Billy Campbell

Campbell, Billy Franklin

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Simple Battery-FV

Criminal Trespass-Damage

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 02-05-2022 at 2010 hours, I, Ofc Chittenden was dispatched to 1041 Russell Pkwy, Gold Cup Bowling, in reference to a domestic. Once on scene, I made contact with [VICTIM #1].

Ms. [VICTIM #1] advised she was inside of her vehicle with her step-dad, Billy Campbell, and her 4 year old sister, [REDACTED BY AGENCY], waiting on her mother to arrive on scene. She said Mr. Campbell got mad because her mother was running late. She said an argument started and Mr. Campbell got out of the car and slammed her door shut.

She said that is when she locked her car and he went to open a door. She said she went to pull away and Mr. Campbell broke the windshield to her 2017 Ford Fusion. She said she does not know how he broke it. She said she then drove to the other side of the parking lot to wait for her mother, [WITNESS #1].

She said when Mrs. [WITNESS #1] got there, Mr. Campbell began arguing with her. She got out of her vehicle to defend her mom and Mr. Campbell came around the vehicle and approached her and then pushed her in the chest and she fell down and hit her head. She refused EMS.

Mrs. [WITNESS #1] advised when she arrived to the bowling alley, she was attempting to get [REDACTED BY AGENCY] out of the vehicle. She said Mr. Campbell then went over to Ms. [VICTIM #1] and next thing she knows is Ms. [VICTIM #1] laying on the ground. She did not see Mr. Campbell push Ms. [VICTIM #1] as she was bent over in the vehicle attending to [REDACTED BY AGENCY].

Mr. Campbell advised he arrived to the bowling alley with Ms. [VICTIM #1] and [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. An argument started so he got out of the vehicle. He attempted to get [REDACTED BY AGENCY] out of the car so they could wait inside but Ms. [VICTIM #1] locked the doors. He said she started to drive away so he had to “dance” with his feet in order to not have his feet run over.

He said at that time, he hit the windshield with the palm of his hand causing it to shatter. He stated he then waited for Mrs. [WITNESS #1] to get there. When Mrs. [WITNESS #1] got there he started telling her what happened. He said at that time, Ms. [VICTIM #1] got out of her vehicle and rushed him so he pushed her away. He said she was holding a pistol in her hand and that is why he put hands on her. He advised she did not point it at him nor threaten him with it.

I then spoke with Mrs. [WITNESS #1] again. I asked her if she ever saw anyone with a gun and she said no. She advised Ms. [VICTIM #1] does have one with her and Ms. [VICTIM #1] told her she did rack the slide to put one in the chamber.

I then spoke with Ms. [VICTIM #1] again and asked about the gun. She said she heard Mr. Campbell arguing with Mrs. [WITNESS #1] so she got out of her vehicle and was holding the gun against her chest when Mr. Campbell came back around the vehicle towards her. She said she did not point it at him nor did she threaten him with it.

Mr. Campbell was placed into custody for Criminal Trespass-Damage to Property (FV) and Simple Battery (FV). He was transported to the Warner Robins Police Department where he was processed.

I will seek warrants on the next available date.

Audio/video available.

Nothing further.