Keturah Coryell

Coryell, Keturah Renee

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Too Fast For Conditions

DUI Less Safe

Duty Upon Striking Fixture

Improper Lane Change

Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

[NARRATIVE #1 on August 21, 2022]

On Sunday 08/21/2022 at approximately 0220 hours I, Officer Moton, was dispatched to [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Road in reference to a hit and run. The complainant (later identified as [VICTIM #1]) advised dispatch that a vehicle drove through her property and hit multiple items including landscaping, plants and trees.

Officer Maloney advised he arrived on scene and observed a vehicle parked in the roadway on Pine Mountain Court, approximately the distance of a football field away from the incident location. Ofc. Maloney observed damage off of the roadway leading back to the complainant’s home, [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Road. Ofc Maloney also advised he located a parked black Ford F-150 with fresh damage. Ofc. Maloney made contact with the complainant and the owner of the Ford F-150. (reference supplemental report).

Upon arrival, I made contact with a person (later identified as Keturah Coryell) walking away from a damaged vehicle on Pine Mountain Court. Based on my training and experience, Coryell was attempting to flee the scene on foot.

The vehicle on Pine Mountain Court was a white 2013 Ford Explorer (tag: [REDACTED]/Vin: [REDACTED]) with significant damage around the vehicle including flat tires, and fresh debris. Coryell was walking with no shoes on and when asked where she was headed she replied she wanted someone to come pick her up and get her out of here. Coryell stated she was trying to figure out where she was so she could go home. I asked Coryell if she had shoes to wear, and she advised she had sandals inside of her vehicle and confirmed the Ford Explorer did belong to her. Coryell retrieved her keys from her purse to unlock her Ford Explorer so sandals could be retrieved for her.

Based on Coryell’s statements, the observable damage to the 2013 Ford Explorer, the damaged property at [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Road, and the damaged Ford F-150, combined with the fact that Coryell had the keys to the Explorer in her purse, I confirmed that she was driving the 2013 Ford Explorer and in the process of fleeing the scene after hitting a parked vehicle and hitting fixed property.

Officer Maloney advised me that he observed tire tracks leaving from Pine Mountain Road onto the property of [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Road indicating Coryell’s vehicle failed to maintain lane by leaving the roadway.

Officer Abbinanti arrived on scene to assist with the investigation. Ofc. Abbinanti obtained video footage of the incident. After watching the video, I observed Coryell’s vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and leave the roadway. At the time of the incident, it was dark and the roadways were wet due to rain which indicated Coryell was driving at a speed too fast to keep control of her vehicle.

When asked what happened, Coryell stated she was coming from Roswell and was headed home to Woodstock, which is in the opposite direction.

Upon contact with Coryell, I detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath. I asked Coryell if she consumed any alcoholic beverages today to which she said she did. Coryell admitted to not knowing how much she drank but having beers. Coryell was slurring her speech and talking slowly. Coryell was swaying when she stood and was unbalanced on her feet.

I asked Coryell if she would be willing to conduct some field sobriety evaluations. She advised she would. I asked Coryell if she had any medical issues that would hinder her evaluations. Coryell did not report any medical issues.

The first evaluation I conducted was horizontal gaze nystagmus. During this evaluation Coryell moved her head multiple times. During this evaluation I observed 6 clues of impairment. The 6 clues of impairment I observed were as follows:

-lack of smooth pursuit, both eyes, 2 clues
-distinct and sustained nystagmus at maximum deviation, both eyes, 2 clues
-onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees, both eyes, 2 clues

The second evaluation I conducted was the walk and turn. I observed 2 clues of impairment during this evaluation. The 7 clues of impairment I observed were as follows:

-cannot balance during instructions, 1 clue
-misses heel-to-toe, multiple times, 1 clue

The third evaluation I conducted was the one leg stand. During this evaluation I observed 3 clues of impairment. The 3 clues of impairment I observed were as follows:

-sways, 1 clue
-used arms for balance, 1 clue
-put foot down, 1 clue

Coryell was placed under arrest and advised why she was being arrested. I ensured the handcuffs were properly fit and double locked. Coryell was searched for weapons and contraband with negative results.

The Georgia Implied Consent notice for drivers over 21 years of age was read from my issued card, requesting the state breath test and Coryell consented to the state breath test.

A seatbelt was secured around Coryell. Coryell was transported to Cobb County Adult Detention Center and placed in their custody without incident after completing the state breath test (BrAC) administered by Ofc. F. Maloney (badge #1531).

The Breath test was started at 04:15 hours, and results revealed a BAC of .137.

The rear seat of my patrol vehicle was checked prior to and after transport yielding negative results. I filled out an arrest affidavit and Coryell was cited for the following violations:

Citation Number: K0144656 / OCGA 40-6-48 Failure to Maintain lane
Citation Number: K0144657 / OCGA 40-6-180 Speeding too Fast for Conditions
Citation Number: K0144658 / OCGA 40-6-272 Duty Upon Striking Fixed Object
Citation Number: K0144659 / OCGA 40-6-271 Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle
Citation Number: K0144660 / OCGA 40-6-391(A)(5) DUI-Per Se

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on August 21, 2022]

On the listed date and time, I responded as a backup officer in reference to originally a damage to property call. The complainant lived at [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Road. The complainant advised someone drove through their yard and caused damage to their garden. The complainant then advised the vehicle was at a nearby stop sign and the driver got out and was looking at their vehicle.

I drove around the area and located a damaged white Ford Explorer parked near the stop sign, located at Pine Mountain Court and Pine Mountain Way. Their was also a female I observed walking away from the Explorer. I activated my issued body cam and made contact with the female. I observed that she was unbalanced on her feet as she was walking away from the SUV. I stopped her and asked her where she was going. She advised she was waiting for a ride with slurred speech. I asked her if the Explorer was her vehicle and she again said that she did not know where she was. The female appeared confused and lost. Officer Moton arrived on scene at this point and she began speaking with the female.

The Ford Explorer was down the road from the original complainant. The SUV could be observed near the stop sign from the complainant’s residence. I went and looked at the exterior of the SUV. It was a white Ford Explorer with Georgia tag #[REDACTED]. The Explorer had both front tires flat to the point where they were resting on the rims. There was also damage to the front windshield and damage to the hood and fenders. The Ford was missing the passenger side mirror. There was also flowers, figs, and leaves all over the front end and in the grill from making contact with the complainant’s garden.

I walked to the complainants residence. There were tire marks in the lawn of [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Court. This was the neighboring house to the complainant at [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Road. I then made contact with the complainant. She was identified as [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] advised she was sleeping and was woken up by the sound of an accident. [VICTIM #1] advised she looked outside and observed the white Ford Explorer in her driveway and the Ford had drove through the garden.

[VICTIM #1] walked through the garden with me. There was significant damage to the front garden. There was wood and bricks for the foundation of the garden that were all knocked around. There was multiple fig trees knocked down and flowers and other miscellaneous plants that were destroyed by being ran over. I also located the missing passenger side mirror from the Ford Explorer in [VICTIM #1]’s garden. [VICTIM #1] had an estimate price of $5,000.00 to repair the garden, replace the plants, and pay for labor. [VICTIM #1] was provided a case card. She was advised to contact her homeowners insurance to file a claim.

In the driveway of [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Court, next door to the complainant, was a black Ford F-150 with Georgia tag #[REDACTED]. The Ford appeared to possibly have damage on the right rear of the vehicle from the Explorer making contact with it when the driver left the scene. There were tire marks right next to the right rear end of the F-150 that were from the Explorer leaving the scene. These tire marks were just a couple inches from the F-150 and there was mud transfer on the F-150. From my experience of working accident investigations I determined that the Ford Explorer did make contact and cause scratches on the right rear end of the F-150.

I was able to contact with owner of the F-150 via phone. He was identified as [VICTIM #2]. [VICTIM #2] advised he was out of town. I advised him of the incident. [VICTIM #2] said the truck previously had damage, but he would call police if there was new damage to the F-150. [VICTIM #2] said he would contact police when he returned home and looked at his vehicle. [VICTIM #2] advised the driveway of [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Court was his parents address. [VICTIM #2] was provided the case number if he needed it at a later time.

I stayed on scene with the Ford Explorer until it was removed from the scene by Kennesaw Wrecker service. I also conducted a search incident to arrest for intoxicants for Officer Moton. No contraband was located inside the Explorer. Officer Moton was advised and the vehicle was removed from the scene by Kennesaw Wrecker Service.

[VICTIM #1] later informed me and Officer Abbinanti that she had security footage of the Explorer driving through her garden. The video footage was secured by Officer Abbinanti and burned to a disk. This video footage was later turned over to Officer Moton for evidence.

I later had to go meet Officer Moton at Cobb County Jail. I went to conduct the state administered Breath test using the Intoxilyzer 9000. I am certified to do so and Officer Moton is not. I conducted the breath test and provided Officer Moton with the results.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on August 21, 2022]

On the listed time and date of the incident, I responded to [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Court, to help officers obtain video footage from the victim’s residence.

When I arrived at the residence, [VICTIM #1] confirmed they did have cameras operable at the time of the incident. [VICTIM #1] was unsure how to transfer the footage to a disc or flash drive, so I screen recorded the video footage on my cell phone.

In the video, I observed a vehicle, that appeared to be matching the offender’s vehicle, drive into the victim’s front yard and through their garden, where she also hit a vehicle, and then left the scene.

The video was transferred on to a CD, which I submitted and secured into evidence locker #005.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #4 on August 25, 2022]

On 08/25/2022 at approximately 1820 hours, I was dispatched to [6000 BLOCK] Pine Mountain Road to meet with [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] advised she had additional information to report in reference to the incident that occurred on 08/21/2022.

Upon my arrival, I activated my issued body cam. I made contact with [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] advised the pickup truck that was parked in her driveway during the above incident, had damage that she did not see at the time of the original call, due to the darkness of night.

[VICTIM #1] advised her dark green 2004 Nissan Titan, with Georgia tag #[REDACTED], had damages from the tree that was knocked down. The damages were on the left rear of the vehicle, on the bed, near the left rear tire. There was a small dent and scratches from the tree making contact with the truck. [VICTIM #1] wanted to report this for insurance reasons to get the truck repaired.

[VICTIM #1] also advised she needed the auto insurance information for the Ford Explorer for her home owners insurance to file a claim with the auto insurance. [VICTIM #1] advised this information was not in the original report to file her claims. She was provided with the insurance information for the Ford Explorer. I advised [VICTIM #1] I would add the information and damages to her truck to the report.

[End of Narrative]