Gary Locke

Locke, Gary Lee

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On Tuesday February 28, 2023 Deputy G.B PHILLIPS with the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office Uniform Patrol Division was dispatched to [1100 BLOCK] Hall Memorial Calhoun, Gordon County, Georgia in reference to a harassment report.

Upon arrival Deputy PHILLIPS spoke with [VICTIM #1] who said her boyfriend, GARY LOCKE keeps trying to contact her. [VICTIM #1] said he had assaulted her last month (Case #23-01-0703) and still tries to make contact with her even though she has blocked him. [VICTIM #1] said GARY kept trying to call her multiple times after the incident. [VICTIM #1] showed Deputy PHILLIPS the list of the times GARY had tried calling her and texting her.

Deputy PHILLIPS observed several missed phone calls from GARY and hundreds of texts. Deputy PHILLIPS observed [VICTIM #1] texts telling GARY to stop texting her and calling her. Deputy PHILLIPS observed GARYS text and calls kept increasing after [VICTIM #1] had told him to stop.

[VICTIM #1] said GARY thinks she is with another man. In one text GARY sent it says, “I’ll find out who you’re with and he will pay for it.” [VICTIM #1] said it got to the point where she had to block him. [VICTIM #1] said after she had blocked him GARY would use his co workers cell phones to try and contact her.

Deputy PHILLIPS observed other Face book accounts trying to talk to her which one saying, “I’m giving up will you f*cking say something.” Deputy PHILLIPS observed multiple other numbers and Face book accounts trying to talk to [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] said she is afraid that GARY is going to show up to her residence to cause another incident. [VICTIM #1] said her children stays with their grandmother and will not come home because they are afraid GARY will come to their home and hurt [VICTIM #1].

Deputy PHILLIPS observed multiple times GARY had tried buying something off of [VICTIM #1]S cash app debit card, but was declined. [VICTIM #1] said she took all the money off of the card because she knew GARY would try to buy something. [VICTIM #1] said she changed cards, so GARY will be unable to buy anything.

Deputy PHILLIPS took photographs of the calls, text messages, and times GARY tried purchasing stuff off of [VICTIM #1]S debit card and placed in the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office Data Base. Deputy PHILLIPS applied for a state warrant for Harassing Communications.

[End of Narrative]