Steven White


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:



Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets.]

On 08/10/2021 at approximately 2126 hours, I, Deputy Brooks and DFC Doss were patrolling in the area of Weldon Road and Palmetto Tyrone Road, observed a black Jeep Cherokee with a broken passenger side headlight. While following the vehicle I observed it fail to maintain its lane by both front and rear diver side tires cross the centerline. Initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle at [100 BLOCK] Smith Circle.

I spoke with the driver and advised her on why I stopped her and requested for her driver’s license. She stated that she did not have her driver’s license but identified herself as Samantha Lorenzo. I ran the name and date of birth through NCIC where I did not get a return on that name Deputy Doss then requested Samantha to exit the vehicle.

I then requested the passenger, Steve White, to exit the vehicle. I then asked Samantha if she went by any other names and she advised no. I then asked Steven what Samantha’s real name was and he stated her real name was, Samantha White. Steven advised she had a possible active warrant. I then asked him if there was any weapons or drugs in the vehicle and he stated that there was a handgun on the passenger side.

I then placed Samantha under arrest. I then ran her information through dispatch, who advised she had a possible warrant out of Douglas County for Failure to Appear. At that time, DFC Doss began to walk Samantha the rear seat of the patrol vehicle. Samantha refused to walk and started to pull away. DFC Doss told her to walk but refused to do so and continued to try to pull away.

DFC Doss then took Samantha to the ground and told her to stop resisting. We then picked her off the ground, opened the rear door, and told her to get into the backseat of the vehicle. Samantha refused to get in the vehicle and was attempting to pull away from DFC Doss. I then relocated to the other side of the vehicle and had to pull her into the vehicle while DFC Doss grabbed her legs.

While I was attempting to pull Samantha into the back seat I was unable to gain control of Samantha’s arms so I had to grab her around the chin to pull her in. Once I pulled Samantha into the patrol vehicle she began pushing back into me attempting to get out of the vehicle. I then grabbed her by the back of her neck/head area and pushed her back into the vehicle’s back seat. We were able to get her secured into the backseat.

Dispatch then advised me that the warrant was confirmed to be valid out of Douglas County. DFC Doss then approached Steven and asked him if she could retrieve the firearm from the vehicle and he stated yes. She then located a Smith & Westin Revolver (SN: D557596) on the front floorboard up against the center console.

I then asked for Stevens consent to search his person for weapons and drugs and he gave me consent. While searching his person I located 2 plastic bags in his right left pocket. One bag contained a brown-like substance and the other contained a rock-like substance. With my Knowledge training and experience, I believed the substance to be heroin and crack cocaine.

Steven then made a spontaneous utterance stating Samantha gave him the substance to conceal. I then placed Steven under arrest and read him Maranda warning. Steve then agreed to speak with me. I asked Steven what the substance was and he advised Samantha’s drug of choice was heroin and crack.

I then relocated to the rear of the patrol car and read Samantha her Maranda warning, and she agreed to speak to me. I asked her if there was anything on her person. Samantha stated there was nothing illegal on her person or in her vehicle. I then asked Samantha for consent to search the vehicle and she gave me consent. Samantha then made the spontaneous utterance that the drugs that were located on Steven were not hers. Samantha stated that they were on his person so she could not be charged with it.

At this time, I had not mentioned anything to Samantha in reference to the substance I located on Steven. The Vehicle and the juveniles were turned over to [REDACTED] by Samantha’s request. The suspected heroin, suspected crack and the firearm were placed into evidence. GBI submission form and evidence submission form were completed This incident was captured on my BWC. Nothing further at this time.