Body cam shows Valdosta officer tase charging pit bull

VALDOSTA – The following is a direct transcription of the narrative report filed by Valdosta Police Officer Eric Wagner surrounding the events where he deployed his taser on a charging pit bull canine. Names and addresses have been redacted, errors may also exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the officer.

Begin Transcription

On 05/25/19 at approximately 0710 hours I was dispatched to [2300 block] White Oak Dr regarding a loose, aggressive, pitbull.

Upon arrival I made contact with the complainant [REDACTED] who stated a pitbull that lived at [2300 block] White Oak Dr was loose and was in her yard. Jenkins stated the dog had been aggressive a few weeks prior and tried to attack another person and dog when it got out of its yard then. Jenkins showed me a picture of the dog which appeared to be a white and black pitbull.

I then went to [2300 block] White Oak Dr and attempted to make contact with the residents to determine if the dog lived here and inform them of the issue. While I was on the front porch of the residence, knocking on the door, I observed what appeared to be the same pitbull in the picture walk to the foot of the steps at which time it began growling at me. The dog then began charging up the steps at me, at which time I deployed my Conductive Energy Weapon (C.E.W.) in probe mode for one (1) five second cycle, resulting in one dart striking the dog on its left cheek and the other dart striking the dog above its right eye. The dog then fell to the ground and remained there for several seconds before running to the back yard of the residence.

Contact was then made with the resident of the house, [REDACTED] (W/M, DOB: [REDACTED] who confirmed the dog did belong to him. [REDACTED] informed me his dog has escaped before by pushing the gate open enough for it to get through.

[REDACTED] then restrained the dog in a kennel and I instructed him how to remove the probes from the dog, and observed him do so. I then collected the probes, used cartridge (serial number C3105M47H), and several afids, which were submitted to property and evidence.

Lowndes County Animal Control officer Jeffery Atkinson was notified and arrived on scene. Upon his arrival I updated Atkinson of the incident and he issued [REDACTED] municipal court summons for dog at large.

The incident was recorded and photographs of the dog were taken on my Motorola body camera. All video and photographs were uploaded to the database.

End Transcription

Sound on the following body cam doesn’t start for several seconds.