Aniya Mcdaniel


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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 08-27-2022 While driving westbound on Highway 78 towards North Vanwert Road, I observed a silver sedan approaching me, eastbound, I noticed the sedan was driving on the white fog line and failing to dim its headlights. When the sedan passed by me, I looked in my side view mirror and observed the vehicle to be driving over the white fog line. I turned my patrol vehicle around and caught up to the violator vehicle. Once I caught up to the vehicle I activated my emergency lights to signal the driver to come to a stop. I identified the vehicle as a Chevy Malibu displaying Georgia tag number [REDACTED].

Upon my driver side approach, I identified myself and agency. I requested the driver’s license. As I was speaking to the driver, who was identified by Amiya McDaniel, I noticed an overpowering odor of an marijuana emitting from inside the vehicle. I also noticed she had bloodshot and watery eyes, small white debris was present at the corners of her mouth and she appeared to have a dry mouth as she would frequently move her tongue inside her mouth. I asked when the last time “Amiya” had used marijuana to which she stated she did not smoke marijuana but was with friends earlier that had been using marijuana. I requested permission to conduct field sobriety evaluations and she agreed.

Before administering any Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, I made sure that all forward directed strobe and flashing lights were turned off. We were positioned in front of my patrol car for the evaluations. I conducted the medical qualifications, asking if she was wearing contacts, and visibly confirmed she was not wearing glasses. I then inquired about any issues related to her back, legs or arms that may keep her from standing or balancing for a period of time. “Amiya” advised no issues about her extremities. I then checked if she had equal pupil sizes and could track my stimulus with both eyes equally. While checking if she had equal pupil size and could track my stimulus with both eyes equally, I detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from “Amyia’s” breath.

Before performing the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus portion, I used stimulus and held it slightly above eye level approximately twelve to fifteen inches from her face. The following clues were observed, Lack of smooth pursuit and distinct and sustained nystagmus at maximum deviation. Four out of a possible six clues. While performing Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, I noticed she would sway back and forth. After completing Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, I asked “Amiya” what alcoholic beverages she had consumed, she responded she had a “Jamaican me happy” wine cooler in Carrollton forty five minutes prior.

Next on the Walk and Turn, we remained in front of my patrol vehicle, and I made sure it was a flat, paved surface that was free from obstructions. I explained and demonstrated the evaluation. During the instructional phase, I noticed she was unable to balance. “Amiya” stumbled from the starting position after she stated she understood not to move until instructed, I then attempted to have her stand back into the starting position, however, she had difficulty placing her right foot in front of her left foot touching heel to toe and keeping them parallel. Instead, she would have her rear foot slanted diagonally placed while her front foot would stay parallel. After getting her to stand correctly in the starting position, I began explain the instructions. “Amiya” again stumbled from the starting position and refused to continue with the walk and turn evaluation.

On the One Leg Stand, I explained and demonstrated the evaluation. The following clues were observed: swayed, placed foot down and used arms for balance. Three out of a possible four clues. I then gave instructions on how to provide a proper sample and administered the preliminary breath test. The provided sample indicated positive for alcohol. After giving instructions on how to perform the Lack of Convergence evaluation, both of her eyes failed to converge as normal. I then gave instructions on how to complete the modified Romberg evaluation. After beginning, I observed a circular sway and visible eyelid tremors. Her estimate was twenty seconds of the instructed thirty seconds. I then explained and demonstrated to “Amiya” the finger to nose evaluation and made sure she understood the tip of her fingers were to touch the tip of her nose. “Amiya” missed every pass on the finger to nose evaluation.

I then placed her under arrest for driving under the influence. I read the Georgia Implied Consent Notice for suspects age 21 or over and requested blood, getting a verbal no. After reading implied consent, “Amiya” requested I allow her to give some of her person belongings to her sis in the vehicle, I agreed and began escorting her to the passenger side of the vehicle. While approaching the vehicle “Amiya” pulled a plastic bagging containing brightly colored pills out of her pocket, I noticed “Amiya” was quick to shove the baggie back into her pocket upon me witnessing the act.

I asked her to hand over the baggie, once she did so, I examined the pills which appeared to be suspected “molly” also known as ecstasy. “Amiya” informed me the pills were “beans”. I had “Amiya”s twin sister, “Aniya” exit the vehicle and stand with me in front of my patrol vehicle. I then read to “Amiya” her Miranda Warning to which she replied she understood. I asked if the pills inside the baggie were ecstasy, to which I was told they were indeed ecstasy.

It was discovered later on scene, “Amiya” and “Aniya” had swapped identities. The subject I had been informed by and given a license from was not “Amiya” but instead Aniya. I transported Aniya to the Carroll County Jail where she was turned over to the jail staff. A warrant was taken out for possession of Schedule I.

Aniya was issued the following citations,

DUI- Combo citation #961001079
Weaving over roadway citation #961001081
Failure to dim headlights citation #961001083
Suspended license citation #961001082
Seatbelt citation #961001080

[End of Narrative]