Dylan Love

Love, Dylan Anthony

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 08/04/2022, at approximately 9:12am, I responded to 203 Edwards Plaza at Chubs Diner, in reference to what was called in as a problem with person incident. The complainant said a white male named Dylan Love was trying to fight an employee but was then leaving the scene.

Upon my arrival, I made contact with the complainant, [WITNESS #1]. He said Dylan Love followed [VICTIM #1], his child’s mother, to the parking lot near the restaurant that morning as she brought another co-worker with her, [VICTIM #2]. I learned from [WITNESS #1] that he did not witness the initial confrontation, but said an employee made him aware of the incident, and he proceeded outside.

He said he observed a white male he knew as Dylan Love extremely close to the person of [VICTIM #1], and was screaming at her. [WITNESS #1] said he was also yelling at/threatening [VICTIM #2]. He said he told the male to leave and that he was contacting the police. Love left the scene shortly thereafter.

I then spoke with the victim, [VICTIM #1]. She related that she arrived to work that morning (Chub’s Diner), and was asked by [WITNESS #1] to go pick up [VICTIM #2] at his residence, as his vehicle had broken down. [VICTIM #1] said she picked up [VICTIM #2] and proceeded back to the diner. As she parked her vehicle, she observed who she believed was her ex-boyfriend, Dylan Love, park his tan SUV behind her and exit his vehicle. [VICTIM #1] said Love initially began arguing with [VICTIM #2], who had exited the vehicle and began walking towards the diner.

After [VICTIM #2] walked away, [VICTIM #1] said Love approached her as she stood just inside of her open drivers’ door. She said she stood with her back to the vehicle, and Love position himself in front of her, getting “in her face”. She said as Love got closer to her, he began yelling and arguing with her. [VICTIM #1] said this made her afraid that he might physically hit or harm her. She said at some point [VICTIM #2] and [WITNESS #1] approached them and told Love to leave as the police had been called. Love then left scene.

[VICTIM #1] said she and [VICTIM #2] were only friends and not involved romantically. [VICTIM #1] advised she and Love share a [REDACTED BY AGENCY] child together and have lived together off and on for approximately a decade. [VICTIM #1] said she and Love recently ended their relationship approximately one to two months prior, but she had spoke with him on the evening of 08/03/2022 by phone.

Lastly, I spoke with [VICTIM #2]. [VICTIM #2] advised his car broke down that morning and his boss, [WITNESS #1], asked [VICTIM #1] to pick him up. [VICTIM #2] said he had already returned home after having his vehicle towed, and [VICTIM #1] picked him up there. [VICTIM #2] stated upon arriving at Chub’s Diner, he asked [VICTIM #1] if the person who parked behind them was Dylan Love, and she said she thought it was. [VICTIM #2] said he and [VICTIM #1] exited her vehicle, and he noticed Love began walking towards them, saying “what the fu*k you doing”, talking “sh*t” trying to get a rise out of him.

Love was also said to have made threats to fight [VICTIM #2], but he walked away towards the diner. [VICTIM #2] said as he walked away, he heard Love yelling and arguing with [VICTIM #1]. He said he observed Love approach [VICTIM #1] in the open door of her vehicle, with [VICTIM #1] backed up against the vehicle. Love was said to had gotten within what [VICTIM #2] considered [VICTIM #1]’s personal space, and took an aggressive stance as he argued. At some point, both he and [WITNESS #1] approached Love and told him to leave, which he did shortly thereafter. [VICTIM #2] advised he did not wish to pursue any charges against Love.

[VICTIM #1] was provided a case card and victims’ bill of rights pamphlet, which I explained to her. I advised her to contact police if she had any further issues.

At approximately 10:45am, I made contact with Dylan Love by phone. I introduced myself and explained my reason for contacting him. I initially asked if I could meet with him in person, but he explained he was currently at work. I then asked for various identifying information (SSN/GA OLN, etc) from Love to determine that is who I was speaking with, and he provided all identifiers I asked for. Love advised he had peaking with me by phone. Love related that he and [VICTIM #1] share a child and have also lived together previously. Love said approximately two days ago, he and [VICTIM #1] decided to work things out and he had moved back into her residence at [100 BLOCK] Jessica Lane. Love said [VICTIM #1] had what he considered an “affair” with [VICTIM #2], but they had reconciled.

Shortly after 9am that morning, Love said he was leaving Chik-Fil-A after purchasing breakfast, and observed what he believed was [VICTIM #1]’s vehicle pass by him. He believed [VICTIM #2] was also in the vehicle with [VICTIM #1], which prompted him to follow them to Chub’s Diner. Love said after parking a short distance behind [VICTIM #1], he exited his vehicle and began asking [VICTIM #1] why [VICTIM #2] was with her. He told them he was upset and said he did call [VICTIM #2] a “bi*ch”.

He said he followed [VICTIM #2] briefly, as he proceeded towards the diner. Love said he then turned around and approached [VICTIM #1] within 5ft of her driver door. Love said they began arguing as he confronted her about [VICTIM #2] being in the vehicle with her. He said she mentioned she felt she had to pick him up due [WITNESS #1] telling her to “pick him up or else”. [WITNESS #1] and [VICTIM #2] approached him shortly thereafter and told him police were being called and to leave the property. Love said [REDACTED] followed him to his vehicle and after which he left the scene.

I explained to Love that based on what I had gathered thus far, he had committed the offense of Simple Assault/FVA. I advised him I would be completing the report and submitting a warrant for his arrest. Love inquired about the process of turning himself in, which I also explained.

A warrant for Love for the offense of Simple Assault/FVA has been drafted and submitted.

[End Of Narrative]