Quentin Davis

Davis, Quentin Deon

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 08:12 hours, while traveling westbound on Talmadge Road near Arnall Drive, I observed a Red 1992 Ford truck traveling directly in front of my patrol vehicle While behind the vehicle, I observed both brake light lenses broken and the tag of the vehicle obscured by a trailer hitch mounted on the vehicle. I activated my emergency equipment on my patrol vehicle and conducted a traffic stop with the vehicle on Vandiver Road near Talmadge Road.

While conducting a drivers side approach on the vehicle, I was able to obtain the tag number It was a Georgia tag of [REDACTED] At the vehicle. I made contact with the driver, Mr Quentin Davis Before explaining the reason for the stop Mr Davis advised he did not have his license with him and he did not have valid insurance for the vehicle. While speaking with Mr Davis, I observed a passenger, Mr James Porter in the vehicle I requested both driver and passengers information, which they provided.

I ran all information on my Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), It showed Mr Davis had a valid Georgia drivers license Mr Porter’s Georgia drivers license was suspended and Mr Porter had a valid warrant through the Liberty County Sheriffs office in reference to a Failure to Appear. I ran Mr Porters information through Central Dispatch, Dispatch advised the same and confirmed the warrant. My Mobile Data Terminal also showed the vehicle had a suspended registration and no valid insurance. While running information in my patrol vehicle Walthourville Police Officer Adams 432 arrived on scene to assist.

On my second approach, I conducted a driver side approach and asked both occupants to exit the vehicle, which they did At the front of my vehicle, I gave Mr Davis the opportunity to obtain insurance for his vehicle While waiting for him to obtain insurance, I deployed my county issued K9 Kona for a free air sniff off the vehicle. During the deployment she showed a positive indication for the odor of narcotics emitting from the vehicle. She was placed back in my patrol vehicle and I made contact with both Mr Davis and Mr Porter While explaining how K9 Kona works Mr Davis advised he smokes marijuana and possibly had a marijuana, “roach” in the vehicle.

A search of the vehicle was conducted During the search, I located a small clear bag with a white crystal like substance suspected to be methamphetamine, inside The bag was located inside of the fold down center console of the vehicle Another clear bag containing multiple unused bags which matched the bag containing the substance was also located in the rear of the vehicle near the tool box. No other findings followed.

Narcotics Detective Winchell 915 was notified and briefed on the incident. She arrived on scene and collected all evidence. Mr Davis and Mr Porter were placed in double locked handcuffs, behind their back and checked for fit. They were escorted to the back of Officer Adams 432 patrol vehicle, which was searched prior He transported both to the Liberty County Jail, where they were released to the jail booking staff, without incident Officer Adams 432 advised after transport his vehicle was searched with no findings.

The vehicle was released to CD’s Towing.

[End of Narrative]