Courtney Adams

Adams, Courtney Breaunna

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Driving Without A Valid License, Misd

Headlights Violation

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 06-16-22 I was patrolling the area of Shugart Rd and Chattanooga Rd looking for any illegal or suspicious activity.

While patrolling the area I observed a passenger car (Tag: [REDACTED]) (Tn) driving north on Shugart Rd approaching Chattanooga Rd. I observed that this vehicle had a headlight that was burnt out. Due to this I got behind this vehicle and activated my emergency lights to conduct a probable cause traffic stop on this vehicle.

Once stopped, I made contact with the driver, Courtney Adams. I introduced myself and explained why I had stopped her. I then asked for her drivers license. Adams then provided me an identification only card. I asked if she had a valid drivers license and she stated that she was in the process of getting one through Tennennesse and that she had lost it previously due to some traffic tickets.

I then went back to my patrol vehicle. About this time Officer Warren arrived on scene with me. I ran Adams through GCIC via my in car computer. She had a GCIC return through Tennennesse that shown that she did not have a valid license.

She also returned through Georgia with a license that shown to be suspended and expired. I had Officer Warren ask Adams if she had ever had a license in Georgia. Adams stated that she did about 10 years ago.

I then made contact with Adams again. I had her step out of the vehicle and I placed her under arrest for driving with no license. She was then searched incident to arrest in front of my dash camera. No contraband was located. She was then secured in my patrol vehicle with the safety belt. She advised that she is a U.S. citizen.

I asked Adams if she had a preferred tow company and she wished for A1 Towing. I had dispatch call for them, however dispatch advised that they were busy and could not come. Due to that I had a city list wrecker (Bobs) in route.

I then inventoried the vehicle. This inventory was to locate any valuable items to mark down in case of any thefts that may occur while the tow company has the vehicle. During this inventory I located numerous sheets of aluminum foil that had an unknown burnt substance on them. I also located numerous plastic straws that had an unknown substance in them.

I located a white bag, and a blue bag, that was under the driver seat that had these foils and straws inside of them. I also located a book that was under the front passenger seat that also had foils in it. More loose foils and straws were located in the trunk of the vehicle as well.

I then went back to Adams. I read her Miranda. She advised that she understood her rights and that she was going to talk to me.

I asked her about the foils. I asked what she used them for. She stated that she used them to consume “Roxy” I asked her if there was anymore in the vehicle. She stated no. I asked if she used the foils for any heroin or methamphetamine use. She stated no and that she only uses Roxy.

I then transported her to WCSO. At WCSO I charged her under citation numbers: 512348 and 512349 for the charges of:

40-5-20 (driving while unlicensed)
40-8-22 (headlight burned out)

Adams was then turned over to WCSO booking staff without incident. The foils and the straws that were located in the white bag that was under the drivers seat will be sent to the GBI crime lab for drug identification. Depending on those results I will be seeking additional charges at a later date.

The white bag, blue bag, book, and other foils and straws were entered into evidence.