Antwan Keels

Keels, Antwan Lamarcus

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Terroristic Threats and Acts (Misd)

Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers-Misdemeanor

Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers-Misdemeanor

Terroristic Threats and Acts (Fel)

Terroristic Threats and Acts (Fel)

Officer’s Narrative:
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On Tuesday, 2/28/2023 at about 1:17 AM, I was dispatched to Casswhite Road @ Spring Place Road Cartersville GA in reference to a male unconscious laying in the middle of the road.

Upon arrival I observe a black male laying in the middle of the road next to a bicycle. The male was breathing and had a pulse but was completely un responsive. I could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person and he also appeared to be possibly under the influence of Some type of narcotic possibly overdosing. He did not have any injuries and his bike was not damaged so it did not appear he was hit by a vehicle.

Metro EMS arrived on scene and the male was placed in the back of the ambulance. EMS personnel advised me the male was given narcan and he regained consciousness, meaning he was overdosing on some type of opiate narcotic. The male refused any further treatment from Metro EMS.

The male asked if we could give him a ride home. Deputy LaFrance began to explain to him why we could not give him a ride and that he needed to go to the hospital because he had to be given narcan. The male became angry and I attempted to explain to him I could not give him a ride home because he was given narcan and when the effects of it stopped working he would begin to overdose again. The male became irate cussing saying “fu*k you” several times. I advised him he need to take his bike to one of the truck stops and call a ride if he wasn’t going with EMS.

The male finally stated “I will fu*king kill you”. At the time I advised him he was under arrest for terroristic threats and attempted to place him into hand cuffs. He stiffened his arms at his side refusing to place his hands behind his back. Myself and Deputy LaFrance were able to take the male to the ground to gain control of him. He continued locking his arms by his sides refusing to be hand cuffed. We eventually were able to place him into hand cuffs and they were double locked.

While standing at the back of Deputy LaFrance’s car searching the male incident to arrest. He bucked his body and head backward towards Deputy LaFrance and Deputy LaFrance pushed him against his car to stop him. Before He was placed into the back seat of Deputy LaFrance’s patrol vehicle I attempted to re adjust the hand cuffs because the male stated they were tight. At that time the male stated “This is a real threat bro when I bond out of jail I will fu*king find you dude and I will be glad for spending the rest of my life in jail for killing you”. After the second threat to my life I felt taking hand cuffs off the male to adjust them was not a good idea and we were not far from the jail. The male refused to get into the patrol car so I had to push him down while Deputy LaFrance pulled him into it.

Deputy LaFrance transported the male to the Bartow County Jail while I followed. While being recorded in the back seat of Deputy LaFrance’s patrol car the male made several more threats against my life and Deputy LaFrance’s life. He also threatened to follow both of us home and demolish us in front of our wife’s and kids. He also stated he would get all our information and find out where we live and demolish us.

Once we arrived at the jail the male refused to listen to the jail staff or give his information. He was taken to a holding cell. I was able to locate the male (Antwan Keels) in our system. He also had a pending warrant for his arrest for probation violation.

I took 6 warrants for Antwan’s arrest (2 counts F terroristic threats, 2 counts M terroristic threats & 2 counts M obstruction.

[End of Narrative]