Lee Moore

Moore, Lee Muhammed-Tobias

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:




Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Sunday June 12, 2022 around 0311 hrs while traveling westbound on Ga 38, I observed a Gold Lincoln Town car (Ga [REDACTED]) in front of me traveling in the same direction. While following behind the vehicle I observed the driver fail to maintain lane. The vehicle crossed over the white lane divider line several times. As the vehicle crossed the divider line I could hear the tires as they were hitting the reflectors.

I activated my emergency equipment and attempted to conduct a traffic stop just before Link St. The vehicle failed to pull over and I could see the driver reaching over to the passenger seat. I first thought the driver was looking for a safe location to pull over. The driver slowed down and turned right onto Macarthur Dr near the Cookout restaurant. There was another vehicle in front of the Lincoln Town car as it turned onto Macarthur Dr. As the other vehicle was slowing down to turn into the Cookout the suspect vehicle attempted to pass but was unable to do so.

The suspect vehicle continued straight and I could still see the driver reaching to the passenger side of the vehicle. At this time I notified Lt. Nadeau to come my was because the vehicle was believed to be fleeing. The driver would accelerate quickly then slow down. The driver turned right onto Westmoreland Dr and quickly sped up. I notified dispatch I was in pursuit of the vehicle. As I notified dispatch I was in pursuit of the vehicle it quickly pulled to the right and got stuck in a ditch.

As I exited the vehicle Lt. Nadeau pulled up. The driver opened his door and had his hands in the air. Lt. Nadeau pulled his service weapon and held it at the low ready. I gave the driver loud verbal commands to exit the vehicle. The driver kept saying don’t shoot me and was very hesitant to exit the vehicle and kept looking towards the passenger seat. Once the driver exited vehicle I instructed him to place his hands on the vehicle and not to move.

While speaking with the driver I could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath. The driver kept moving his left hand off the vehicle after being instructed not to. At this time I instructed the driver to put his hands behind his back, while attempting to bring them back. He kept pulling away and was actively resisting. He kept saying I’m sorry but would not comply. I continued trying to get his hands behind his back, but was unable to do so. After several attempts to detain him, I pushed him away and Lt. Nadeau deployed his TASER to gain compliance. Lt. Nadeau deployed his taser striking him on the right side of his back. The taser was effective but he was still not going to the ground. I was able to grab back a hold of him and guide him to the ground.

He was placed into double-lock handcuffs checked for fit. Lt. Nadeau and I stood him up and searched his person for weapons and contraband with no findings. While searching his person I was able to get his wallet and identify him as Mr. Lee Moore by his Ga drivers license.

Deputy Lynn arrived on scene to assist with transport. I asked Mr. Moore how much he had to drink and he replied “He was turning it up in the club and dancing”. When asked how much alcohol he consumed he stated he had four beers. Mr. Moore’s speech was very slurred and his eyes were bloodshot. Deputy Lynn read Mr. Moore implied consent off the green card for suspects over 21 and requested a blood draw. Deputy Lynn said Mr. Moore said he did not want to talk and more and refused to give verbal yes or no. Mr. Moore was seated in the rear of Deputy Lynn’s patrol vehicle, pending transport.

A search of the interior of the vehicle was conducted. While search the vehicle I located a small Brown hand rolled marijuana blunt in the ashtray. No further weapons or contraband was located. Deputy Lynn transported Mr. Moore to the Liberty County Jail and released him to the booking staff. Deputy Lynn stated the rear of his patrol vehicle was searched before and after transport of Mr. Moore with no findings.

The vehicle was released to Clark’s towing.

My body worn camera was broken, and was I was using Deputy Michalowicz’s (910) see his camera for the body worn footage.

Taser Cartridge was placed into evidence locker #8.