Ernest Williams

Williams, Ernest Charles

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On 09/02/2022, at approximately 14:30 hours, I was patrolling in the area of Ga 38 and Mclarry’s curve in Hinesville, Ga 31313. I witnessed a vehicle driving towards the Hinesville area with an unreadable tag. I positioned my patrol car behind the vehicle in order to view the tag. The tag was obscured due to a tag frame. I activated my emergency lights and made a traffic stop on the vehicle in the Applebee’s parking lot.

I made contact with the driver, Mr. Ernest Williams. I advised Williams the reason for the stop and asked him for his driver’s license. I also took a picture of the VIN of the vehicle. I ran Williams’s driver’s license through GCIC/NCIC and the VIN through GCIC/NCIC. Mr. Williams’s driver’s license came back suspended. The vehicle was also not registered to Williams. The vehicle had no proof of insurance and the registration was expired. I advised central to send me the next available tow truck to pick up the vehicle. Central advised Hinesville Towing would be en route.

I made contact with Williams and asked him to step to the back of the vehicle. I asked Mr. Williams why the vehicle was not registered in his name, why he had no proof of insurance for the vehicle, if he had and paperwork showing his registration for the vehicle and why his license was suspended. Williams advised he had just bought the vehicle prior to moving to Georgia. He showed me a title showing he had bought the vehicle. The title showed he had bought the vehicle in 2021 but Williams had failed to register the vehicle since 2021. Williams advised he was in an accident in Louisiana and was issued a fine but he paid the fine. I asked Mr. Williams if he knew his license was suspended when he was driving the vehicle. Mr. Williams advised he did know it was suspended.

I placed Williams in handcuffs, double locked and checked for fit. I conducted a search on Williams’s person and no weapons or contraband were found. I place Williams in the rear of my patrol car. I did a walk around Williams’s vehicle and viewed a dent on the rear driver’s side bumper. The rear side glass of the vehicle was shattered and the front bumper was tied to the vehicle with a green rope. Hinesville Towing arrived on scene and a tow slip was given to Hinesville Towing. I transported Williams to the Liberty County Jail and released him to the jail with four citations: Suspended License, No proof of insurance, Failure to register vehicle within thirty days and defective equipment.

I checked the rear of my patrol car prior to and after transporting Williams to the jail and no contraband was found.

[End of Narrative]