Matthew Sanders


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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets.]

On Saturday August 7th 2021 at approximately 0542 hours, a Deputy assigned to B-shift patrol was dispatched to [300 BLOCK] Chyna Ridge in Temple, Georgia reference a Concern For Welfare on a juvenile at the residence. Dispatch advised the caller stated a female had left the juvenile at the residence after a domestic dispute that already occurred and that the caller was now concerned for the juvenile’s safety. Dispatch was then advised Deputies assigned to the oncoming A-shift would pick up the call, considering B-shift would be off-duty soon. While I was enroute to the residence, Dispatch further advised the caller dialed 911 again asking at what time I would possibly arrive. In order to gather more information while enroute, I requested the caller’s phone number so I could speak to her directly.

I made contact with the Complainant/Victim, [VICTIM #1] via telephone. [VICTIM #1] proceeded to tell me that she had just left her residence, because her husband, Matthew “Matt” Sanders (Offender), assaulted her and threatened her with a knife. [VICTIM #1] stated she left the juvenile [REDACTED BY AGENCY] at the residence, because she didn’t feel Matt would hurt [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. However, [VICTIM #1] advised she began having concerns for the [juvenile] after considering Matt’s apparent unpredictability and aggression. While still on the phone with [VICTIM #1], she returned to the residence where she advised she did not see Matt’s vehicle anymore. At approximately 0640 hours, I arrived at the residence where [VICTIM #1] then advised Matt was no longer at the residence and she was able to retrieve [REDACTED BY AGENCY] who was asleep from his bedroom.

[VICTIM #1] continued to describe to me what had occurred. [VICTIM #1] advised that Matt struck her in the right eye with his hand moments prior to her initial 911 call. [VICTIM #1] further advised that Matt struck her in the left eye last evening (08/06/2021) and choked her with a phone cord Thursday (08/05/2021) evening, which she had not reported at the time they occurred. I spoke to [REDACTED BY AGENCY] who was sitting in [VICTIM #1]’s vehicle. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated he didn’t see or hear anything because he was in his bedroom.

I observed clearly visible marks on [VICTIM #1]’s face and neck. The area near [VICTIM #1]’s right eye socket and right temple was red and swollen consistent with a recent injury. [VICTIM #1]’s left eye was bruised and discolored consistent with an injury having occurred in recent past. I also observed a single, red line on the left side of her neck parallel to her jaw consistent with being choked with some type of cord or wire.

While still gathering further information from [VICTIM #1], Matt appeared from the left corner of the residence on foot walking towards the front door. I immediately began advancing towards the residence while making several verbal commands for Matt to come to me and to not go inside the residence, to which he did not comply. Instead, Matt entered the residence and locked the front door just as I had reached the front door. A neighbor watching the exchange yelled to me that Matt had just run out the back door, so I ran to the rear of the residence. It was there, I could visibly see Matt still inside the residence and that he had also locked the rear door. Matt spoke with me a few moments at the rear door where Matt said that he needed an ambulance, because he was bleeding, and then he quickly returned to the front door. I followed suit in order to speak with Matt further.

As I asked Matt what his injuries were, he stated he was vomiting blood. When I advised Matt to come out of the residence, he immediately armed himself with a kitchen knife and pressed the blade to his neck and said that he was not going back (presumably to prison) and that he was going to make me shoot him. Matt continued to make similar statements of suicide by cop as he paced within the residence holding the knife blade to his throat. Meanwhile, I continuously attempted to deescalate Matt by pleading with him to put the knife down and exit the residence.

A few moments later, Deputy M. Hutcheson #9022, Deputy D. Smith #988, and Deputy M. Reed #962 arrived to assist. While Deputies Smith and Reed maintained a perimeter at the rear of the residence, myself and Deputy Hutcheson (Certified in Crisis Intervention) continued speaking with Matt through the locked front door. Deputy Hutcheson appeared to gain a rapport with Matt enough that he opened the front door, but still refused to open the glass storm door and step out, all while holding a knife to his throat. At one point, Matt became agitated and cut his wrist horizontally, then smeared his blood on the side window of the door. However, Matt requested to speak with [VICTIM #1] in an exchange for disarming himself. In a further attempt to deescalate Matt, Deputy Hutcheson agreed to escort [VICTIM #1] to the walkway behind me to speak with Matt from a safe distance.

Sgt Lands advised that I provide the information needed for obtaining warrants to Dep. M. Griffin #994 who was standing by at the Sheriff’s Office to complete the warrants and have them approved and signed by the First Appearance Hearings Judge. At this time warrants were taken on the following charges:
1) One Felony Count Aggravated Assault FVA
2) One Misd Count Battery FVA
3) One Misd Count Cruelty To Children 3RD Degree

While [VICTIM #1] and Matt continued speaking, Deputy Hutcheson repositioned himself between me and the front door. As Matt would speak to [VICTIM #1], he would lift the knives to his throat for a few minutes, but then remove them. At one point, Matt placed the knives by his side and turned his back to Deputy Hutcheson. At that time (approximately 0740 hours), Deputy Hutcheson deployed the taser, to no avail. Matt then retreated back inside the residence and closed and locked the front door. Deputy Hutcheson continued talking to Matt while Matt placed furniture in front of the front door barricading the door.

While Deputy Hutcheson continued communicating with Matt, Matt appeared distracted from the rear door. Sgt Lands, Myself, Deputy Reed, and Deputy Smith devised a strategy to safely enter the residence through the rear door. By this time the arrest warrants had been secured, and at approximately 0758 hours, using the ballistic shield as cover, Deputy Reed, myself, and Deputy Smith entered the residence through the rear door that Sgt Lands opened with a key provided by [VICTIM #1]. Upon doing so, Matt immediately fled into the master bedroom closing and locking the door behind him. While myself and Deputy Reed maintained visual on the locked bedroom door, Deputy Smith and Sgt. Lands cleared the remaining rooms of the residence to confirm no one else occupied the residence. At approximately 0801 hours, Deputy Reed resumed communication with Matt through the bedroom door. Matt continued his threats of suicide by law enforcement. After failed attempts to communicate Matt’s surrender, Sgt Lands advised Deputy Reed to force open the bedroom door by kicking it. When the door was breached, Matt immediately retreated into the master bathroom, where he closed and locked the door.

While inside the bathroom and behind the door, Matt claimed that he had the knife point pressed against his throat and the handle of the knife pressed against the door. Matt advised that if we forced the door open, it would stab him in the throat. Attempts to gain Matt’s surrender were on-going, even momentarily gaining limited compliance from Matt; such as, putting the knives on the floor while he was in a crouched position with the knives still at his feet within reach and the door slightly ajar. However, Matt would then pick up the knives and shut the door without warning. We held our positions as negotiations and communication with Matt continued.

As a result, Sgt. Lands contacted Sgt. J. Lawrence #921 requesting assistance from S.R.T. After S.R.T. arrived and the scene was turned over to them. they were able to secure Matt safely at approximately 1147 hours. Investigator K. Biggs #914 was notified and responded, as well.

Subsequently, Matt was transported to Carroll County Jail without further incident for the following charges:
1) One Felony Count O.C.G.A. 16-5-21 Aggravated Assault (FVA)
2) One Misd Count O.C.G.A 16-5-23.1 Battery (FVA)
3) One Misd Count O.C.G.A 16-5-70(D)(2) Cruelty to Children- 3rd Degree (FVA)

Note: Carroll County Fire Department Engine #16 and West Georgia Ambulance Units #41 and #44 responded to stand by as a precautionary measure. (C.I.D. Photographed the scene)