Travious Dickens

Dickens, Travious Zor’Yon

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On the above listed date and time, I responded to the listed location in reference to a theft that had occurred.

After arriving on scene I was met by the owners who stated they had someone steel $1300.00 from there cash drawer last night. The theft occurred at approximately 20:55PM last night on 12/04/2022. The store closes at 20:55PM every night but before they can close they walk the business to make sure everyone is out.

During the walk through of the business the employee did not notice a stocky black male enter the business and go straight to the back room were the games are at. Due to the unknown male walking in the back he was able to not be seen by the store employee.

After the employee closed the store and walked out, the male walked to the cash register and took $1300.00 in one hundred dollar bills @ 20:59. The male then tried to call a number of [REDACTED BY AGENCY] from the stores phone. After collecting the money the male then had his friend that was waiting outside stop the store employee to let his friend out of the store. The employee let the male out of the store and did not think anything of it.

The cash register had a total of $2167 in the register but only $1300.00 was taken by the suspect. The two guys that were involved in this left the business in a Nissan Altama with black rims. The store owner does not know who these guys are but was able to provide many video surveillance pictures of them.

I tried to call the number that was provided by the store but got no answer. I was unable to dust for any finger prints due to the store being open for almost 24Hrs after the crime was committed. All pictures and evidence of this crime have been uploaded to

The owner stated that if we could some how locate these two guys he would like to press charges on them.

[End of Narrative]