Dallas ‘WNB Factory’ fails health inspection, over 20 violations observed

wnb factory failed inspection

March 11, 2021 at 9:52 AM EST

DALLAS – An inspector with the Georgia Department of Public Health found over 20 infractions last week during an inspection of the WNB Factory in Dallas.

The following was taken from the March 2, 2021 health inspection report of WNB Factory @ Dallas, located at 7951 Villa Rica Hwy Ste 113 Dallas, GA. This inspection was conducted by Inspector Hunter Robbins with the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The restaurant scored a 55% on this routine inspection.

Observations & Corrective Actions

  1. Observed PIC (Person in Charge) unable to demonstrate their knowledge of key risk factors.
    Corrective Actions: The PIC will need to be retrained.
  2. Observed Certified food safety manager failed to asses training as needed. 
    Corrective Actions: CFSM will train and retrain employees.
  3. Observed employees eating in the kitchen around and over the hand sink counter top.
    Corrective Actions: PIC removed the food and sanitized the counter tops.
  4. Observed the kitchen handwashing sink without soap.
    Corrective Actions: PIC replaced the soap.
  5. Observed raw chicken stored directly on top of raw bacon with cooked bacon box on top of the raw chicken.
    Corrective Actions: The PIC re located the raw and cooked foods in the walk-in cooler.
  6. Observed open box of raw shrimp and raw fish stored above vegetable based food in the walk-in freezer. 
    Corrective Actions: PIC rearranged the walk-in freezer according to internal cook temperatures.
  7. Observed drink nozzles and ice shoot not cleaned at a frequency to maintain clean to the sight and touch.
    Corrective Actions: The PIC will clean and sanitize the ice shoot and drink nozzle.
  8. Observed container of seasoned rice stored at room temperature next to flat grill. Rice had been out less than 4 hours.
    Corrective Actions: Rice placed in walk-in freezer to rapidly cool.
  9. Observed breading being used with out time, temperature, or sifting. Chunks of chicken in the breading holding at 80 F degree for more than 4 hours.
    Corrective Actions: PIC discarded the breading.
  10. Observed made in house sauce ranch and soy sauce holding at 52F and 54F degrees of less than 4 hours.
    Corrective Actions: PIC rapid cooled the home made sauce in the walk in cooler.
  11. Observed chicken wing holding at room temperature above the fryer at 90F degrees.
    Corrective Actions: PIC reheated the chicken to 202 F degree.
  12. Observed a chemical can (Febreze) stored above single service articles under the front of house counter top.
    Corrective Actions: PIC relocate the can.
  13. Observed employee general medication stored over consumer single service articles and condiments.
    Corrective Actions: PIC relocated the medication.
  14. Observed fish thawing in 80 degree F running water and PIC turned the water off, with fish continuing to thaw in the sink.
    Corrective Actions: PIC placed fish in the cooler to rapid cool.
  15. Observed damp sanitizer rags stored on the counter top in the front and back kitchen area.
    Corrective Actions: PIC removed the sanitizer rags and placed in a sanitizer bucket.
  16. Observed thawing raw fish in a designated vegetable washing sink.
    Corrective Actions: PIC removed the fish and sanitized the sink.
  17. Observed single service aluminum foil covering food storage shelves. 
    Corrective Actions: PIC will remove all the aluminum foil.
  18. Observed rusted shelves in the walk-in cooler.
    Corrective Actions: The shelves will be ordered.
  19. Observed stainless steel bottom shelve broken and unable to clean due to wear.
    Corrective Actions: PIC will replace the shelves with a cleanable material.
  20. Observed employee items stored directly touching consumer food and single service articles in the front kitchen.
    Corrective Actions: PIC relocated employee items to a designated location.
  21. Observed employee food stored on the prep top counter top in the main kitchen.
    Corrective Actions: PIC relocated food to designated location.

Original Inspection Report