Eugene Palmer

Palmer, Eugene James

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
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On the above date I responded to [900 BLOCK] Johnston Street in reference to a suspicious person. I was advised by dispatch that the complainant, Ms. [WITNESS #1], had stated a black male had just shot a firearm and was in her yard. She stated that the male who shot the gun was Eugene Palmer.

Shortly before I arrived on scene, LT M. Wilson/479 advised he observed a male matching the description of Mr. Palmer running through the [900 BLOCK] of Johnston Street Lane and then ran back towards Johnston Street through a yard. Once I arrived, Ms. [WITNESS #1] stated that he had shot a gun at his brother, Tommy Dowdy.

She said that she was on her front porch when she observed both Mr. Palmer and Mr. Dowdy in the [900 BLOCK] of Johnston Street. She said that Mr. Palmer then reached into a white sedan parked near the park at the corner of Prince and Johnston. She said that he pulled a “cowboy gun” out of the vehicle, pointed it at Mr. Dowdy and fired one single shot in his direction.

I then went to [1000 BLOCK] Johnston St to Mr. Palmer and Mr. Dowdy’s residence. I was told that the two brothers had gotten into a verbal argument inside of the residence over a pair of shoes. The argument then turned physical for a short period of time and then both parties left. Nobody at the residence stated they heard any gunshot(s) nor did they know anything about a gun.

While at the residence, Ms. [WITNESS #2] arrived. Ms. [WITNESS #2] is the mother of Mr. Dowdy and Mr. Palmer. She was advised that I needed to speak with both of them to determine what had happened. At this time the only witness willing to speak to us was Ms. [WITNESS #1]. No shell casing(s) were located. I advised Ms. [WITNESS #2] to contact me when they returned home.

Shortly after leaving the area I was advised that Ms. [WITNESS #2] had called into dispatch. After contacting Ms. [WITNESS #2] she said that both of the brothers were home. I went to speak with both parties separately. Mr. Palmer gave the same story that they had began arguing over a pair of shoes. Mr. Palmer stated that shortly after it got physical that he left the residence and then Mr. Dowdy chased him down the street.

I asked Mr. Palmer about the firearm. He initially stated that there was no gun involved. He then stated that he found a BB gun on the ground and that he picked it up to scare Mr. Dowdy but that he did not shoot at him. He said that he destroyed the BB gun and then through it into a sewer drain.

I went to speak with Mr. Dowdy. I was informed by him of the same story that the two had gotten into a verbal argument that turned physical. He said that he was walking to the park to play basketball and that Mr. Palmer went to the park as well. He said that he then turned around to walk away from the park to stay away from Mr. Palmer. When asked about the firearm he stated that he did not see any gun nor did he get shot at.

Both parties were placed under arrest for Disorderly House at this time. Mr. Palmer was placed in the rear of my patrol vehicle and Mr. Dowdy was placed in the rear of Officer Thomas/491’s patrol vehicle. Both parties were then transported to CDC where arrest and booking paperwork was completed. I will be applying for a warrant for both parties for Disorderly House.

Nothing further at this time.


Several attempts have been made to upload body camera footage from this incident. Body Camera footage has been uploaded to L3 but unable to upload to spillman report.

Nothing further.