Sarah Pannell


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at approximately 12:07 p.m. I, lieutenant Chris Parrish was the on duty officer inside the city limits of Mount Zion when I received a phone call on my cell phone from Chief Sims. Chief Sims told me that [VICTIM #1], the owner of the property located at 1150 Bremen-Mount Zion road, had just called him via cell phone saying that there was a “blue Denali” at the property according to his cellular security cameras.

Based on my knowledge of multiple criminal trespass and theft by taking incidents at that location I immediately responded to 1150 Bremen-Mount Zion road to investigate the report made by Mr. [VICTIM #1]. I arrived at the property at approximately 12:12 p.m..

Upon my arrival I slowed and was driving in front of the property to check all entrance driveways to the property for the blue Denali before going onto the property on foot to check security on the con-ex containers and structures on the property. As I passed by the second driveway I saw someone behind the area of the con-ex containers wearing what appeared to be a camouflage jacket or coat.

I drove to the third driveway entrance because the person had walked to the right, as viewed from the roadway, toward a pole barn style structure near the back of the property lot. As I pulled into the third drive, which was blocked by a strand of barbed wire stretched across the driveway, I again saw the subject wearing the camouflage jacket or coat. This time the subject was walking away from the roadway, toward the pole barn type structure.

I got out on foot to walk back onto the property to attempt to make contact with the subject and find out if it was someone who was supposed to be on the property. As I walked up the hill toward the subject they walked over the hill and out of sight for a moment. As I neared the crest of the hill I again I saw what appeared to be a white female with blonde looking hair wearing shorts, a camouflage coat and scenically carrying a large blue bag. The female was walking away from me toward the back side of the barn.

As I got within thirty to forty yards from the subject I called to them and told them to come to me. The female started toward me. As she walked toward me I told her that the owner of the property had called and said that there was someone on the property that should not be there. At that time the female stated to me that she owned the property.

I did not immediately recognize the female so I asked her if she had any identification on her. My intention was to identify her and then contact the owner of the property to see if she was in fact ok to be there. As the female walked closer to me I recognized her as Sarah Pannell of [700 BLOCK] Bremen-Mount Zion road.

I knew that she was in fact not the owner of the property as she had stated she was. I let her know that I knew she did not own the property. She then stated that her husband owned it. When I called her on that as well, she then asked me if Steve Pannell owned the property. Rather than dispelling my suspicions as to why she was on the property around the structures where the recent thefts had occurred, her conflicting statements made me even more suspicious as to why she was there.

At some point Sarah also stated that she was on the property looking to buy it. That was after she had already claimed to own the property, and said that her husband owned it.

After receiving multiple conflicting stories on why she was on the property around the structures I placed her in handcuffs behind her back, checking them for tightness and double locking them and walked her back to my patrol car at the roadway to make sure we were in range of the in car camera. At my patrol vehicle I asked her one more time to explain why she was on the property to give her another chance to dispel my suspicions as to why she was at the back of the property around the structures where we had had multiple thefts in the previous two weeks.

At that time she stated that she had been walking on a trail that came out on the property and that she had was walking to the roadway when I came up. This story also conflicted with the fact that she had been walking across the property behind and around the structures and was walking away from the roadway and me when I had approached and called to her. She had also walked past two driveways that would have led to the visible roadway prior to my approach and was walking toward the barn, not the roadway.

I placed Sarah under arrest for the offense of loitering or prowling under o.c.g.a. 16-11-36 And secured her in the back seat of my patrol unit. I attempted to strap her seatbelt but she kept leaning forward when I would try to reach across her to secure the belt. She refused to comply and remain leaned back in the seat for me to secure the belt without making physical contact with her so after multiple attempts I closed the door without securing the seatbelt. I secured her bag in the front seat of my patrol unit and transported her to the Carroll County jail for booking and bonding procedures.

On the way to the jail Sarah made multiple voluntary utterances attempting to argue with me stating that she had not done anything wrong and that I had arrested her for just walking up the road. She stated that she was being arrested for just walking by the property on the roadway. She also continued to change her story as to why she was on the property, giving multiple conflicting stories.

Upon arrival at the jail I as I was standing by in the booking area waiting for jail staff to receive Sarah, she asked me if I could take the handcuffs off because they were hurting her wrists. I did not remove the handcuffs as that is traditionally done by the receiving jailer as part of the searching process but I did recheck the handcuffs for tightness even though I had double locked them at the scene of the arrest.

When I checked the cuffs at the jail Sarah had turned her wrists in the cuffs. I told her to turn her to turn her wrists back to where her palms were facing each other. Once she turned her wrists palms facing I checked the cuffs and they still had the same amount of space between the cuffs and her wrist. Once she turned her wrists with palms facing she did not complain again of the cuffs hurting. I then turned Sarah over to jail staff for booking and bonding procedures without incident.

After returning to the police department I called [VICTIM #1], the owner of the property located at 1150 Bremen-Mount Zion road and told him what had taken place. He was not at the property during my investigation or at the time I called him upon returning to the city. I asked him if he had received any photographs from his cellular security cameras of a female subject in a camouflage coat. He said that he had not at that time. He said that he had only received photos of the “blue Denali” at that time. He did state that does sometimes receive delayed photos from the cameras, possibly due to spotty cell service in the area. I asked him to contact me if he received any further photos from the time frame of this incident. He stated that he would. Nothing further at the time of this report.