Martinez Margiela

Margiela, Martinez

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
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On May 29, 2022 I responded to the area of East Cherokee Drive and Hickory Road in reference to dispatch advising a Flock camera observed a stolen license plate. The camera observed the vehicle traveling north on East Cherokee Driver, near Copper Ridge Drive. The picture provided by Flock was a silver Hyundai compact car with a Georgia dealer tag [REDACTED].

While traveling south on East Cherokee Drive, I saw a silver Hyundai compact car traveling North on East Cherokee Driver, approaching Hickory Road. I turned around, caught up to the vehicle and saw the license plate for the vehicle; a red Georgia dealer tag ([REDACTED]). I asked dispatch to run the license plate through GCIC/NCIC. Dispatch advised the tag came back registered to a Carmax in Stockbridge, Ga and was reported stolen out of Clayton County Police Department.

While still behind the Hyundai, I activated my emergency lights and stopped the vehicle at the Kroger, located at 6766 Hickory Flat Highway. I spoke with the driver, identified as Margiela Martinez, and informed her the license plate for the vehicle plate was reported stolen. Margiela stated the following:

Margiela Statement

She purchased the car last year from the Carmax in Stockbridge. When she attempted to register the car in Florida, where she lived at the time, the state of Florida told her there was an issue with the title. She contacted Carmax and they stated they would mail her a dealer license plate. Margiela stated she had emails from Carmax and showed me 4 emails on her phone from them. 3 of the emails were unopened. All of the emails stated they had been attempting to contact her and were trying to get their license plate back. All of the emails were received in the year 2021: April 22, May 6, May 19, June 17.

Margiela stated she was behind on the payments and missed the emails from Carmax. Margiela also stated she did not have insurance on the vehicle. I informed Margiela I would be impounding the vehicle and that she was under arrest for Theft by Receiving Stolen Property. Margiela as issued a citation for Driving With No Insurance.

I handcuffed Marigela, with her hands in front of her, checked them for proper fit and double locked them. I placed Margiela in the rear seat of my patrol car and transported her to the Cherokee County Cherokee Adult Detention Center without any incident. I filled out all of the required paperwork and relinquished custody of Marigela over to the jail deputies.

I searched the rear seat of my patrol car for any contraband, and finding none, I returned to service. Deputy Pendley remained on scene, filled out an impound sheet for the vehicle and turned the car over to Mauldin’s Tow Yard.

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