Kimberly Cancinos De Leon


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Sunday, August 28, 2022, at 2015 hours, I was dispatched to [200 BLOCK] Regal Drive in reference to a welfare check. We were previously given a lookout by Gwinnett County Police Dispatch in reference to a drunk driver with a two year old child from a domestic situation which occurred in Dacula. [REDACTED] called to state his wife, Kimberly Cancinos De Leon, was operating their 2022 silver Toyota Highlander (GA: [REDACTED]) while under the influence of alcohol with their two year old child in the car. [REDACTED] tracked her location to the area of [200 BLOCK] Regal Drive. I along with other units began to check the area. I observed the vehicle parked on the street, facing the wrong way, in front of [200 BLOCK] Regal Drive. The windows were partially rolled down but the vehicle was unoccupied. I could see several people near the glass front door at the home and the Highlander began to beep several times as if it was being locked.

I went to the door and knocked. A Hispanic male greeted me at the door. I introduced myself and explained my reasoning for being there. I asked if Kimberly was there and he stated yes. I asked if she could speak to me and the male stated he would have to go get her and ask her questions first. Another male then came to the door and stated Kimberly was just upset and would be at the door shortly. I then observed the female described in the lookout come to the door. I asked if she was Kimberly and she stated yes. I immediately smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person. I observed her to have bloodshot, watery eyes.

I asked Kimberly if she and her husband had an argument, and she stated yes, then stated she “already knows how this goes down, my mom was very incarcerated in your county.” Kimberly was slurring her speech. Kimberly stated she came here because she felt safe and brought her kid here because she is safe. Kimberly stated “I have been drinking, I’m going to go ahead and own up to that and I have had shots with my husband and a few of our friends.” Kimberly was uttering things that didn’t have any relevance to the incident, such as her husband thinks he has rights to the vehicle, but then immediately uttering her came into this county and country with a coyote and got his citizenship with his mother when he was 7, then stating she understood we were not going to go ahead and go bias.

Kimberly stated “I came here because I was safe. I drove my child here and I got here safe and I was able to park safe on the street, so therefore if you incarcerate me, I am free to go”. Kimberly was also making utterances about her mother’s alleged multiple incarcerations in Gwinnett County as we were trying to determine what occurred at her house in Dacula. Kimberly again stated she drove to the location because she felt safe and because her husband is “fu*king crazy, was a marine in this country, and has PTSD.” Kimberly began telling us that we were “21 century” and again mentioned her mother’s incarcerations.

Kimberly stated she had complete control of her child and complete control of herself. Kimberly again went on a rant about her husband being a marine and began to question all the officers on whether they served in the country. Kimberly said “If you’re gonna lock me up, go ahead”. I asked Kimberly how much she had to drink and she stated “3 shots and 4 mimosas”. Kimberly stated she had someone to take control of her child and didn’t care if she was incarcerated. I asked Kimberly if she felt like she should have driven with her child in the car, to which she stated “Did I get here safely?”. Kimberly became irate and stated her husband was playing the system. Officer Coble attempted to see if Kimberly could stay with the people she was visiting and Kimberly began arguing with Officer Coble over how much time he “served”. Kimberly stated she drove her daughter there because she is living with something this country created as a monster.

Due to the physical manifestations I observed while speaking with Kimberly, combined with the admission of alcohol consumption, combined with the endangerment provided to the two year old child, I believed probable cause existed to make an arrest for driving under the influence, child endangerment under the age of 14 on a city citation. I took Kimberly into custody with her hands handcuffed behind her back, handcuffs checked for comfort, and double locked. Kimberly was searched incident to arrest and secured in the rear of my patrol vehicle after a visual inspection for weapons or contraband.

While en route to the jail, Kimberly stated “well how does it look for a teacher to be getting a DUI?”. Kimberly continued to have outbursts on the way to the jail about things that did not make logical sense, such as her mother getting pregnant so her father would not go to state prison. I transported Kimberly to the Gwinnett County Jail where she was turned over to the jail staff without incident. She was left with her copy of her citation and property. Prior to leaving the jail, I checked the back seat of my patrol vehicle for weapons or contraband. The child was left with the adults at [200 BLOCK] Regal Dr at Kimberly’s request. [REDACTED] later responded to that location to retrieve the child.

[End of Narrative]