Debra Donohue

Donohue, Debra Ann

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Manufacturing/deliver/Distribute/Administer/Sell/Possess w/ Intent to Distribute C.S.

Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation of Disabled or Elderly Person

Exploitation and intimidation of disabled adults, elder persons, and residents

Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation of Disabled or Elderly Person

Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on January 11, 2023]

On 11 January 2023 at approximately 1953 hrs, I was contacted by detective Lt. Davis to be enroute to Majestic Manor and make contact with the suspect. Lt. Davis advised me that the suspect had warrants through the county. A check of the suspects name through booking showed four (4) warrants through Walker County S.O.

I made contact with the suspect, checked her name and DOB through Walker 911 and she returned with active warrants. I placed the suspect in custody placing handcuffs on her behind he back. I checked the rear seats for contraband before placing her in the patrol vehicle.

I transported the suspect to the Walker County Jail where she was turned over to detention staff. I then read the warrants to the suspect and executed the warrants. Warrant #W22120037 O.C.G.A. 16-5-101 Exploitation, warrant #W22120038 O.C.G.A. 16-5-102 willful deprivation, warrant #W22120039 O.C.G.A. 16-5-101 Neglect, warrant #W22120040 O.C.G.A. 16-13-30(B) possession with intent to distribute.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on January 11, 2023]

On the listed date and time I was dispatched to do a welfare check on the listed other at Majestic Manor. I spoke with the the listed caller via phone first due to the fact the caller was making allegations of elder abuse at the Manor.

The listed caller advised she was a former employee of the Manor. She advised while employed there she observed the listed suspect give residents more generic seroquel than prescribed by the doctor to knock them out so she did not have to deal with them.

Caller went on to advise she had contacted adult protective services and other agencies trying to help the elders in the care of the Manor. Caller advised she quit the Manor and was not fired. She just did not agree with the way they treated the elders in their care.

Caller advised she was still in contact with multiple employees at the Manor that had the same opinion she did but they wanted to remain anonymous so the caller would not give me their names. Caller advised that on the listed date she was sent pictures of the listed victim of recent injuries she had sustained due to an alleged fall.

Caller suspected that the listed suspect had struck the listed victim. When asked the caller advised that she had not ever see anyone physically abuse any of the elders while she was employed there. Caller advised she was contacting APS again and requested I check on the listed other.

I got out at the Majestic Manor and made contact with the listed suspect. She was cooperative and took me to where the listed vicitm was at in a room. I did observed a bruised black eye on the listed victim’s left eye and some possible bruising on the left clavicle bone/shoulder area.

I spoke with the listed victim who did show signs of being confused because when we entered her room she was looking for a baby in the bed sheets that was not there. The listed vicitim told me she fell but could not remember any details. When asked the listed vicitm did advised me no one has ever hit her.

I then spoke with the listed suspect who is the owner/administrator of the Manor. I then advised her of the allegations made against her. Listed suspect advised the listed caller was just a disgruntled employee and did not like working at the Manor. Listed suspect advised the listed other had fell on 4-17-2022.

Listed suspect advised she found the listed vicitm laying face down on the concrete where she had fell. Listed suspect advised that’s where the injuries come from I had observed. They got the bleeding to stop so they put the listed other to bed.

The next morning the bruising had manifested and there was more bleeding. They had a staff doctor look at the listed vicitms injuries who advised they were not bad enough to send her to the hospital. They then had her in house primary care doctor check her the following day who advised the same thing as the other doctor.

The listed suspect advised she contacted the son of the listed vicitm two times (sent him pics of injuries) and he did not want to come get her and take her to the hospital. He just wanted them to deal with it.

I did observe cameras throughout the Manor. I asked the listed suspect would they have caught the incident where the listed victim fell. Listed suspect advised no because all the cameras are inside the Manor and there is not any on the outside where the listed vicitm fell.

After investigating the incident and looking around the Manor I could not see any immediate danger to the residents. I did find it suspicious that if the listed vicitm fell in the way described there was only localized visible injuries to the listed vicitms left eye and shoulder area.

There were no marks on the listed victims body on her arms or hands as would be common with someone trying to break their fall when falling down. The listed vicitm is elderly and frail and so those type of marks would be readily apparent.

I did advise the caller I would be completing a report to document her complaint and provided her with this case number for APS if they wanted it. I did photograph the listed vicitms injuries and they will be sent to be attached to this report.

[End of Narrative]