Jonathan Smith

Smith, Jonathan Douglas

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Sentenced Inmate

Manufacture/Possess ETC, C.S. or Counterfeit Substance, or Marijuana near Park/Housing Project

Manufacture/Possess ETC, C.S. or Counterfeit Substance, or Marijuana near Park/Housing Project

Manufacturing/deliver/Distribute/Administer/Sell/Possess w/ Intent to Distribute C.S.

Manufacturing/deliver/Distribute/Administer/Sell/Possess w/ Intent to Distribute C.S.

Violation Probation – Felony

Officer’s Narrative:
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On November 18, 2021 at approximately 2245 hours I was patrolling the area of Carl Cedar Hill Road and Atlanta Highway NW. While sitting at the church observing traffic I observed a white vehicle traveling south on Carl Cedar Hill Road, as it passed my position I noticed that the two passengers shifted in their seats and began to act extremally nervous. Attempting to watch my movements by turning in the seats staring at my patrol car. I observed the white vehicle pull into the parking lot of the Carl BP gas station.

The car pulled to the gas pump and the driver exited the vehicle and looked over his shoulder towards my position. The passenger was moving around the vehicle and was pressing against the passenger window. After a few moments I observed the male hurry back to the vehicle and then the vehicle exit the parking lot at the opposite end of the parking lot. I left my position at the church and crossed Atlanta Highway NW and took a left onto Carl Bethlehem Road. I accelerated to catch up to the white vehicle. At this time I was able to collect the displayed Georgia Tag of [REDACTED]. I preformed a GCIC search on the tag began to observe the behavior of the two passengers. The tag returned to a white Mercury Sable.

As the sable continued south on Carl Bethlehem Road I observed both the driver and the passenger moving around in the cab of the vehicle. The driver was reaching around and the passenger was spinning around in an attempt to watch my patrol car. During this time I observed that the vehicle had a faulty third brake light, the bulbs where partially out and some were flickering. The vehicle was also loaded down obstructing the view of the driver. I did notice that the vehicle was traveling at a below average speed. As we approached the intersection of Carl Bethlehem Road the driver took a hard left turn to get into the turning lane at the last moment. I positioned my vehicle behind it at the traffic light. At this time the erratic movements where observed again, both parties moving around the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The vehicle then made a left turn onto Patrick Mill Road and continued North.

At this time based off the erratic behavior of the driver and passenger I called Lt. Hansen on the phone and advised him that I was behind a vehicle that I believed was going to attempt to ellude me when I activated the traffic stop. I asked him for his assistance and kept him on the phone while the vehicle continued onto the West Winder Bypass. He advised me that he was heading to my location and asked me to hold off on the traffic stop till he was in a better position. I continued to advise Lt. Hansen of the current path of the vehicle and I advised him that we were approaching the end of the bypass and the start of Highway 211. He advised me he was north of my position on Dee Kennedy Road. At this time I followed the suspect vehicle onto Highway 211.

I activated my emergency lights and sirens and notified Barrow County Dispatch of the traffic stop. I observed the vehicle fail to yield and then accelerate to a higher rate of speed. I notified dispatch that I was “10-80” and started to give out information required by Barrow County Policy, speed, reason for the stop weather and traffic conditions. I followed the suspect vehicle north on Highway 211 at speeds of sixty miles per hour. As we approached the intersection of Highway 211 and Rockwell Church Road, I observed Lt. Hansen set up to join in on the pursuit. I slowed down and let Lt. Hansen take lead. I then took on responsibilities of the second unit in the pursuit. I notified Barrow County Dispatch that Lt. Hansen attempted a P.I.T maneuver that was ineffective. I then advised of another P.I.T maneuver that was affective. The vehicle spun out and went into the ditch and it settled a male exited the drivers seat and ran across Highway 211 towards the intersection of Dee Kennedy Road. Other units arriving on scene I then pulled my patrol vehicle to Dee Kennedy Road and exited the vehicle to retrieve K9 Dax for a track.

Retrieving K9 Dax from the vehicle I took him to the area where was last seen. K9 Dax started to track the suspect to the residence located at [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy Road. Lt Hansen made contact with the resident located at this address, [REDACTED] who advised that he had heard noises in his yard. K9 Dax was cast all around the residence but kept tracking back to the front door of the residence. At this time Lt. Hansen advised me that he had spoken with [REDACTED] and advised him of the situation. I returned K9 Dax to the patrol vehicle and returned to the scene of the P.I.T.

I began a inventory search of the vehicle and upon entering the passenger side door I located a clear plastic baggie with a crystal like substance known to be methamphetamine. I also located a blue glass pipe with methamphetamine residue inside. At this time I was advised by Sgt. Jordan that he had read the Miranda warning to the female and she had advised that a male named Johnnie Smith was driving her vehicle. She had also stated that his bookbag was in the vehicle. Sgt. Jordan advised me that he had located the book bag and found documents related to a Johnnie Smith.

During this search it was advised by Deputies on scene at [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy Road that [REDACTED] was not coming back to the door and that he was refusing to speak to them. Barrow County Dispatch was asked to call [REDACTED]. It was then relayed to us that [REDACTED] was acting strange on the call. He was stating that he was scared and that he could only speak on speaker phone. When asked why he was acting strange he was unable to provide a reason. This conversation aroused concern and he was asked to come outside and speak with us he again said that he could not come outside. Hearing this on the radio I requested Barrow Dispatchers to ask or determine if [REDACTED] sounded distressed. It was relayed that [REDACTED] was making very concerning statements and that he sounded under distress.

At this time I stopped the search of the vehicle and returned to [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy Road. I set up multiple units to surround the residence due to there being a possible hostage situation inside the residence. Once these units were set up and command was made aware I started to give loud verbal commands to [REDACTED] and who ever else my have been in the residence to come out and speak with us, no answer was sent back to me. I asked Barrow Dispatch if they could hear me on the telephone line, they had open with [REDACTED] they stated that they could hear me and that a four year old child got on the phone and when asked who was in the house had stuttered and said just her and her dad.

[REDACTED] finally stated that he would exit the residence with his child in his arms. He did so a few minutes later. At this point he was talked down the steps and was field interviewed by Sgt. Jordan. Sgt. Jordan advised that a second small child was still in the residence and was given verbal permission to enter and search the residence. I got together a four-man team and approached the residence to clear it for persons and to check the well being of the minor child. The search concluded that the child was safe and no other adults where located. [REDACTED] was not able to provide a good reason for his behavior and only stated that he didn’t want a part of this situation.

After that situation was handled, I returned to the suspect vehicle and resumed the search of the vehicle, it had been under law enforcement control while I was away. This search located a clear plastic baggie in the female’s bag. This bag contained a green leafy substance known to be marijuana. Deputy Jackson then transported the female, Amy Powell, to the Barrow County Detention Center due to her being arrested for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana as well as possession of drug related objects. I left the scene to return to the Barrow County Sheriffs Office to upload my camera.

During the video review of the vehicle pursuit I was made aware that Amy tossed a large clear plastic baggie out of the window near the area of [700 BLOCK] Highway 211. I requested Deputies Johnson and Jackson to return to the scene. As I made my way to help in locating the contraband that was tossed by Amy Deputy Johnson advised he had located a large clear baggie with narcotics inside. I arrived on scene a retrieved the bag. Inside I observed three clear baggies with marijuana inside and a clear baggie with methamphetamine inside. Due to the number of baggies and the packaging of the baggies I would be adding intent to distribute charges against both Amy and Johnnie. At this time I advised Barrow County Dispatch that I would be going to the jail and interviewing Amy.

Arriving at the Barrow County Detention Center I met with Amy and asked her if she wanted to continue speaking to me under Miranda. She advised she did and was escorted to the interview room. Amy advised me that the two were at a house on Dee Kennedy that belonged to a male named Michael Nally. She stated that she and Johnnie went to the Carl BP gas station to get drinks. She stated that when the couple past my location Johnnie told her to play it cool. She stated that when Johnnie stopped the car at the gas pumps he got out of the vehicle and went inside to get the drinks she then stated that when he returned, he told her that he did not want to pass us again and went a different direction out of the parking lot.

She then stated that when I got behind the vehicle on Carl Bethlehem Road that both her and Johnnie started to get extremely nervous. She stated that Johnnie kept telling her to be cool and to act straight. When the traffic stop started, she stated that Johnnie continued down the roadway telling her to hold the wheel while he removed the drugs from his pocket. He then instructed her to toss the narcotics out of the vehicle, she complied. When asked how she knew Johnnie and why she would do this for him she stated that the two and been hanging out and that the two were not really friends but she knew his wife and he hung out at Michael’s house. Amy then advised that Johnnie was a street dealer for Michael and that he was always holding narcotics to keep people from getting it directly from Michael. When asked where Johnnie was she stated that he was homeless but that he was staying with Michael. I thank Amy and advised her that if I needed to speak to her again I would and if she needed to speak to me she could request it at the jail.

All evidence collected was placed into the lockers at the Barrow County Sheriffs Office prior to the end of my tour of duty.

I secured the following warrants against Johnnie Smith:

  1. Johnnie Smith did commit the offence of fleeing an eluding when knowingly and willfully operated a motor vehicle displaying Georgia Tag [REDACTED] on the highways of this state when he refused to stop for a lawful traffic stop. He fled on State Route 211 NW at speeds of 60 plus miles an hour.
  2. Johnnie Smith did commit the offence of obstruction of a law enforcement officer when he knowingly and willfully fled the area on foot after leading police in a vehicle pursuit.
  3. Johnnie Smith did commit the offence of possession of methamphetamine when he was in possession of a crystal like substance that was suspected to be methamphetamine.
  4. Johnnie Smith did commit the offence of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute when he was in possession of a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. The suspected marijuana had an odor that is consistent with the odor of green marijuana.
  5. Johnnie Smith did commit the offence of possession of drug related objects when he was in possession of a glass pipe that is used to smoke methamphetamine out of.
  6. Johnnie Smith did commit the offence of Tampering with Evidence when he knowingly and willfully told Ms. Amy Powell to discard suspected illegal narcotics and drug related objects.
  7. Johnnie Smith did commit the offence of Broken Brake light when the brake light was not All lenses on brake lights and signal devices shall be maintained in good repair and shall meet manufacturers’ specifications.

I secured the following warrants for Ms. Amy Powell:

  1. Amy Powell did commit the offence of possession of methamphetamine when he was in possession of a crystal like substance that was suspected to be methamphetamine.
  2. Amy Powell did commit the offence of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute when he was in possession of a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. The suspected marijuana had an odor that is consistent with the odor of green marijuana.
  3. Amy Powell did commit the offence of possession of drug related objects when he was in possession of a glass pipe that is used to smoke methamphetamine out of.
  4. Amy Powell did commit the offence of Tampering with Evidence when she knowingly and willfully discarded suspected narcotics and drug related objects out the passenger side window while in a vehicle pursuit.


On Thursday November 18th, 2021, I responded the area of Hwy 211 NW and Dee Kennedy Rd reference a vehicle pursuit involving Deputy J. Stephens K9-1.

While en-route Deputy Stephens advised that Lieutenant N. Hansen S-22 conducted a “PIT” maneuver south of Dee Kennedy Rd and Hwy 211 NW. I arrived on scene a short time later and was advised the driver fled the scene on foot. I assisted Lt. Hansen on a felony traffic stop on the white Mercury Sable which had a white female passenger inside, later identified as Amy Powell.

Ms. Powell complied when ordered to put the vehicle in park and exit the vehicle. Lt. Hansen secured Ms. Powell in handcuffs. Lt. Hansen responded to Dee Kennedy Rd and Hwy 211 to assist Deputy Stephens on a K9 track to locate the driver. Ms. Powell advised the driver was Johnnie Smith.

I checked Ms. Powell’s handcuffs for fit, double locked and placed in the back of my patrol car.

Lt. Hansen returned to the vehicle, checked the vehicle and located paperwork in a bookbag with the name Johnnie Smith, date of birth [REDACTED].

I advised Ms. Powell of her Miranda Rights, at which time she agreed to talk to me. Ms. Powell advised the male driving her car was Johnnie Smith, a black male approximately 45 years old and was married to “[REDACTED],” unknown correct spelling. Ms. Powell said she was unsure why “Johnnie” did not stop for deputies.

Deputy C. Jackson S-158 arrived on scene at which time Ms. Powell was moved to his patrol car, so I could assist on locating the driver at [600 BLOCK] and [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy Rd. The resident at [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy [REDACTED] originally would not come out and speak to deputies, but eventually complied and came outside to speak to me. I advised [REDACTED] that we were unsure if the suspect who fled the scene was at his house and possibly holding him and his two minor children against their will. [REDACTED] advised he understood and gave consent for deputies to search the interior of his house. The suspect was not located.

After assisting units on locating the suspect. I returned to the scene and took a picture of Johnnie Smith’s prior booking photo and asked Ms. Powell who it was. Ms. Powell positively identified the picture as Johnnie Smith, the driver of the vehicle.


On November 19, 2021, at 0233 hours, I responded in a non-emergency manner, to the area of [700 BLOCK] Highway 211 Northwest to look for potential narcotics that were thrown from a vehicle during a vehicle pursuit. Deputy Stephens told Deputy Jackson and I where to look based off dashcam video from the pursuit.

After a few minutes I located a clear Ziploc bag with 4 smaller clear baggies. 3 of the small clear baggies contained a green leafy substance that looked a smelled like marijuana and 1 small clear baggie that contained a white, crystal-like substance believed to be Methamphetamine. I notified Deputy Stephens that I located the narcotics. Once he arrived on scene, he took possession of the narcotics. The bag of narcotics were located on the side of Highway 211 Northwest in between the driveways of [700 BLOCK] and [800 BLOCK] Highway 211 Northwest.


On 18 November 2021 at approximately 2308 hours, I was the on-duty shift supervisor and heard Dep. Stephens K9-1 advise Dispatch of a traffic stop at Highway 211 NW and Pinnacle Drive in Winder, Barrow County, Georgia. Dep. Stephens advised the traffic stop was on a white Mercury Sable displaying GA tag ([REDACTED]). He then advised Dispatch the vehicle was failing to yield. Dep. Stephens then radioed the suspect had initiated a vehicle pursuit. The pursuit was traveling north on Highway 211 NW towards Rockwell Church Road NW and Carl-Cedar Hill Road.

I was traveling south on Highway 211 NW approaching the intersection of Rockwell Church Road NW/Carl-Cedar Hill Road. I activated my emergency lights and siren and maneuvered my vehicle to the entrance of the BP-Rockwell Church facing north. I observed the white Mercury pass my location and then Dep. Stephens. Dep. Stephens notified me to take lead in the pursuit. I maneuvered around Dep. Stephens and took lead in the pursuit as it crossed through the intersection continuing north on Highway 211 NW.

Approaching the “S” curves just south of Dee Kennedy Road, I maneuvered my patrol vehicle and set up for a Precision Immobilization Technique (P.I.T.) on the driver’s side of the Mercury. Currently, I was able to see the side profile of the driver in the driver’s side mirror. The male driver had a “scruffy” dark colored beard and dark hair. The first P.I.T. attempt was unsuccessful, and the suspect vehicle came back and impacted the driver’s side push bumper of my patrol vehicle.

Still continuing north on Highway 211 NW, I maneuvered my patrol vehicle to the passenger side of the Mercury, setting up for another P.I.T. The maneuver was successful in ending the pursuit as the Mercury spun counterclockwise, off on the north shoulder of the roadway and down an embankment. I observed a male wearing black pants, black hooded jacket (with the hood up), and white shoes emerge and begin running south, crossing Highway 211 NW towards Dee Kennedy Road. Knowing there was at least one other occupant in the vehicle, I drew my service weapon and began giving commands for the female passenger to exit.

When the male exited the vehicle, he did not place the vehicle in park, and it began rolling south through the ditch. The female passenger got in the driver’s seat and placed the vehicle in park. She was then ordered to exit the vehicle and lie down with her hands behind her back. Holstering my service weapon, I went to secure the female in handcuffs when her right hand came off her back and began moving towards the front of her waist area. I immediately gained control of this arm and placed it behind her back. The female was then secured in handcuffs. She was later identified as Amy Lynn Powell.

Once Amy was secure, I joined Dep. Stephens and his K9 partner, Dax, showing them where I had last seen the suspect running. I then assisted Dep. Stephens with a K9 track. The track led us through the backyard of [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy Road. I spoke with the resident, later identified as [REDACTED]. I explained the reason we were out and asked him to remain inside. Sgt. Jordan was still by the suspect vehicle and read Amy her Miranda Rights. Sgt. Jordan advised Amy identified the driver as a Johnnie Smith subject. I asked [REDACTED] if he knew anyone by that name and he stated no. K9 Dax continued showing interest in the front yard area of [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy Road. I requested Dep. Stephens “cast” K9 Dax to pick up the track. While he did this, I returned to the suspect vehicle where I spoke to Corporal Matthews with Georgia State Patrol. Cpl. Matthews reviewed my in-car video and provided two (2) separate case numbers (C000796878/C000796879) for the P.I.T.s conducted.

A search of the vehicle began, and, in the driver’s seat was a bookbag. Inside the bookbag was paperwork belonging to Johnnie Edward Smith, which included his date of birth. A GCIC/NCIC check revealed two (2) active warrants for his arrest and his license status showed suspended.

At this time, units at [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy Road advised [REDACTED] was refusing to come to the door. Dispatch was requested to make contact via telephone and shortly advised they had, and [REDACTED] was refusing to come out and speak with law enforcement. By the way [REDACTED] was acting, and the way he was talking/answering questions, deputies believed he may have been being held hostage and the suspect from the vehicle pursuit was inside the residence. The residence was surrounded, and, after a while, [REDACTED] emerged holding one of his children, advising the other was sleeping inside. [REDACTED] consented to allowing deputies inside to check his residence. The outstanding suspect was not located inside.

Next list wrecker, All Around towing, responded to take possession of the vehicle. Probable cause was developed to arrest Amy Powell, the passenger, for narcotics offenses. Later during shift, while reviewing in-car video around [700 BLOCK] Highway 211 NW, Amy is observed dropping several items out her window. Dep. Johnson responded to the immediate area and notified Dep. Stephens and I that a bag containing suspected narcotics had been found in the vicinity noted on video. Responding back out to the area, a clear plastic bag containing multiple smaller plastic bags (some containing a green leafy substance and one containing a crystal-like substance) was located along the north shoulder of the roadway. Dep. Stephens collected this.

At the time of this supplement, Johnnie Edward Smith has been identified as the driver of the Mercury Sable.


On 11/18/2021 I was in the area of Carl Cedar Hill Rd. and Atlanta Hwy. I was sitting with Deputy Stephens, and he observed suspicious activity occur at Carl BP gas station involving a white Mercury Sable.

I observed the vehicle travel down Carl-Bethlehem Road heading towards the Winder Bypass. I observed that one of the brake lights on the vehicle was not working complete and was not compliant with state statue. I observed the vehicle was occupied by a driver and a passenger. I observed the passenger frequently looking back at our patrol vehicle, and the driver kept varying speeds by pressing on the brake often. When we approached the intersection of Carl Bethlehem Road and the West Winder Bypass the vehicle abruptly changed lanes from going straight to turning left. My knowledge, training, and experience led me to believe that this evasive maneuver was an attempt to avoid a police contact.

We continued to follow the vehicle on the West Winder Bypass, and again the vehicle was frequently braking. A traffic stop was initiated at Hwy 211 and Pinnacle Dr. Deputy Stephens activated his blue lights and siren and the vehicle failed to yield. The vehicle then began to accelerate and heading north bound on Hwy 211 NW. A vehicle pursuit was initiated.

The vehicle continued on Hwy 211 NW at variable speeds. Once the pursuit was at Hwy 211 NW and Carl – Cedar Hill Road, Lt. Hansen joined the pursuit. Deputy Stephens and I assumed the Role of Vehicle number two in the pursuit, and Lt. Hansen took the lead. Lt. Hansen preformed a PIT maneuver on the vehicle near [700 BLOCK] Hwy 211 NW, but the vehicle recovered from the maneuver. The vehicle proceeded to head north on Hwy 211 NW. Lt. Hansen then performed another PIT maneuver on Hwy 211 NW just south of Dee Kennedy Rd. The PIT was successful. The vehicle spun out and went into a ditch on the side of the road. I got out of my patrol car and unholstered my service weapon. Dep. Stephens, Lt. Hansen, and I conducted a felony stop on the car. I observed a light skinned male wearing dark clothing get out of the driver’s seat of the vehicle and run northbound on Hwy 211. I didn’t pursue the male on foot because there was still a person in the passenger seat.

Lt. Hansen told Dep. Stephens and I to pursue him and initiated a K9 track on the male while he waited for back up to take the passenger into custody. Dep. Stephens and I got back into our patrol vehicle and drove up to the intersection of Hwy 211 and Dee Kennedy Rd. Deputy Stephens deployed his K9 and we began to track the suspect through a wood line. The K9 lead us into a cow pasture behind [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy Rd. The K9 tracked the suspect into the yard of [600 BLOCK] Dee Kennedy Rd. Contact was made with the resident, and he was identified as [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] said that he heard his dog barking, and he heard a noise in his yard. Once [REDACTED] was identified he went back into his residence. I went to go meet up with another officer who was speaking with [REDACTED] neighbor. The neighbor’s house was located to the left of his property.

Lt. Hansen advised me that he had more questions for [REDACTED] and advised Deputy Johnson to attempt to contact him again. Deputy Johnson and I knocked on his window multiple times. The screen door that led to his front door was locked so we couldn’t make access to his front door. That is why we were knocking on his window. [REDACTED] didn’t come to the door. Dispatch had a phone number for him, and they contacted him via phone. [REDACTED] refused to come outside again. The dispatcher advised over the air that [REDACTED] sounded like he was in distress, and that he had a gun in the house, but he wasn’t the one who had it.

At this time, we had a potential ID on the driver of the vehicle, Mr. Johnnie Smith. Mr. Smith had active warrants out of Barrow County for Reckless Conduct. It was believed by other deputies and I that Mr. Smith was potentially inside the residence of [REDACTED]. Multiple deputies, other law enforcement officers, and I surrounded the residence to get [REDACTED] to come out of the residence. After negotiating efforts, [REDACTED] came out of the residence and a safety sweep was conducted to ensure the safety of all the residents. During this time, I was set up at the neighbors’ house, in the backyard, ensuring that the backyard of [REDACTED] residence was secured.

Once it was determined that the driver of the vehicle was no longer in the area, Deputy Stephens and I went back to the vehicle and conducted a search of the vehicle. I found a pink “make up” bag in the back seat of the vehicle. Inside the pink bag was plastic bag containing a green leafy substance that is suspected marijuana, and a glass pipe. I inventoried the vehicle, and All Around Towing recovered the vehicle. Once the vehicle was loaded on the wrecker Deputy Stephens and I went to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Stephens, Lt. Hansen, and I reviewed the dash cam footage of the vehicle pursuit. While reviewing the footage I observed the passenger of the vehicle, Ms. Amy Powell, throw a zip lock baggie and another item out of the passenger side window and it hit the pavement. Due to already finding illegal narcotics inside the vehicle, it was reasonable to believe that there were potential narcotics inside of the zip lock baggie. Deputy Johnson was sent out to search the area near [700 BLOCK] Hwy 211 NW to attempt to locate the baggie. Deputy Johnson found the baggie. Inside the baggie was a green leafy substance that is suspected to be marijuana, and a crystal-like substance that is suspected to be methamphetamine.

Deputy Stephens and I went to the Barrow County Detention Center to talk to Ms. Powell. Ms. Powell was escorted to an interview room. Ms. Powell was already read Miranda Warning earlier in the night. She said she still remembered her rights and agreed to speak with Deputy Stephens and I. Ms. Powell said that she was at the residence of [REDACTED] earlier in the night. She said that her kids were at the residence, and she went to visit them. She said that she and Mr. Smith were both at [REDACTED]’s house. She said that Mr. Smith and she left the residence to go get beverages at the Carl BP gas station where we observed them. She said that Mr. Smith got her a Dr. Pepper and that’s when she and Mr. [SMITH] saw Deputy Stephens and I. She said that Mr. Smith told her to be cool and they proceeded to go down Carl-Bethlehem Road in attempt to avoid us. She said that she saw Deputy Stephens and I behind them and she did look back at us.

She said when we activated our blue lights, Mr. Smith told her to hang on. This is when the pursuit started. Ms. Powell told us that Mr. Smith emptied his pockets and told her to get rid of the zip lock baggie. That’s when Ms. Powell threw the baggie out the window. Ms. Powell told us later in the interview that she was at [REDACTED]’s house to smoke methamphetamine.

I have nothing further to report.


On November 19, 2021,I responded to the Carl BP gas station in reference to possibly gathering surveillance footage from the store, in hopes of identifying the suspect involved in this case.

Upon arriving, I spoke with the store clerk [REDACTED] regarding the store’s surveillance footage and the need to review the video. [REDACTED] stated the camera footage was available however, he could not access the video due to not having the password to log into the system. [REDACTED] contacted the store owner [REDACTED], who was unavailable during his attempted calls. [REDACTED] provided me [REDACTED]’s cell phone number [PHONE NUMBER REDACTED], which I provided to dispatch for further attempts.

Dispatch was successful in reaching [REDACTED] via telephone and patched the call through to my cell phone. I spoke with [REDACTED] regarding the need to access the video however, she stated she did not have the passcode to access the system from her current location. [REDACTED] stated she would be more than happy to provide the video, but she would have to reach out to her IT department in reference to retrieving the passcode to the system. [REDACTED] advised she would get the video and contact the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office once she was able to retrieve the video.