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Natasha Kennedy

Kennedy, Natasha Marie

Name:Kennedy, Natasha Marie Date of Booking:09/26/2023 Reason(s) For Booking:Crim trespass-m Crim damage to prop-2nd deg-f

Joel Easterling

Easterling, Joel Alan

Name:Easterling, Joel Alan Date of Booking:09/26/2023 Reason(s) For Booking:Violating Conditions of Bond

Antonio Cook

Cook, Antonio Dewitt

Name:Cook, Antonio Dewitt Date of Booking:09/25/2023 Reason(s) For Booking:Fail to appear-f/m

Ronney Baker

Baker, Ronney Lee

Name:Baker, Ronney Lee Date of Booking:09/23/2023 Reason(s) For Booking:Open Container Failure to Maintain Lane Dui/alch-m

Dorothy Thorne

Thorne, Dorothy Danielle

Name:Thorne, Dorothy Danielle Date of Booking:09/24/2023 Reason(s) For Booking:Cruelty to Children/-f (1st deg)-m(2nd deg) Cruelty to Children/-f (1st deg)-m(2nd deg) Battery/simp battery-family violence-m

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