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John Gazerro

Gazerro, John Kevin

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

[NARRATIVE #1 on December 17, 2022]

On the above date and time, I, PFC Dollar, responded with Officer Surrett to [200 BLOCK] Margo Trl. in reference to a male and female outside arguing and throwing things.

Upon arrival, a male and female were with a red vehicle in the driveway. The male saw my marked police unit and immediately dove back into the vehicle. Officer Surrett and I approached the vehicle giving commands for the occupants to exit the vehicle. I asked the male why he dove back into the vehicle upon my arrival, he stated he did, but did not give a reason.

I advised the subjects, later identified as John Gazerro (Offender) and Deborah Walk (Victim/Offender), that a 911 call complaint was that they were arguing. John stated that they did get loud. At this time it was apparent that alcoholic beverages had been recently consumed due to the odor dissipating from John.

I spoke to Deborah alone while Officer Surrett spoke with John. I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage dissipating from Deborah as well while speaking with her. Deborah began explaining reasons why John and her were arguing. Deborah did advise me that John has been abusive with her in the past, and that there was possibly a conditional bond between them.

I did ask Deborah why she was around John in that case and she explained that she contacted him wanting a ride so that her and her cousin could ride by a house that was for sale and look at it. Deborah advised that her and her cousin, [VICTIM #1] (Victim/Witness), have been looking for a place.

I checked with dispatch to verify a conditional bond. Dispatch contacted the jail and did advise me that there is currently one stating that John is to stay away from Deborah. It should be noted that Deborah informed me that John earlier advised her that the conditional bond had been dropped, so Deborah was under the impression there was no active conditional bond.

Deborah informed me that John made some threats toward her recently while they have been in the driveway over the fact that Deborah poured out the rest of the alcohol. I asked Deborah if there was anything illegal in the vehicle due to John’s behavior upon me arriving. Deborah just stated for me to go take a look. I observed a black pocket book on the ground near the rear right tire. I asked Deborah if that was hers and she stated it was.

I did take a look around the vehicle, as well as checking in the windows for anything that could have been in plain sight. All I observed was a large bottle of some type of alcohol under the passenger seat halfway sticking out. I also observed poured out alcohol next to the passenger side of the vehicle. This is where Deborah stated she had poured it out.

I did speak with John. I asked if there were any threats made tonight and he stated no. I asked what the plan was and he stated that she did not want him driving due to the alcohol. I asked John again why he dove back in the car and he stated he was getting in the car anyways. I instructed John to turn around and place his hands behind his back. I placed John in handcuffs and detained him for the current moment for further investigation. I informed John that he was only being detained at the moment, but did advise him of his Miranda Rights. John never stated yes or no as far as speaking with me.

John asked me why he was detained. I informed him that it was for violating the conditional bond. John stated that Deborah wanted to be around him. I informed John that the victim cannot violate their own conditional bond. I made contact back with Deborah while Officer Surrett stayed with John. I asked dispatch again about the conditional bond and dispatch did re-verify it with me. I advised dispatch that John was in custody.

I asked Deborah for consent to search her pocket book. Deborah gave me consent. I placed her pocket book on the trunk of the red vehicle with Deborah next to me. Deborah immediately advised me that the red wallet is her cousin’s ([VICTIM #1]). I asked Deborah if the pill bottle was her prescription and she stated no. I did look into the pill bottle and observed multiple different pills. I asked Deborah why she has her cousin’s medicine and she stated “uh” a few times and finally advised me it was prozac.

I asked if she was prescribed prozac and she stated no. I located some orange capsules in the pocket book that were identified as Gabapentin. Deborah stated she did not know what they were and began stating that John was around her pocket book and that he does drugs. I took the pill bottle along with the orange capsules and placed them on the hood of my patrol vehicle.

Officer Surrett searched John and placed him in the backseat of my patrol vehicle. I began identifying the various pills. There was a white oval pill stamped “TV 58.” These were identified as Tramodol which is a schedule IV controlled substance. After identifying the pills I placed all of John’s items in a ziploc bag and placed the bag in my front seat. Officer Surrett and I made contact back with Deborah. I retrieved [DEBORAH]’s license and gave dispatch her information.

Officer Surrett began instructing Deborah to place her hands behind her back to which she raised her arms and held them close to her stating no. I grabbed a hold of Deborah’s arm and began attempting to turn her around so that I could place handcuffs on her. Deborah continued resisting Officer Surrett and I by refusing to place her arms behind her back shouting no. Deborah was assisted to the ground where I positioned myself over Deborah’s back while holding her left arm behind her back. I eventually grabbed Deborah’s right arm and brought her hands together behind her back while Officer Surrett placed handcuffs on Deborah. Deborah was shouting that her jaw was broken and that she wanted to go to the hospital.

Officer Surrett and I assisted Deborah from the ground. I did observe Deborah to have a bleeding wound below her chin. I requested EMS to come check her wound. I walked Deborah to the front of my patrol vehicle where I completed a search of her person. I advised Deborah of her Miranda Rights to which she initially refused to speak with offcers. Deborah eventually agreed to speak with us and was apologetic for resisting commands.

EMS arrived on scene. I took pictures of Deborah’s wound before they cleaned it up. EMS stated it was a small wound. I also took a picture after EMS cleaned the wound. These pictures are included in the report. Due to Deborah stating she wanted to die, she advised she wanted to go to the hospital still. I placed Deborah in the backseat of my patrol vehicle after intially she was placed in Officer Surrett’s. John was moved to Officer Surrett’s vehicle. Officer Surrett transported John to the Floyd County Jail for me and I transported Deborah to Floyd Hospital.

Doctors placed a 10-13 mental evaluation hold on Deborah and otherwise cleared her for jail. I transported Deborah to Floyd County Jail where she was booked. While booking Deborah into the jail, Officer Crook located 16 1/2 white pills stamped “RP 7.5 325.” These were located in the red wallet loose. These pills were identified as Oxycodone. The Gabapentin and prozac (Fluoxetine) has been returned to [VICTIM #1]. The wallet has also been returned to [VICTIM #1].

On December 19th, 2022 at approximately 1623 hours I responded to [SINGLE DIGIT BLOCK] B New Orleans BLVD to return the medicine to [VICTIM #1]. At this time I did not have [VICTIM #1]’s wallet to return. The wallet was still in Deborah’s property at the Floyd County Jail. I gave [VICTIM #1] her medicine bottle. [VICTIM #1] informed me that Deborah must have stolen the medicine from her residence since [VICTIM #1] keeps her medicine where it’s easily accessible to people. [VICTIM #1] informed me that she is prescribed the Prozac (Fluoxetine) which is the bottle that Deborah possessed.

I asked [VICTIM #1] if she was prescribed Tramadol and she stated no, that John must have given those to Deborah. I asked [VICTIM #1] if she was prescribed Oxycodone and she stated she was, but did not have any and that the Oxycodone found with Deborah must have also came from John. [VICTIM #1] informed me that Deborah advised her this morning that Saturday night while Deborah was at her house, she had John come get her and John entered into [VICTIM #1]’s vehicle without consent and stole her wallet before leaving with Deborah.

I asked [VICTIM #1] if she wished to press charges against John and Deborah for the theft and she stated yes. [VICTIM #1] informed me that she would keep her medicine locked away in a safe. I re-located to the Floyd County Jail where Deborah gave jail staff permission to get [VICTIM #1]’s wallet out of her property. [VICTIM #1] was waiting in the jail lobby. I returned the wallet to [VICTIM #1]. I also added the charges of entering auto and theft by taking to John. I added theft by receiving stolen property to Deborah since she knew John stole [VICTIM #1]’s wallet which she possessed.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on December 17, 2022]

On the above date and time PFC. Dollar and I responded to [200 BLOCK] Margo Trail in regards to a possible domestic.

Upon arrival John and Deborah were both sitting in John’s vehicle located in the drive way. While PFC. Dollar made contact with Deborah I spoke with John. While speaking with John he advised they had gotten into an argument because Deborah had believed he had cheated on her. John advised they had both been drinking but nothing got physical between the two. While speaking with John and Deborah dispatched advised there was a conditional bond between the two.

PFC. Dollar then placed John into handcuffs and detained him. After further investigation PFC. Dollar advised John he was under arrest and he was placed into the back of the patrol car.

PFC. Dollar advised me that while searching Debora’s belongings she was in possession of a controlled substance and it was not located in the correct pill bottle. While speaking with Debora I advised her to place her hands behind her back and upon doing so she resisted arrest. I advised Debora to stop resisting and she stated she was not going to jail.

PFC. Dollar gained control of one arm while I gained control of the other arm and we escorted Deborah to the ground to get handcuffs on her. While escorting Debora to the ground she advised her chin was broken. After gaining control and placing her into handcuffs Deborah advised she wanted EMS. After EMS arrived on scene PFC. Dollar escorted Deborah to Floyd hospital while I escorted John to the Floyd county jail.

[End of Narrative]