Simple Assault

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On July 15, 2023 around 2359 hours, I (Deputy N. Gray) responded lights and sirens to [300 BLOCK] N. Walkers Mill Rd. in reference to an assault call. When I arrived I met with other deputies who had arrived before me. I could see a blue Chevrolet Malibu ([REDACTED]) that had been wrecked in the front yard. The vehicle had wrecked into a large pile of branches just off the driveway.

I then went to the house where I spoke to [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] said her ex boyfriend, Malachi Alford came to her grandmothers house and called her when he was in the driveway. [VICTIM #1] said she told Malachi he needed to leave but he did not. [VICTIM #1] said Malachi knocked on the window so she opened it up. [VICTIM #1] said as she was speaking to Malachi he asked if he could stay with her or if she would go with him and she said no.

[VICTIM #1] then said Malachi asked for a hug in which she gave him. [VICTIM #1] said while she was holding her phone in her hand, Malachi snatched it from her and took off running. [VICTIM #1] said she came out the window and yelled for Malachi to give it back.

[VICTIM #1] said Malachi then came back towards her and grabbed her by her hair. [VICTIM #1] said while he had her hair he pulled her closer to him then pushed her to the ground and covered her mouth. [VICTIM #1] said she then told Malachi to keep the phone because she was scared. [VICTIM #1] said Malachi then left and she went back inside through her window. [VICTIM #1] said she did not realize her father and mother were there until she was back inside. [VICTIM #1] did not have any visible injuries. [VICTIM #1] only had a dirty stain on her left knee where she was pushed to the ground.

I then spoke to [VICTIM #1]’s mother and father whos name I did not get. They said that [VICTIM #1] was at her grandmothers house ([300 BLOCK] N. Walkers Mill Rd.). [VICTIM #1]’s mother said they have cameras on the exterior of the house and could hear screaming. [VICTIM #1]’s mother had the app opened on her phone and allowed me to listen to the audio since there was no camera to see exactly what happened.

I listened to the audio but it was hard to understand what was being said. It sounded like [VICTIM #1] said let go of me and then screamed no several times. [VICTIM #1]’s parents said due to hearing [VICTIM #1] scream and them also hearing a male voice, they went to check on [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1]’s mother said when she pulled up in the driveway to block it, Malachi drove off the driveway and ran into the branches.

[VICTIM #1] completed a statement form and she was given a case card in reference to the incident. [VICTIM #1] also said she did want to press charges. While we were still on scene we went back to [VICTIM #1]’s window where we were able to locate her phone on the ground. I could also see where Malachi had drove through the grass to the rear of the home next to [VICTIM #1]’s window. [VICTIM #1]’s phone was an Iphone 12 worth around $699.00.

I then spoke to Malachi on the phone. Malachi said [VICTIM #1] had told him to come over. Malachi said when he arrived, he spoke to [VICTIM #1] through the window but never went inside. Malachi said [VICTIM #1] told him he needed to leave. Malachi then said [VICTIM #1]’s phone rang and he asked who it was. Malachi said [VICTIM #1] gave him the phone to answer it. Malachi said he saw [VICTIM #1]’s father pull into the driveway and she told him to keep her phone.

Malachi said he dropped [VICTIM #1]’s phone on the ground and left down the driveway. Malachi said when he saw a car blocking the driveway, he drove through the front yard trying to get to get to a separate driveway but he hit the branches. Malachi said he then saw a flashlight coming towards him so he got out and ran away. I asked Malachi if it ever got physical between them and he said no. I also asked about [VICTIM #1] screaming and he said [VICTIM #1] did not scream until he had already started to drive away.

I then asked Malachi about the dirt stain on [VICTIM #1]’s pants and he said he did not know how that happened. I asked Malachi to meet with me so he could write a statement. Malachi said no and that he would come to the Sheriff’s Office Monday morning to complete it. Malachi also would not provide where he was located.

Myself and other deputies went to [4000 BLOCK] High Falls Rd. in Jackson Ga. where I made contact with the homeowner. They advised Malachi did live there but he was not home at the time. They allowed us to check the home and he was not located. Once I got back into Spalding County, we were notified by the home owner that Malachi had returned home. I then went back to that location where Monroe County deputies met with us again. I again asked Malachi for his side and he gave me the same story.

Malachi was then placed into handcuffs behind his back and the handcuffs were double locked. The handcuffs were checked for fitment and Malachi was placed in the rear of my patrol vehicle where the seat belt was utilized. I then transported Malachi to the Spalding County Jail where he was released to intake personnel.

Malachi filled out a statement in the jail due to me not having a statement form on scene. Malachi was also given a criminal trespass warning for [100 BLOCK] Oxford Rd. and [300 BLOCK] N. Walkers Mill Rd. The back seat of my patrol vehicle was checked before and after Malachi was placed inside.

On 07-16-2023 around 1521 hours, I received an email from [VICTIM #1]’s mother with the video surveillance from the home. In the first video I could hear [VICTIM #1] screaming with another voice in the background. I could not tell who the other person was or what they were saying. In the second video I could see [VICTIM #1]’s father drive around to the back side of the house, then Malachi drive away. During this video clip I did not hear [VICTIM #1] scream like Malachi had said.

On July 17, 2023 around 0802 hours, I met with Judge Parks at the Spalding County Courthouse where he granted my warrants on Malachi for simple assault (W/N 23-EW-003533) and robbery (W/N 23-EW-003534).

[End of Narrative]

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