Fumi Hibachi and Sushi Bar receives 56% on follow-up inspection, follows 71%

DULUTH – The following was taken from the November 25, 2020 health inspection report of Fumi Hibachi and Sushi Bar, located at 3550 Mall Blvd NW in Duluth. This inspection was conducted by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

This was a follow up inspection, which was required after the restaurant received a 71% on November 17, just a week prior.

A subsequent follow up inspection will be conducted within 10 days.

Observations & Corrective Actions

  1. Today visit unsatisfactory multiple risk factors in violation. Person in charge must perform required duties in food code.
  2. Employee placing lemons in glasses of water with bare hands. Drinks discarded. Bare-hand contact is not allowed with ready-to-eat-foods.
  3. Employee rinsing pitcher in hand sink. Coached employee on proper use of hand sink. Hand sink may only be used for washing hands only.
  4. Avocados stored over ready-to-eat sauces // unwashed green onions stored directly on top of prepped miso soup cups // unwashed potatoes stored over ready to eat sauces and crab meat in walk-in cooler. Food relocated. Food must be protected from cross contamination during storage.
  5. Several TCS (Temperature Control for Safety) foods not being maintained at 41°F or below. Food discarded. TCS foods must be maintained at 41°F or less.
  6. Ice scoop stored on dump grid of of ice machine. Scoop washed. In-use utensils must be stored on clean surfaces.
  7. Drink cups stacked wet. Dishes relocated to dish-machine. Dishes must be adequately drained and dried prior to stacking.
  8. Prep cooler ambient temperature 68°F. Cooler turned on. Equipment must be properly calibrated.

Original Inspection Report