Traffic stop produces drugs, gun in Rocky Face

Aug 13, 2020 at 11:38 AM EDT

ROCKY FACE – The following incident report was filed by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office regarding the arrests of Autumn Grace Thomas and Jaiden Marie Chamlee on July 30 on charges of:

  1. Possess Methamphetamine
  2. Possess Firearm / Knife During Commission Of Felony
  3. Possession And Use Of Drug Related Objects

Chamlee also was charged with operating a motor vehicle without proper tag / decal.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

On Wednesday July 30, 2020, Deputy Peden was sitting stationary next to the store front door, in the parking lot of Kanku’s gas station at Lafayette Rd. and Mt. Vernon Rd.

Deputy Peden observed a 2005 black Chevrolet Cobalt driven by and identified later as Mr. Kaleb Brown, and front passenger Ms. Jaiden Chamlee pull into the gas station beside the gas pump, next to, and facing Deputy Peden.

Deputy Peden noticed Mr. Brown would not make eye contact or look in Deputy Peden’s general direction. Mr. Brown exited his vehicle and entered the store still never making eye contact or looking in Deputy Peden’s direction. Ms. Chamlee exited the vehicle moments later waving and smiling at Deputy Peden as she passed by his vehicle walking into the store.

Deputy Peden left the parking lot relocating to the corner of Mt. Vernon Rd. and Lafayette Rd. watching the gas station and observing traffic in the area. Deputy Peden ran Georgia Registration Number (RTB 1821) publicly displayed on the black cobalt. The GCIC return showed the registration to be cancelled.

Approximately an hour to an hour and a half elapsed with the vehicle parked at the gas pump. Deputy Peden never observed Mr. Brown or Ms. Chamlee get fuel for the vehicle. Mr. Zackary Manis and Ms. Autumn Thomas arrived making contact with Mr. Brown and Ms. Chamlee, and entered the store.

Shortly after Ms. Chamlee and Ms. Thomas left the store in the black Cobalt on Utility Rd. toward Miracle Dr. Deputy Peden initiated a traffic stop at approximately 16:14 hours at Utility Rd. and Miracle Dr., final stop 171 Miracle Dr. Deputy Peden made contact with Ms. Chamlee explaining the reason for the stop, cancelled registration.

Deputy Peden requested Ms. Chamlee to provide her driver’s license. Deputy Peden asked who the male was that was previously in the vehicle. Ms. Chamlee provided Mr. Brown’s information.

Ms. Chamlee stated he was in the store playing “ding ding’s” but could not explain why she left him at the store or how he is going to get home. Deputy Peden observed Ms. Chamlee’s hands to be shaking and hesitation in her voice when answering questions. Deputy Headrick responded to assist.

Deputy Peden ran Ms. Chamlee’s information through NCIC. NCIC showed Ms. Chamlee to have active suspensions on her license for failure to appear on 11/21/2018, and served on 11/23/2018. Ms. Chamlee was taken into custody for driving while license suspended or revoked. Deputy Peden requested consent to search the vehicle. Ms. Chamlee denied consent due to the vehicle not being hers. Deputy Peden contacted the registered owner of the vehicle Ms. Roberta Lynn Thompson, who gave Deputy Peden consent over the phone to remove the title from the dash board verifying her as the owner. Ms. Thompson then gave Deputy Peden consent to search the vehicle.

As Deputy Peden began a consent search of the vehicle, a small baggie was located between the driver’s seat and center console area with a crystal like substance suspected as Methamphetamine. Incident to finding the baggie of suspected Methamphetamine, Deputy Peden conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle. Deputy Peden located a book bag in the rear passenger area. Inside the bag Deputy Peden located a ziplock bag with a green leafy substance suspected as Marijuana, inside of a vacuum sealed bag that had previously been opened. Also located in the bag was a stack of small individual baggies commonly used to package narcotics, a set of digital scales, a syringe and needle, a Phoenix Arms .25 caliber semi automatic hand gun with a loaded magazine inserted, and an additional box of ammunition. Mr. Brown’s I.D and financial transaction cards were also located in the book bag. Ms. Thomas was detained at this time.

Deputy Peden read Ms. Chamlee and Ms. Thomas the Miranda Warning individually. Both stated they understood their rights. Deputy Peden requested the on call Narcotics Investigator. Detective Spurlock and Lt. Rann responded. Upon arrival the investigation was turned over to Detective Spurlock, including all evidence.

The vehicle was recovered by Union Point Towing.

Upon conclusion of Detective Spurlock’s investigation Ms. Chamlee and Ms. Thomas were both placed under arrest and transported to the Whitfield County Detention Center and turned over to booking staff without incident. Ms. Chamlee was issued citations for Driving While License Suspended (0.C.G.A 40-5-121) on Citation #(286925) and Cancelled Registration on Citation #(286924). Additional Charges pending Detective Spurlock.

Nothing further to report.

End Transcription of Narrative Report