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Retired Coweta grade school teacher charged with assault at Newnan Goodwill

NEWNAN – The following narrative report was filed by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office concerning the arrest of Mann, Robin Barron, 54, on May 31 for Simple Assault.

This is a direct transcription from the report. Some names may have been removed to protect the innocent, some human error may exist. We don’t fix spelling or grammatical errors:


On Sunday, 5/31/2020, at approximately 1436 hours, I arrived at Goodwill, 3121 East Highway 34, in reference to an altercation that had already occurred.

Upon my arrival I met the complainant, Robin Mann, in the parking lot. The dispatched notes advised Mann was dragged by a vehicle. When I initially arrived I asked Mann if she wanted to be treated by EMS, but she refused.

Mann stated she was previously in a relationship with Juan [EX BF]. The relationship ended after 6 years when [EX BF] left her for [Victim #1].

On this date, Mann stated when she parked in the Goodwill parking lot and observed [EX BF]’s truck parked there. Mann saw someone smoking inside the vehicle. Mann approached the vehicle and saw [VICTIM #1] in the vehicle. Mann stated her and [VICTIM #1] both entered the store.

Mann was upset at the presence of [VICTIM #1] and told her friend. Mann’s friend told her she should leave. Mann stated she left at the same time as [VICTIM #1]. Mann walked up to [VICTIM #1]’s truck and stood at the driver door. Mann stated the driver door was still open when she stood at the doorway.

Mann stated she could not recall what she said to [VICTIM #1], however, “it was not very nice”. Mann stated she “had some things to say to her”, and called her a “wh*re”. Mann stated she asked [VICTIM #1] to call [EX BF]. During that time [VICTIM #1] turned on the truck and started to back up.

Mann stated she asked [VICTIM #1] to stop backing up, but she did not. Mann stated she got dragged by the truck because she could not get out of the way in time as [VICTIM #1] backed up. Mann stated her neckless was broken during the incident and could possibly still be inside the truck.

Mann appeared to very upset that her relationship with [EX BF] had ended. Mann seemed intentionally vague with her statement.

While I was on scene, [VICTIM #1] went to the Coweta County Sheriffs Office to report her side of the incident. I made contact with [VICTIM #1] by phone. [VICTIM #1] stated she went to the Goodwill at approximately 1415 hours. When she exited the vehicle, Mann approached her and began verbally harassing her. [VICTIM #1] stated Mann called her a “wh*re”, told her she was not safe, and Mann threatened to beat her up.

[VICTIM #1] stated she asked Mann to leave her alone. [VICTIM #1] stated she went into the Goodwill. While inside the store Mann identified [VICTIM #1] to an unknown friend by pointing at her and stating, “There is the wh*re”. [VICTIM #1] stated she then put her shopping cart away and left the store.

[VICTIM #1] stated she was embarrassed by the way Mann was acting in a public place.

[VICTIM #1] stated as she left, Mann followed her out of the store and continued to verbally harass her by calling her names [VICTIM #1] got into her truck, but Mann stood between the door and the doorway threshold, so she could not leave. She asked Mann to get way, but she refused. [VICTIM #1] stated she began to slowly backup. At that time, Mann stood on the truck side-step and grabbed the steering wheel. [VICTIM #1] stated Mann grabbed her sunglasses off her face and threw them across the truck.

[VICTIM #1] tried to call [EX BF]. Mann grabbed [VICTIM #1]’s phone out of her hand scratching her finger.

[VICTIM #1] threatened to call law enforcement, but Mann still would not move. [VICTIM #1] stated she continued to back up slowly and Mann eventually got down. When Mann got down [VICTIM #1] was able to close her driver door. [VICTIM #1] left the location and went to the sheriffs office to report the incident.

[VICTIM #1] advised this is the second time Mann has showed up at a location and harassed her and [EX BF].

Two store employees partially witnessed the incident, but requested to remain anonymous.

The employees stated when [VICTIM #1] and Mann entered the store they appeared to be together. Mann entered the store first and [VICTIM #1] entered behind her. They did not observe any their actions in the store.

Upon leaving the store they observed the two having an altercation at the truck. One of the employees advised they saw Mann grabbing onto the steering wheel as [VICTIM #1] was trying to leave.

Based on the totality of circumstances it was apparent Mann was the primary aggressor during the incident.

Mann verbally harassed [VICTIM #1] as she attempted to shop. When [VICTIM #1] attempted to leave the situation, Mann continued to follow her and prevent [VICTIM #1] from removing herself from the situation. Mann threatened to harm [VICTIM #1] and called her derogatory names. When Mann broke the threshold of the truck, grabbing the steering wheel and standing on the
truck side-step, she put [VICTIM #1] in a situation that placed her in reasonable apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury.

I advised Mann she was under arrest for simple assault. I took Mann into custody without incident. I secured Mann with handcuffs, with her arms handcuffed behind her back and double locked. I searched her person and secured her in the rear passenger seat of my patrol car.

I transported Mann to Coweta County Jail where she was booked in on a warrantless affidavit for simple assault.