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Richard Googe

Googe, Richard Shane

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:



Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 12/08/2022, just after midnight, I responded to [700 BLOCK] Jesup Lake Road in reference to a male threatening others with a bat.

I arrived on scene and was flagged down by [WITNESS #1]. I observed four people standing in the yard. I identified two males and two females as [WITNESS #1], [VICTIM #1], [VICTIM #2], and [VICTIM #3]. As I was speaking to them, they were all trying to talk over one another, but I was able to decipher that a male had a bat and pointed it at them, threatening them.

Deputy Tappenden arrived on scene and I asked him to talk to [WITNESS #2] and Richard Googe, the other parties.

I spoke to the neighbors across the road, [VICTIM #4] and [REDACTED]. [VICTIM #4] told me he was at [700 BLOCK] Jesup Lake Road with [VICTIM #2] and [VICTIM #3] trying to get a cat out of a tall tree. He said while they were trying to get the cat out of the tree, [WITNESS #2] came out and started being loud, accusing them of abusing the cat. [VICTIM #4] said Mr. Googe came out with a baseball bat, pointed it at him, [VICTIM #2], [VICTIM #3], and [VICTIM #1], [VICTIM #3]’s girlfriend. He said Mr. Googe pointed the bat and said he was going to beat them with the bat. Mr. [VICTIM #4] declined to press charges.

I separated the other parties and spoke with [VICTIM #2] and was told given the same story [VICTIM #4] told me. He said they were trying to get the cat out of the tree and [WITNESS #2] came out being loud and boisterous about them abusing the cat. He said Mr. Googe came out threatening them with a baseball bat. He said Mr. Googe pointed the bat in their face and threatened to beat them with it. [VICTIM #2] stated he wanted to press charges.

I spoke with [VICTIM #3] who confirmed the story, but added that when Mr. Googe had the bat, he went inside and got his own bat to defend himself and the others, but re-thought his decision and threw the bat to the side. He said he wanted to press charges.

I spoke with [VICTIM #1] who told me she called [VICTIM #3] to see where he was and he said he was out back trying to get the cat out of the tree. She said she went outside to tell him goodnight and then [WITNESS #2] came out yelling about the cruelty to animals and then Mr. Googe came out with a bat, threatening everybody. She said she’s a former domestic abuse victim and she said it gave her flashbacks. She wished to press charges.

I spoke with [WITNESS #1] who said she was asleep, but came out when she heard the commotion and tried to break it up. [WITNESS #1] said she was not threatened.

I spoke with Mr. Googe who told me he was in the shed, laying down, and [WITNESS #2] came in and told him there were four grown males outside bashing in a cats head. He said he grabbed the bat as an ‘equalizer’ and went outside. He said he went outside and said he would beat them all with the bat. He said he didn’t know who it was when he made the threats, but said he wanted to press charges on the other parties for cruelty to animals.

I explained he could go through the magistrate process and he told me he would. He also added the bat [VICTIM #3] had was aluminum and full of lead. He said first that [VICTIM #3] threw it to the side then said that [VICTIM #3] threw it at him. He said at the end, he shook hands with everybody on scene and everything was settled prior to our arrival.

Deputy Tappenden and I went and spoke to everybody again and asked if things were settled prior to our arrival with a handshake and they told me no. They said the fight did not stop until they heard sirens approaching. We went back over and placed Mr. Googe in handcuffs behind the back. [WITNESS #2] became upset saying we didn’t hear her side of the story.

[WITNESS #2] told me the other parties were awful people and were mistreating the neighbor kids. Speaking with the other parties earlier, they said the neighbor kids had, in the past, came onto their property stealing items. [WITNESS #2] told me one of them brought a fishing rod and reel back to [VICTIM #2] several days prior. [WITNESS #2] said they continuously cussed at them and told them to get out of their yard. [WITNESS #2] said she wanted them charged with Cruelty to Animals because they were throwing large objects at the cat to get it out of the tree.

I observed the cat in the tree. It did not appear to be in distress and was coming down the tree. I asked [WITNESS #2] if the cat was injured and she told me she wasn’t sure, but she could take me back to the tree and show me the debris all over the yard they were throwing at the cat.

I used my flashlight and illuminated the yard and all the debris around the yard. She agreed there was debris and refuge everywhere around the yard. She told me that I was not listening to her and only heard what I wanted to hear. I explained that I had conflicting stories, but all 6 of the other stories lined up and [WITNESS #2] and Mr. Googe not only offered conflicting stories from the victims, but also from each other.

[WITNESS #2] asked what time David Stalling was going to be in and I told her 8 a.m. and she asked how to make a complaint. I told her to talk to Sheriff Moseley to which she told me she knew who to talk to. I left the scene. Deputy Tappenden transported Mr. Googe to the Wayne Co. Jail and placed a hold for warrants.

[End of Narrative]