Three arrested for violent Crandall home invasion

Haley Casondra Mantooth (left), Joshua Jacob Acevedo (center), Heather Diane Ray (right)

March 7, 2021 at 5:06 PM EST

CRANDALL – The Murray County Sheriff’s Office have charged three suspects with a violent home invasion that occurred at a residence on Highway 2 in Crandall last December.

Haley Casondra Mantooth, 21, Heather Diane Ray, 21, and Joshua Jacob Acevedo, 26, have all been charged with first-degree home invasion, a felony. Acevedo has also been charged with aggravated assault and reckless conduct.

If convicted of first-degree home invasion, each defendant faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

On December 18, 2020 at approximately 2252 hours Deputy Burns and I, Corporal B. Vanhoose responded to [1700 BLOCK] Highway 2 West regarding a home invasion. Upon arrival I began speaking to the victims and witnesses. I spoke to each victim and witness separately from the others to ensure they couldn’t hear each other’s statement.

I spoke to the reporting / victim [VICTIM #1] first. Mr. [VICTIM #1] led me to where the incident happened inside the residence, which was identified as his bedroom. According to Mr. [VICTIM #1], [VICTIM #2] and [VICTIM #3] and he were all inside his bedroom. Mr. [VICTIM #1] informed me that he heard someone on the back porch. Mr. [VICTIM #1] explained that he opened the outside door to his bedroom and three subjects shoved past him into his bedroom.

Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated that two female suspects identified as Haley Mantooth and Heather Ray began assaulting [VICTIM #2]. Mr. [VICTIM #1] explained the third suspect identified as Joshua Jacob Acevedo began assaulting him. Mr. [VICTIM #1] advised that Mr. Acevedo pulled a gun from his hoodie pocket and struck him with it in the head. Mr. [VICTIM #1] then informed me that Mr. Acevedo dropped the magazine out of the gun when he ran out of the house. I did observe a 40 caliber Glock magazine fully loaded with hollow point bullets. According to Mr. [VICTIM #1], someone shot a gun one time outside of the residence after the assault took place. The fact that a fully loaded magazine was dropped inside the residence and the gun was still shot one time indicates that the pistol had a bullet in the chamber during the assault. Mr. [VICTIM #1] also explained that the suspects had their vehicle turned around facing the highway for what appeared to be a quick get away from this premeditated crime.

I asked Mr. [VICTIM #1] if he had any idea why the suspects committed this crime. Mr. [VICTIM #1] advised that he believes the crime to stem from Haley Mantooth being [VICTIM #3]’s ex-girlfriend and [VICTIM #2] hanging out with them. I then spoke to [VICTIM #3] alone in Mr. [VICTIM #1]’s bedroom. [VICTIM #3] stated that he was in another room when he heard a struggle occurring in Mr. [VICTIM #1]’s room. According to [VICTIM #3] he went into Mr. [VICTIM #1]s room and observed Haley Mantooth and Heather Ray assaulting [VICTIM #2]. [VICTIM #3] advised that Joshua Acevedo was assaulting Mr. [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #3] stated that he proceeded to wake up Mr. [VICTIM #1]’s mother, [VICTIM #4]. [VICTIM #3] informed me that by the time he and [VICTIM #4] got back into the incident location the “scuffle” was over and the suspects were talking to the victims. According to [VICTIM #3], [VICTIM #4] told the suspects to “get the hell out of her house” and they left without causing any more issues. [VICTIM #3] did state that he did hear one gunshot once the suspects were outside. It was later determined that [VICTIM #3] was in the bedroom with Mr. [VICTIM #1] and [VICTIM #2] when this incident occurred.

I then spoke to [VICTIM #2]. I asked [VICTIM #2] to tell me what happened. [VICTIM #2] advised that she was there hanging out with “Haley’s kids dad” [VICTIM #3]. [VICTIM #2] advised that the suspects were inside the house before anyone had time to react. According to [VICTIM #2], Heather and Haley were both hitting her and Joshua Acevedo was inside as well “swinging on” Mr. [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #2] first advised that she was in the hallway leading to Mr. [VICTIM #1]s room when the suspects forced their way into the residence. [VICTIM #2] later remembered that she was actually on the bed with [VICTIM #3]. I asked [VICTIM #2] what she thought the motivation behind the assault was. [VICTIM #2] stated that she believed it was because she was hanging out with “Haley’s kids dad” [VICTIM #3].

I then proceeded to speak to [VICTIM #4] as a witness. [VICTIM #4] informed me that [VICTIM #3] and Haley have been in a relationship and have a three month old baby together. According to [VICTIM #4], [VICTIM #3] and Haley have not been getting along with each other recently. [VICTIM #4] advised that [VICTIM #2] “is after him” talking about [VICTIM #3]. [VICTIM #4] explained that [VICTIM #3] and Haley have been broken up for about one or two days. [VICTIM #4] explained that [VICTIM #3], [VICTIM #2], and Mr. [VICTIM #1] were all in Mr. [VICTIM #1]’s bedroom. According to [VICTIM #4], [VICTIM #3] woke her up when the incident occurred. [VICTIM #4] advised that she went into the bedroom and observed [VICTIM #2] laying on the bed with Haley on top of her punching her. [VICTIM #4] stated that Joshua Acevedo was standing by the bed and Mr. [VICTIM #1] was standing in front of him pleading for them to leave. [VICTIM #4] advised that she told Joshua Acevedo to leave her house and he along with Haley complied.

After the separate interviews I was advised that the suspect vehicle was a dark blue or black Nissan Pathfinder. I continued gathering the information I needed for the report and left the scene. I proceeded to 10840 Highway 225 North lot D-4 in an attempt to make contact with Haley Mantooth but nobody would answer the door.

I then returned to service.

End Transcription of Narrative Report