Anita Drummond

Drummond, Anita Renee

Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On June 14th, 2022 at 2203 hrs., I, Officer Nichols responded to 912 Ink Tattoo and Piercing located at 5435 Altama Avenue for a fight disturbance call.

Upon arrival, entering this place of business there was a black male restraining a black female on the floor. The female later identified as Anita Drummond was extremely irate yelling “get the fu*k off of me.”

The male who is the victim identified as [VICTIM #1] had Ms. [Drummond] restrained due to the incident that just occurred. I directed Mr. [VICTIM #1] to let Ms. Drummond go and asked him to step outside while I talk to Ms. Drummond.

Ms. Drummond had superficial injuries to her face and left leg. While trying to get Ms. Drummond to tell me what just happened, she immediately tried to chase after Mr. [VICTIM #1] yelling “I’m going to beat your a*s.” After several minutes trying to get Ms. Drummond calm, she finally tells me what just took place.

Ms. Drummond and Mr. [VICTIM #1] share children together and lived together in the past. She stated that Mr. [VICTIM #1] called her and was venting about his present relationship with [VICTIM #2]. Ms. [VICTIM #2] and Ms. Drummond have been in a domestic in the past on October of 2021.

Ms. Drummond said she left Wal-Mart and made her way to 912 Ink Tattoo and Piercing where Mr. [VICTIM #1] place of business is. When Ms. Drummond arrived on scene, Ms. [VICTIM #2] was also there inside. Ms. Drummond stated when she arrived on scene, her and Ms. [VICTIM #2] got into a physical altercation.

I asked Ms. Drummond how did the window brake and she stated that she pushed Ms. [VICTIM #2] on the window and then kicked the window. The window was completely shattered. I asked Officer Ed. Hall to remain inside with Ms. Drummond while I make contact with Mr. [VICTIM #1].

I asked Mr. [VICTIM #1] to tell me what just occurred and he advised me that the whole incident has been caught on camera. An employee identified as [WITNESS #1] handed me his phone to show me the video footage. I witnessed Ms. Drummond being extremely irate and aggressive towards Mr. [VICTIM #1].

After a couple of threats and abusive language, Ms. Drummond struck Mr. [VICTIM #1] in the face. Mr. [VICTIM #1] told Ms. Drummond to stop numerous of times. Ms. Drummond again struck Mr. [VICTIM #1] in the face. The second time Mr. [VICTIM #1] was struck, he then tries to get away from Ms. Drummond. Ms. Drummond then chases after Mr. [VICTIM #1] through the parking lot.

After a small chase in the parking lot, Ms. Drummond then makes her way towards Ms. [VICTIM #2]. Ms. Drummond then assaults Ms. [VICTIM #2]. Mr. [VICTIM #1] then tries to get Ms. Drummond off of Ms. [VICTIM #2]. While doing that, Ms. Drummond pulls Ms. [VICTIM #2] hair and says “I will beat the fu*k out of you.” Then Ms. Drummond hocks and spit in Ms. [VICTIM #2] face.

After watching the video, I had probable cause to make an arrest. I then invited Mr. [WITNESS #1] to our so he can upload that video into our evidence folder. I then advised other officers on scene my findings and advised them to place Ms. Drummond under arrest.

While officers where attending to arrest Ms. Drummond, I made my way to make contact with Ms. [VICTIM #2]. I asked her to tell me her side of the story and first thing she informed me that this was not the first time Anita acts like this.

She states that when she starts to drink she gets extremely violent. I informed her that I saw the video footage and asked her would she like to press charges against Ms. Drummond for assault and she replied “no”. I then asked Ms. [VICTIM #2] does she need any medical attention and she denied any medical assistance.

I then asked Mr. [VICTIM #1] the estimated cost it would take to repair the window and he stated it would cost at lest 1,500 dollars to repair. Mr. [VICTIM #1] was issued a Victim Bill of Rights and a case number.

Ms. Drummond was escorted to Officer Ed Hall patrol vehicle where he transported Ms. Drummond to the Southeast Georgia Health System Brunswick Campus and then to the Glynn County Detention Center.

My department issued body cam was activated and will be uploaded to under this case number.