Isaiah Gee

Gee, Isaiah Jeremiah

Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 10/26/2021 while in route to attempt to serve a warrant at an address in the Touchstone Subdivision area, I came to a stop at the stop sign at Touchstone Drive and Sarah Drive. I observed a black in color Jeep driving South West on Sarah Drive with no tag displayed on the vehicle. I turned on Sarah Drive and radioed into dispatch that I was diverting for a traffic stop I gave my location and the vehicle description and the reason for the stop.

As I was attempting to catch up to the Jeep before activating my emergency equipment the vehicle started accelerating quickly which was “too fast for conditions” in a residential zone. The vehicle then made a right hand turn onto Wildsmith Drive traveling North West, as I was turning onto Wildsmith Drive and activated my emergency equipment (lights and siren), I could tell the driver saw me activate my emergency equipment because I observed the vehicle quickly accelerate traveling at a high rate of speed driving recklessly down the street in an attempt to evade me, I radioed in to dispatch that he was attempting to get away from me and we were in a vehicle pursuit. The driver then made a right hand turn onto Lauren Lane traveling North East not stopping for the stop sign on Wildsmith Drive.

I followed the Jeep down Lauren Lane and the driver made a right hand turn onto Touchstone Drive traveling South East not stopping for the stop sign on Lauren Lane, the driver continued to flee at a high rate of speed in the residential area during school time pick up with a blatant disregard to the public and their safety. I was traveling at speeds of 50 MPH in an attempt to catch up with the Jeep, I estimated the Jeep was traveling at speeds of 65 MPH or faster.

The driver then made a right hand turn onto Butterbean Court traveling South West, I then observed a pick up truck attempting to back out of the driveway at [100 BLOCK] Butterbean Court. The driver saw this and cut his steering wheel to the right in an attempt to avoid the impact with the truck, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, the vehicle then began to swerve back and forth across the lanes of travel. The driver could not re-gain control of his vehicle and ran into a Georgia Power pole tie-down wire in the yard of [100 BLOCK] Butterbean Court in an attempt to make the left hand turn onto Okra Road striking a tree in the yard.

I made a left turn onto Okra Road as the vehicle crashed into a tree in the yard, I then observed a black male subject exit the driver’s door and attempt to flee on foot. The male was wearing grey pants, a dark blue or black shirt, and white shoes. The male was a light skinned black male and appeared to be 6’00”-6’02” in height and a slim build. When the male exited the driver’s door he appeared to trip over the tree/brush parts and got up and started running to his left towards the roadway of Okra Road,
I presumed he was going to continue running on this path (left) towards the roadway, but at this time the driver cut back to the right and was running directly in front of my patrol car towards the left side of the residence.

I steered my patrol car towards the grass to attempt to close the gap between me and the fleeing suspect to achieve apprehension. Once I started upward on the ditch line, towards the house, I attempted to apply my brakes and by this time was traveling faster than I realized and was actively sliding across the grass.

During this, I observed a satellite dish to my left and a house to my right and I was already too far to the right to attempt to avoid a collision with one of the two obstacles. I attempted to steer my patrol car between them and my vehicle struck a wooden railroad tie bordering the house, and my front passenger tire became lodged on the object. I then exited my patrol car in an attempt to catch the subject on foot.

The suspect appeared to jump a fence behind the property that leads to Broccolli Road, I relayed that information to dispatch. I advised dispatch to start the county wrecker for my patrol vehicle, due to causing damage to the right tire. When I struck the wooden border (railroad tie) my vehicle pulled to the right striking the corner of the cement patio attached to the residence damaging my patrol vehicle and causing slight damage to the corner of the residence.

Once supervisors arrived on scene GSP was called to work the accident involving the county patrol vehicle and Georgia Power was called to work the damage to the power pole. I also called for next rotational wrecker service to tow the Jeep. The Jeep was ran through NCIC/GCIC via the VIN number and it came back registered to a Nestaly Ramos at [170 BLOCK] Lark Street in Brunswick, Ga.

The vehicle was inventoried and the damage was noted on the impound form. inside the vehicle there was (3) broken cell phones in the center console, clothes, speakers and (1) box of unused syringes. J&M towed the Jeep from the scene to their impound lot, and further investigation will be pursued to see if the vehicle was given to someone or allowed to be used by someone other than the registered owner. Inside the vehicle was a black in color Apple Iphone that was taken into evidence and right outside the driver’s door laying in the grass was a brown wallet containing several debit cards and a license belonging to “Isaiah Gee” which was also submitted to evidence.

Later, Officers were told by the homeowner of [300 BLOCK] Broccoli Road that Gee was inside the residence. Officers took Gee into custody and transported him to my location on Okra Road. I then ran Gee his Miranda Rights and asked him if he understood his rights explained to him and if he wished to speak to me and he said he would. I asked Gee why he ran and he advised he was confused and said “I think I blacked out, from a mental health issue”.

I advised him he was under arrest for several different charges, Gee then said “are you the officer that tried to stop me?” He then said he did not remember that and he has insurance on his vehicle. Gee then advised someone tried to steal his vehicle after I told him I located his wallet outside the vehicle. I asked Gee what vehicle was his and he advised “the only vehicle I own, the Jeep.” Ofc. Brandeberry transported Gee to the ER for medical clearance and then to the Glynn County Detention Center. I advised Ofc. Brandeberry that he would be charged with No Tag Displayed (273113), Reckless Driving (273114), Obstruction, and Felony Fleeing and Eluding.

I returned to Glynn County Headquarters to put the wallet and the phone into evidence. Upon reviewing video footage of the pursuit it was determined Gee failed to stop at (2) stop signs and was also all over the roadways into oncoming traffic. The total length of the pursuit was 0.7 miles and lasted for approximately 1 minute.

I returned to the Glynn County Detention Center and cited Gee for Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign (274191 and 274192) and Failure to Maintain Lane (274193) and gave the booking officer his copies of the citations. A GEARS accident report was also completed for the (1) vehicle accident involving the Jeep. I uploaded all camera footage to Nothing further.