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Timothy Johnson

Johnson, Timothy William

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Possess, Manufacture, Or Distribute Controlled Substances

Vgcsa – Ctrl Subs Near Parks/housing Projects – Narcotic

Possession Of Marijuana Less Than 1 Oz – 1st

Possess, Manufacture, Or Distribute Controlled Substances

Possession Of Drug Related Objects

Possession Of Firearm / Knife During Commission Of A Crime

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On August 3rd 2023, I Deputy Ramsammy, was checking the area of Tyus Park located at 1301 Cowan Rd Griffin, Ga 30223 when I came up on a suspicious vehicle.

While checking Tyus park I located a 2023 Silver Chevy Camaro (Ga Tag#[REDACTED]; Vin#[REDACTED]) parked at the top of the park near the lake occupied by one person with the car windows rolled down and the vehicle off. I pulled behind the parked vehicle and activated my spot light on my patrol car.

The driver of the vehicle did not move after activating my spot light. I then exited my patrol vehicle and approached on the driver side. As I got up to the vehicle I could see that the driver of the vehicle was asleep. I also spotted a glass pipe with a round bowl end typically used for smoking narcotics located in the center console next to the shifter. At that time I woke up the driver of the vehicle and asked him what’s going on.

The driver Timothy Johnson (W/M; Dob: /1964) stated that he had just broken up with his girlfriend and came here to get away. I asked Timothy were there any guns or knives in the vehicle and Timothy went to reach for his firearm that was by his right side tucked in between the driver seat and center console. I advised Timothy not to reach for anything. Timothy then tried to start his vehicle and I advised him to stop and hand me the key.

At that time I advised Timothy to step out of the vehicle. Timothy stated that the firearm was legal and that he had a permit to carry. I brought Timothy back to the rear of his vehicle and asked him if there were any drugs in the vehicle that I needed to know about and he stated that there wasn’t. At that time I told Timothy to turn around as he was being detained until further investigation. Timothy was placed in handcuffs with them double locked behind his back.

Timothy was pat down for any weapons or contraband but none were found on him. I asked Timothy about the glass pipe I saw in the center console and he stated “I didn’t think you saw that”. I then asked Timothy again if there were any drugs inside the vehicle and he stated that there was a small bag. At that time I began searching the vehicle.

During my search I located one medium size plastic bag of a crystal like substance suspected to be Methamphetamine. I also located 3 small plastic bags of a crystal like substance also suspected to be Methamphetamine. The suspected Methamphetamine located inside the vehicle weighed approximately 8.5 grams. Inside the vehicle two firearms were also located. They were a Taurus G2C 9mm (Serial#) and a Hi-Point 9mm (Serial#).

I also located 14.5 grams of a green leafy like substance suspected to be Marijuana. Paraphernalia including another small metal pipe disguised as a cigarette with suspected Marijuana residue in it and a small scale were also found inside the vehicle. All of these items were bagged for evidence and submitted into the evidence locker at this time.

Timothy was advised that he is now under arrest and he was placed in the right rear passenger seat of my patrol car with the safety belt secured. Timothy’s vehicle was towed from the scene by B&T Towing. Timothy was transported to the Spalding County Jail to be booked in. Once at the jail Timothy was turned over to detention staff without incident.

My patrol car was checked before and after Timothy was in it for contraband but no contraband was found. Warrants were granted for the charges of Possession of Methamphetamine (23-EW-003834), Poss Drug Related Obj (23-EW-003835), Poss of a Controlled Substance in a Park (23-EW-003836), Poss of Marijuana Less Than One Ounce (23-EW-003837), Poss of a Firearm During a Felony (23-EW-003838), and Poss WITD Methamphetamine (23-EW-003839).

[End of Narrative]

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