Juan Valdez

Valdez, Juan A

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On 09/17/2022 at approximately 2254 hours, Troop H Communications Center dispatched me to a single vehicle crash on Union Road at the intersection of Kell Road in Tift County. When I arrived on scene, I observed a green Ford F-150 with GA tag bearing ([REDACTED]) in the steep ditch on the east shoulder of Kell Road. I also observed TFC. Deanda #120 helping assist the driver up ditches steep embankment. I then exited my patrol vehicle and began to help assist the driver to the front of my patrol vehicle.

While at the front of my patrol vehicle TFC. Deanda #120 informed me that the driver had a medical condition with his legs and was having a hard time walking/standing and did not suffer any injury during the crash. I then I identified Mr. Juan A Valdez by his Georgia Driver’s License. I then began speaking to Mr. Valdez and asked him if he had anything to drink tonight. Mr. Valdez admitted to consuming alcohol by stating he did not know how much he had consumed but he had been drinking since around 9 or 10am that morning. I then asked Mr. Valdez what type of alcohol he had consumed Mr. Valdez stated he was quite fond of Michelob Ultra.

While I was speaking with Mr. Valdez at the front of my patrol vehicle, I noticed a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath, his speech was slow and slurred and his eyes were bloodshot and watery. Mr. Valdez was having a very hard time standing up or even sitting down on the push bumper of my patrol vehicle. Mr. Valdez was complaining of discomfort and pain in his legs due to his medical condition. It was for this reason I did not conduct standardized field sobriety testing.

The vehicle was inventoried and released to Mckee’s towing. While inventorying the vehicle, TFC. Deanda #120 located several open and empty Michelob Ultra beer cans throughout the vehicle.

I then placed the driver under arrest for Driving Under the Influence. On 09/17/2022 at approximately 2310 hours. I read the driver Georgia Implied Consent Notice for Suspects Age of 21 Or Over and requested a blood test and Mr. Valdez refused by stating “I’m going to refuse but I am f*cking drunk”.

I then transported Mr. Juan A Valdez to the Tift County Jail where Mr. Valdez was placed in the custody of the Jail Staff for processing.

[End of Narrative]