Richard Reece

Reece, Richard

Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

While patrolling Olde Rope Mill Park Road, I noticed a White Male with a backpack on when I was approaching the Carriage KIA entrance. The male was walking in the parking lot of Carriage KIA. I was aware that Carriage KIA was closed and that it was not the cleaners that come there at night. When the male, later identified as Richard Thomas Reece [REDACTED BY AGENCY] saw my patrol vehicle, he walked down the grass and began walking faster. I notified Cherokee Dispatch via the radio. I kept driving toward Richard. Richard looked back at my patrol vehicle, turned around, and began charging at my patrol vehicle. Richard took the backpack off and appeared as he was getting into a fighting stance.

I notified Cherokee Dispatch of Richard’s behavior. I could see Richard was sweating profusely and highly agitated. I exited my patrol vehicle. I asked him what was going on and he stated he was just walking to a friend’s house. I asked him from up there, referring to the parking lot, and he stated because it is a lighted path. The sidewalk on Olde Rope Mill Park Road has streetlights along the side of it. Richard attempted to walk away from me and walk toward the entrance of Carriage KIA. I asked him for his ID which he gave me his name. Richard began walking around again, turning his back toward me, and began reaching in his shirt. I could see a knife in his waist band. Richard kept on reaching in his pockets and I told him to stop.

I asked him what he was doing up in the parking lot. He stated that he was walking to his friend’s house. His friend lives at [600 BLOCK] North Rope Mill Road. He stated that his friend told him to walk there, so he would not walk on the highway. I told him to stand in front of my patrol vehicle. I ran him on GCIC/NCIC. Richard appeared to be on Methamphetamines, a stimulant, because he was hyper, twitching, jerky movements, dilated pupils, skin sores, rotting teeth, scratching of the body, and paranoia (he kept on looking up toward the sky and nothing was there).

I exited my patrol vehicle. I asked him what was in the backpack. He stated clothing and stuff like that. I asked him if I could search the backpack and he stated he preferred I did not. He stated that he was walking up in the parking lot. I told him that the business is closed. He stated that he knows the business was closed but was walking on it because it was lighted. The entire time, Richard had his back turned toward me. Richard became closed off and not answering any questions. Richard kept placing his hands in his pocket and was detained in handcuffs.

Richard was informed that he was not under arrest but is not free to go. Richard stated that he had been arrested before. Sergeant Davis read him his Miranda Warning and he understood. When he was asked why he was at a closed business instead of the sidewalk, he did not say anything and then added that he did not have an answer for that. I ran Richard on P2P Police Database [REDACTED BY AGENCY] I asked Richard if he minded if I searched his person. He stated to go ahead. Sergeant Davis found 2 glass pipes in the backpack with methamphetamines. Glass pipes, butane lighter, and 2 knives were seized and placed in evidence bags that were sealed.

Richard was placed in the backseat of the vehicle. He was searched incident to arrest prior to him being placed in the backseat. He was secured in a seatbelt. The backseat of my patrol vehicle was searched incident to arrest prior to the start of shift and prior to placing him inside. He was transported to Cherokee ADC without incident. Seized evidence was placed into evidence locker 4 and locker 5 with a GBI submission form. Warrants TBT.

[End of Narrative]