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Shawn Swallows

Name:Swallows, Shawn Hoang Date of Booking:12/03/2023 Reason(s) For Booking:Speeding RECKLESS DRIVING Drugs – Possession Less 1 OZ M Poss/Use Drug Related Objects

Schenna Jordan

Name:Jordan, Schenna Maurice Date of Booking:12/02/2023 Reason(s) For Booking:DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL DRUGS OR OTHER INTOXICATING SUBSTANCES Failure to Maintain Lane Improper Equipment Open Container (State Code)

Kaylan Mitchell

Name:Mitchell, Kaylan Renee Date of Booking:12/01/2023 Reason(s) For Booking:Driving while license suspended or revoked Headlight Burned Out

David Combs

Name:Combs, David Michael Date of Booking:12/01/2023 Reason(s) For Booking:Violate Family Violence Order