Animal Cruelty charge after dogs abandoned in crates for weeks

Written by K Bishop

Published September 18, 2022 @ 2:48 PM ET

Whitfield County Seven dogs were abandoned in a Dalton home after the tenants were evicted in July. Six dogs were locked in crates with no food or water and covered in feces. One dog was loose in the home.

The owner of the dogs, Isis Hernandez, 45, was arrested and booked into the Whitfield County Jail on August 18. Hernandez’s arrest was delayed while she recovered from a recent surgery.

The property owner notified police on July 29 that he had visited the property after having Hernandez evicted and found the dogs. Deputy Diak of the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call.

After looking through the windows and seeing the condition of the home and the animals, Diak contacted an animal shelter and made arrangements to remove the dogs. The dogs were defensive and suffering from medical conditions. Five pit bulls and two Chihuahuas were removed from the home.

Hernandez was contacted and refused to surrender the dogs. She was unable to make payment to the animal shelter to retrieve the dogs and stated that she would pick them up in a few weeks.

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Friday 7/29/2022 at 0858 hrs, Deputy Diak spoke to [WITNESS #1] by phone who stated his tenants at [800 BLOCK] Cherokee Boys Estate RD had left multiple dogs inside the residence and have not been back to the house in three weeks. [WITNESS #1] stated that he filed for an eviction notice on Monday 7/25/22 and did not know who was staying at the house. Deputy Diak stated he had another call to go to and would respond to the residence after it was cleared.

At 1002 hrs, Deputy Diak responded to the residence. Deputy Diak knocked several times and did not make contact with anyone at the residence. Deputy Diak could hear several dogs inside the residence barking. The front door was unsecured and Deputy Diak cracked the door open to see how many dogs were inside. A brown pit bull was standing at the door. Deputy Diak walked around the side of the residence and observed through a window no furniture in a bedroom. Deputy Diak went around to the back door and was able to see inside the living room.

Deputy Diak observed five pit bulls inside locked crates with no water or food. Deputy Diak also observed multiple piles of feces scattered throughout the residence. Deputy Diak left an orange card for a 24 hour contact notice in reference to the cruelty situation. Deputy Diak contacted Constable Shannon Manis if reference to the set out order. Constable Manis stated the eviction notice was served 7/28/21 by hanging notice on the door. Deputy Diak contacted Lt. Callahan and Lt. Stephens by phone to advise them of the situation. All parties agreed the dogs needed to be removed from the residence due to the current state the dogs were living in.

Deputy Diak contacted animal Shelter Director, [REDACTED], and advised her of the situation. [REDACTED] stated to get with Animal Shelter employee [WITNESS #2] to help with the situation. Deputy Diak relocated to the shelter and advised [WITNESS #2] of the situation. [WITNESS #2], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] responded to [800 BLOCK] Cherokee Boys Estate Rd. to retrieve the dogs from the residence. Deputy Diak met with Mr. [WITNESS #1] and explained that since he owned the property and allowed dogs to live inside the residence, he could sign them over to the Animal Shelter. Mr. [WITNESS #1] agreed to sign them over and filled out an owner surrender form. Deputy Diak entered the residence and secured the loose dog first. Deputy Diak then re-entered the residence and recorded the living situation for the dogs.

Inside the living room was a water bowl for the loose dog and a small bag of dog food. The entire house was covered with feces and urine that made it difficult to walk in. There were multiple ant mounds scattered throughout the residence. There were five pit bulls and two chihuahua’s inside metal crates. The crates had no bedding and the dogs were covered in their own feces and urine. All of the dog’s water bowls and food bowls were empty and caked in feces. The residence had an auxiliary fan running and an air machine that had tubing attached to the window to filter out the ammonia smell. The temperature inside the house was 84.3 degrees.

Due to the aggressive and timid nature of the pit bulls, Deputy Diak started to pull each dog out of the house one by one using his catch pole. Every time Deputy Diak pulled a dog out of the cage, the dog would try and sprint out of the house as if it wanted to escape the living conditions they were in. During the process of removing the dogs, Deputy Diak became overheated and began to throw up due to the ammonia smell coming from inside the residence. Each dog that was removed from the residence was covered in their own feces. Some of the dogs that were removed had medical issues that needed to be addressed. After all dogs were removed, the dogs were relocated to the Animal Shelter.

While at the Animal Shelter, Dispatch advised the owner of the dogs, Isis Hernandez, had called asking about her dogs. Deputy Diak was linked up with Mrs. Hernandez who stated she takes care of her dogs everyday and feeds and waters them every day. Deputy Diak asked Mrs. Hernandez to come to the animal Shelter to speak about some of her dogs with the medical issues. Around 1315 hrs, Mrs. Hernandez arrived at the Animal Shelter and spoke to [WITNESS #2] about the dogs living conditions. Mrs. Hernandez stated they go to the house everyday and feed and water the dogs plus let them outside. [WITNESS #2] stated there was horrible conditions and stated she did not believe the dogs had been taken care of properly.

[WITNESS #2] advised Mrs. Hernandez that she could help her rehome the dogs if she would surrender them to the shelter. Mrs. Hernandez stated she did not want to surrender the dogs. [WITNESS #2] explained to Mrs. Hernandez the price to get the dogs out of the shelter due to them not being spayed or neutered. Mrs. Hernandez stated she just got out of the hospital and had a procedure done on her stomach and would work on getting the dogs out of the shelter within the next few weeks.

Due to Mrs. Hernandez having a current medical issue, Deputy Diak did not arrest Mrs. Hernandez and will leave this case inactive pending a warrant to give Mrs. Hernandez time to recover from her procedure. All pictures and videos were uploaded to An additional supplement will be completed once the warrant is applied for and obtained.

[End of Narrative]