Dezarea Caraballo

Caraballo, Dezarea Marie

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
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On January 5th 2023 at approximately 10:50 hours I provided backup to the code enforcement division of the City of Garden City at [4100 BLOCK] Old Louisville Road. Upon arrival I met City Marshall Benji Selph to provide backup with his investigation of unauthorized individuals living in and using the property which was supposed to be vacated.

As I approached the residence a car with three occupants was observed, City Marshall Benji Selph identified us and explained the reason for our presence on the property. I observed two individuals getting out of the blue Honda Accord that was parked on the property. As the two front occupants exited the vehicle, I observed the passenger, an adult female later identified as Dezarae Caraballo, holding the top of a shoe box with the internals of a tobacco blunt on the top of it. At this time, I was able to detect the odor of marijuana. I then walked to the passenger side of the vehicle and placed Ms. Caraballo into handcuffs, checked for fit with double locks engaged and informed her she was being detained pending the outcome of an investigation.

I then placed Michael Waller into investigative detention (handcuffs were checked to fit, with double-locks engaged) and explained he was being detained due to the presence of the odor of marijuana. I then asked the rear passenger, Kolton Wiggins, to come out of the back seat of the vehicle and placed him into investigative detention (handcuffs were checked for fit with double locks engaged).

With all occupants detained, I took Mr. Waller aside and informed him of his Miranda Rights and asked if he would answer my questions and he responded he would. I asked Mr. Waller why he was at the location and if there was any marijuana inside the vehicle. Mr. Waller explained he was on the property to pick up a vehicle parked behind the residence and stated there may be a little marijuana inside of the blue Honda Accord he and the passengers were in upon our arrival.

I then took Ms. Caraballo aside and informed her of her Miranda Rights and asked if she would be willing to answer my questions. She replied she would be willing to answer questions. I asked Ms. Carabello about the odor of marijuana and she stated there was probably 4 or 5 grams of marijuana inside of the camouflage jacket in the front passenger seat of the vehicle where she was sitting. She explained the jacket was given to her by her brother. Ms. Caraballo then explained there may be some “meth” inside of the jacket as well. Ms. Caraballo then gave me consent to search the jacket and both of her purses, which were sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle where she was sitting.

After speaking with Ms. Caraballo, I spoke to Kolton Wiggins. I informed Mr. Wiggins of his Miranda Rights and asked if he was willing to answer questions and he stated he was willing to. I asked Mr. Wiggins why he came to the location with Mr. Waller and Ms. Caraballo and he explained they were like family to him and he lived with them in Midway. I asked Mr. Wiggins if there was any contraband present in the vehicle and he stated he was not aware of any.

City Marshall Selph and Ofc. Davallou then stood by with all three occupants as I conducted a search of the camouflage jacket, both purses and the passenger compartment of the vehicle. While searching the camouflage jacket Ms. Caraballo mentioned, I found 2 small bags of a green leaf substance suspected to be marijuana. I then found a 20 dollar bill folded up in the same front breast pocket containing a clear crystal like substance. Ms. Caraballo identified the substance as “meth”. I performed a field test of the substance which indicated the substance tested positive as methamphetamine. The remainder of the items yielded no contraband.

Ms. Caraballo was then informed she was under arrest for possession of a controlled substance. Ms. Caraballo was then placed in the back set of my patrol vehicle with the seat belt engaged and transported to the Chatham County Detention Center where she was booked for the following charges:

Possession of a Controlled Substance- Methamphetamine (Felony)
Possession of Marijuana- Misdemeanor

Mr. Waller and Mr. Wiggins were released from investigative detention and left the scene. Prior to transport, Ms. Caraballo requested all of her belongings to be turned over to the custody of Mr. Waller. Ms. Caraballo was issued a subpoena to appear in the Garden City Municipal Court on March 15th 2023 at 10:00am. I then returned to the Garden City Police Department and entered the clear crystal substance and the suspected marijuana into evidence (locker 15). Ms. Caraballo is currently in the custody of the Chatham County Detention Center awaiting arraignment.

[End of Narrative]