Monet Jones

Jones, Monet Delores

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 01/13/2022 at approximately 1756 hours Cpl Rice and I were dispatched to [100 BLOCK] Wayfair Lane in reference to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival I made contact with Ms [VICTIM #1], Ms [WITNESS #1] and Ms Monet Jones.

Ms [VICTIM #1] stated she was arguing with Ms Jones, her live in girlfriend, because she took her money and cell phone. She then called her niece, Ms [WITNESS #1], to come over to the house because of the argument to try to diffuse the situation between them. When Ms [WITNESS #1] arrived, a fight broke out between all three parties. She stated during the fight she sat on the couch curled up in a fetal position when Ms Jones pointed a gun at her. Ms [VICTIM #1] never specified why she went into a fetal position. [Ms] Jones stated “f*ck that sh*t” and fired one shot at her. She exited the residence with her niece and called 911.

Ms [WITNESS #1] stated she came to the residence when her aunt called her because she was arguing with her girlfriend. When she arrived a fight broke out between all three of them. At some point her aunt sat on the couch in a curled up position while she was standing next to the front door. Ms Jones pulled out a gun, pointed it at her aunt’s head and said “f*ck that sh*t” and shot one time at her.

Ms Jones stated she was arguing with Ms [WITNESS #1] when Ms [WITNESS #1]’s niece came over to the house. She said they both then “jumped” her while she was sitting on the couch. While they were “jumping” her she knew her unholstered pistol was in her bdu cargo pocket and she always has “one in the head” (meaning that she always kept one in the chamber). During the fight, she pulled the gun out of the cargo pocket because she was afraid the gun would go off and injure her. When she removed the gun from the pocket, she pointed it at the ceiling so no one would be injured if it went off. After having the gun, Ms [VICTIM #1] and Ms [WITNESS #1] were still “jumping” her the gun accidentally fired one time.

Ms Jones stated after the gun discharged, Ms [VICTIM #1] and Ms [WITNESS #1] went outside and she unloaded the gun for her safety. She stated she unloaded the gun because she was afraid Ms [VICTIM #1] and Ms [WITNESS #1] would use it to injure her. I asked her where the gun was located so it could be secured. Ms Jones agreed to escort us inside due to her having a dog in the residence. Ms Jones stated the gun was in the air filter of her central air conditioning unit and she hid it there so Ms [WITNESS #1] and Ms [VICTIM #1] could not locate the gun to use it on her. Officer Currier(194) retrieved and secured the gun which had the magazine removed and a round still in the chamber. A search of the incident area had negative results in locating the spent shell casing.

Officer Currier requested central dispatch to run the gun through GCIC/NCIC and it returned with negative wants. I obtained the gun from Ofc Currier so it could be transported to the Hinesville police department as evidence.

Sgt Greer arrived on scene and was briefed on the incident. He notified detective Rivera who also responded to assist with the case. It was determined that based on the evidence supporting Ms [VICTIM #1] and Ms [WITNESS #1]’s statements Ms Jones would be placed under arrest for aggravated assault. She was handcuffed, double locked and checked for fit. She was searched by officer Currier prior to transport. She was secured in a seatbelt and transported to the liberty county jail pending a first appearance hearing.

The gun, magazine and ammo collected was transported to the Hinesville police department and secured in evidence locker #5 on 01/13/2022 at 2100 hours.

A warrant for aggravated assault(FVA) will be obtained and a first appearance hearing will be conducted within the appropriate time period.

My department issued BWC was activated during my investigation.