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Victor Pocoroba


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:





Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 11/17/2022 at approximately 1459 hrs, I was dispatched to 1972 Eatonton Rd, the Red Roof Inn, for an initial report of a person damaging property.

While en route, dispatch advised that the subject had a knife and was trying to stab people. It was then updated that the subject also had a sword and was on the second floor. Ofc. Emily Eaton arrived on scene first as well as a Morgan County deputy. Units advised of several other people involved and stated they had the armed subject, later identified as Mr. Victor Pocoroba, detained.

I was able to locate one of the other people involved and detained him. This subject was later identified as “[VICTIM #1]” or Mr. [VICTIM #1]. Mr. Pocoroba initially stated that he was jumped by Mr. [VICTIM #1] and his brother, Mr. [VICTIM #2] and Mr. [VICTIM #3]. These subjects were detained and separated until I could figure out what was going on.

I first spoke with Mr. [VICTIM #3]. Mr. [VICTIM #3] stated that Mr. Pocoroba was being fired from working at the Red Roof inn and was in the process of being kicked out as well. He stated that Mr. Pocoroba was upset and went back to his room. When Mr. [VICTIM #3] checked on Mr. Pocoroba with Mr. [VICTIM #1] and Mr. [VICTIM #2], Mr. Pocoroba exited his room with a knife and a sword and attempted to attack them. Mr. [VICTIM #1], [VICTIM #2], and [VICTIM #3] jumped Mr. Pocoroba in self defense and disarmed him and then fled to the lobby. Mr. [VICTIM #3] did not wish to provide a written witness statement.

I then spoke to Mr. [VICTIM #1]. Mr. [VICTIM #1] gave a similar account of events. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated that he and Mr. [VICTIM #3] knew Mr. Pocoroba was upset and watched him go to his room. Mr. [VICTIM #1] and Mr. [VICTIM #3] went to check on Mr. Pocoroba and that’s when he pulled a knife and Mr. [VICTIM #1], Mr. [VICTIM #2], and Mr. [VICTIM #3] jumped him in self defense to disarm him and then fled to the lobby for safety. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated he would provide a written statement to which I will follow up with.

I then spoke to Mr. [VICTIM #2] who also stated the same account. Mr. [VICTIM #2] provided a written statement of his account. I also spoke with Ms. [VICTIM #4], the manager of the Red Roof Inn. Ms. [VICTIM #4] stated that Mr. Pocoroba was angry that he was being kicked out and that she also witnessed him punching walls and him pulling the knife and sword on Mr. [VICTIM #2], [VICTIM #1], [VICTIM #3], and herself. She also stated that Mr. Pocoroba made threats to stab her and her child.

I spoke to Mr. Pocoroba about the incident as well. Mr. Pocoroba stated that he and his fiance, Ms. [WITNESS #1], were in their room working on packing their belongings to leave. Mr. Pocoroba stated that Mr. [VICTIM #1] and Mr. [VICTIM #3] came to his room to ask if they were ready to leave yet. Mr. Pocoroba stated that they were not ready. He stated that he was then taunted by Mr. [VICTIM #1] and Mr. [VICTIM #3] into an altercation in which he claims he used his knife and sword in self defense.

I spoke to Ms. [WITNESS #1] about the situation as well. She stated that this has been an ongoing issue that has finally came to a head. She stated that her and her fiance Mr. Pocoroba have been victims of theft and bullying from the Red Roof Inn staff. She stated that Mr. Pocoroba was just fired from the Red Roof Inn a second time the day prior to this incident. She stated that they have been harassed due to allegations they have made against the staff and for an earlier incident in which Mr. Pocoroba and Mr. [VICTIM #1] were “slap boxing” and it got a little out of hand.

She stated that Mr. [VICTIM #1] was sent to their room to instigate an altercation to have them arrested and removed from the property. She stated that Mr. Pocoroba and Mr. [VICTIM #1] did exchange a conversation about leaving. Mr. Pocoroba removed himself and shut his door and locked the door to get away from Mr. [VICTIM #1]. She stated that Mr. [VICTIM #1] continued to shout expletives through the door to instigate Mr. Pocoroba into opening the door to start a confrontation. Mr. Pocoroba did this with the sword and a knife in his hand. He was then jumped and disarmed. Ms. [WITNESS #1] stated that Mr. Pocoroba was defending himself during this incident.

I arrested Mr. Pocoroba for four counts of Aggravated Assault (OCGA 16-5-21) and one count of Criminal Trespass (OCGA 16-7-21). The four counts of Aggravated Assault are one for each victim present during the assault and the Criminal Trespass was for the damage caused to the property of the Red Roof Inn. This report may be added to as I am waiting on multiple witness statements to be returned to me. Two knives and a sword were recovered on scene.

[End of Narrative]