Luis Martinez

Martinez, Luis Enrique

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Saturday May 21, 2022 at approximately 0956 hours, I was patrolling Dorsey Rd I drove behind a Grey Nissan pick-up truck (GA TAG: [REDACTED]). I observed a white light illuminating from the passenger side brake light as we stopped at the stop sign at Dorsey Rd and Hardman Rd. The tail/brake light cover was broken where the bulb was exposed. The truck turned left onto Hardman Rd, driving toward Airport Rd. As the vehicle stopped at the stop sign at Hardman Rd and Airport Rd. The truck’s 3rd brake light was extremely dim, as I thought at first, it was not working.

As the truck turned left onto Airport Rd, I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle using my emergency equipment. The vehicle pulled into the Liberty College and Career Center at 245 Dorsey Rd. I approached the vehicle and spoke to the driver, Mr Luis Martinez-Deltoro. I explained the reason for the stop. He asked if he could step out to look at it, and I allowed him I requested his driver’s license, to which he explained he did not have one. He explained it was recently suspended as he failed to appear for a traffic ticket. He also explained he was on probation.

He provided his name and date of birth. I had dispatch conduct a status check on Mr Martinez’s driver’s license status. They advised his driver’s license was suspended for Failure to Appear on 11/13/2020. I had Mr Martinez call someone to see if they could pick the vehicle up for him, as he would not be able to drive with a suspended driver’s license. Plus it would save on a tow bill While waiting, I began to fill the citations out.

CPL Coffman arrived and deployed his K9 for a free air sniff of the vehicle. CPL Coffman advised a positive alert on the vehicle. He explained his positive alert to Mr Martinez. Mr Martinez explained he had marijuana in a green bag beside his driver’s seat CPL Coffman began to search the truck.

I placed Mr Martinez under arrest for suspended license. He was placed in double-locked handcuffs that were checked for fit. While doing this, Mr Martinez spontaneously uttered, he is a “weed fanatic, I know. I have them in different bags so I know that’s to distribute”. He was searched finding nothing further. He was seated in the rear of my patrol vehicle which was searched before and after transport. He explained his dad was on the way for the truck.

I assisted CPL Coffman search the truck. I grabbed the green bag from beside the driver’s seat and found 3 different packages with a green leafy substance in them, believed to be marijuana. Inside one of the packages, the marijuana was packaged into smaller clear bags with something written on them. With them being in smaller packages, based on my training and experience, this meant they were packaged to be sold. CPL Coffman located another black bag with green leafy substance in the center console of the vehicle, along with rolo wrappers and a lighter used for smoking. There was a red scale between the passenger seat and center console. The scale contained a white substance residue and a green leafy substance on it. CPL Coffman located multiple smaller baggies under the gear shifter center console. They are similar to the ones in the other package that are individually packaged.

I called on-call narcotics Inv Winchell. I explained my findings, to which she responded. She looked over all the findings and advised to place a hold on Mr Martinez and to seize the items found. These items were later dropped in the narcotics box in the sally port.

Mr Martinez’s cousin arrived on a motorized bike. I explained he needed another licensed driver to take possession of the truck as his vehicle could not be left on private property without the owners consent. He explained he would ride the bike home and drive back with someone to get the truck. He stated he lived on Kelly Dr. I explained it would be illegal for his to cross Airport Rd, on the motorized bike without insurance. I would not give him permission to drive it home and wait for him to come back. I requested next-list wrecker service, to which Clark’s Towing was dispatched.

Clark’s towing arrived, along with Mr Martinez’s father. They worked it out where his father took possession of the truck.

I transported Mr Martinez to the Liberty County Jail without incident. Nothing further at this time.