Bremen man, member of 2003 Red Sox draft class, arrested for DUI

March 31, 2021 at 8:42 PM ET

CARROLLTON – A baseball pitcher and Villa Rica High School alumnus was arrested last week after a Carrollton police officer noticed his vehicle at a house known for drug activity, and made a traffic stop after witnessing several driving infractions upon his departure.

Upon searching the vehicle of 38-year-old Jessie Ladell Corn, officers found a plastic bag which they say used to contain an illegal substance. Officers also found a used needle, a spoon that had been burned on one side, and a large scale.

In a statement to reporters, Corn says the bag was used to hold his turkey sandwich for work and denies any illegal substances were inside of the vehicle.

Jessie Corn was booked into the Carroll County Jail on charges of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Distracted Driving, and a Seatbelt Violation. He has not yet been charged with possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia. The police report also does not indicate if the “white powder residue” was field tested or sent to any lab to be tested in order to confirm its identity.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

On the date of 03/22/2021, around 2358 hours, I, Cpl. Cheatwood was patrolling the area of Alabama Street while being parked at 1046 Alabama Street (Quick Pik). I traveled back and forth by a nearby house that is known for illegal narcotics and drug activity. This house is known as a common area where drug users will meet to buy, use and sell narcotics.

While passing a white Nissan SUV parked at the residence for some time. While sitting at the business down the road, I observed a white in color SUV, (Ga Tag: [REDACTED]) driving west down Alabama Street. This being the Nissan I had just observed at the house mentioned above. Once the vehicle became close enough to see inside, I observed the inside of the cab to be somewhat lit up by a blueish ‘white light. I knew this light to be a cell phone. With the cab lit up at it was, I observed the driver (Jessie Corn), not wearing a seatbelt.

As the vehicle neared me, the driver hit the brakes nearly coming to a complete stop just before arriving directly in front of me. I then observed Corn shift around and sit up straight and place both hands on the steering wheel as he passed. I then pulled out behind Corn as I had just observed this behavior and prior traffic infractions. I activated my blue lights and called out to dispatch my intent to stop the vehicle. As I did so, I could observe Corn watching me in the rearview mirror before pulling into the CITGO gas station.

I walked up to Corn and introduced myself and the reason for my stop. I immediately observed Corn to have glassy, watery eyes. I observed the pupils to be very small. While continuing to speak with Corn, he showed obvious signs of nervousness. Corn’s hands were shaking while he was attempting to gather his license out of his wallet. Corn reached down towards the side of his seat on multiple occasions where I had to ask him more than more than once to stop.

While speaking with Corn, I observed his eye lids to appear trembling. I asked Corn about consuming any alcohol or drugs but he insisted he hadn’t had either. Corn did agree to get out and allow me to perform some field evaluations. During this time, Corn’s eyelids would barley stay open, closing constantly. Corn’s skin around his eyes were very dark and hollow.


Corn was placed under arrest for DUI less safe (drugs). When it was safe to do so, Corn was read Implied Consent. Corn initially stated he would take the state administered test for blood and urine. Within a minute later, Corn made statements redacting that statement. While performing the evaluations, I was informed that in plain view from the passenger window was a torn baggie with a powdery substance outlining the bag. This bag was attempted to be pushed under the driver side dash where Corn had just been sitting, but was still visible from the passenger window. Upon further inspection, it was determined from experience the powder that previously filled the bag was an illegal substance.

While retrieving the bag, a used needle under the driver seat was seen. In the cup holder was also a spoon, burned on one side, white powder residue on the other. Heating a spoon is used to break down illegal substances to liquid form to inject them into the blood stream. A large scale was also located in the glove compartment. It should be noted that while performing the search and then returning to Corn, Corn’s condition had worsened. Corn had begun slurring his speech much more, falling over while inside the back seat. Corn also could barely hold his eyes open during this time.

After showing my findings to Corn and reading him his Miranda Rights, he agreed to speak. Corn stated has had played baseball his whole life and it was hard on his body. Corn also had mentioned he had “lost” his wife recently. I observed track marks in the bends of Corns arms but he refused to tell me what they were from. I asked Corn about drug use and he began telling me how he has been using drugs in the last 30 days but refused to speak further as it might incriminate him. Corn did state he used marijuana recently. Corn stated he goes days without sleeping at a time and occasionally take pills to help with. Corn mentioned Xanax and muscle relaxers were taken recently, but it had been near 24 hours. Corn mentioned he was on his phone while driving, attempting to find the nearest gas station as he wasn’t from the area.

Corn was transported to Carroll County Jail where he was charged accordingly:
DUI less safe (drugs) #211500598
Hands free law #211500599
Seatbelt #211500600

Pictures were taking and digitally attached [NOT AVAILABLE FOR RELEASE UNTIL AFTER THE CASE IS CLOSED]
Nothing further,
Cpl. Cheatwood #266

End Transcription of Narrative Report