Hector Trejo

Trejo, Hector

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Kidnapping, Minor

Bondsman Off Bond


Cruelty To Child, 3rd Or Subsequent Offense, 3rd

Burglary 1st, Forced Entry, Dwelling

Criminal Damage To Property, Business, 2nd Degree

Disorderly Conduct

Obstructing An Emergency Call

Willful Obstruction Of Law Officers, Misd

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 02/10/2023, around 1016, I was dispatched to [700 BLOCK] Bermuda St ([REDACTED]) in reference to a domestic dispute in progress. Initially, dispatch informed me that the complainant called and disconnected shortly after making a single statement. While en route, dispatch advised that the suspect was in the process of breaking the complainant’s vehicle’s windows. After hearing this, I utilized my emergency lights and sirens & drove the remainder of the way with emergency traffic. Just before going on scene, I was informed that the suspect had just left the scene on foot.

Upon my arrival, I saw a man standing outside the end apartment which was under construction. The man would later be identified as a witness by the name of [WITNESS #1]. As I exited my patrol vehicle, [WITNESS #1] pointed to apartment [REDACTED]. When I asked what the suspect looked like, he described him as a Latino male wearing a black hoodie. This was relayed to all other units in the area.

I then looked at the apartment door itself. The door was left open. As I walked around a parked 2018 jeep Grand Cherokee outside apartment [REDACTED], I saw a large brick on the ground and extensive damage to the exterior of the S.U.V with glass on the ground. I then looked inside apartment [REDACTED] and saw a woman crying on the couch with her son next to her. The woman was [VICTIM #1], the complainant and victim that called 911. After making sure she was okay, I asked where the suspect went.

I was told that the suspect left on foot behind the apartment and towards the lake at the back of the building. I then walked behind the complex and into the woods in an attempt to locate the suspect with no success. Once the walking trail came to the large lake, I could no longer see where he traveled on foot.

I then walked back to the apartment and spoke to [WITNESS #1] first so that I could interview him separately and keep his statement’s untainted if he spoke to the victim in the near future. [WITNESS #1] stated that he was performing construction on the apartment complex when he suddenly heard a man and woman screaming. At that time, he was upstairs in the apartment located in the last unit of the building.

Shortly after this, he saw a woman come running into the apartment that was under construction. This was just before the suspect came over to the apartment and continuously tried to grab the woman and force her back inside. Afterwards, [WITNESS #1] came down the stairs and outside of the building. This is when he was the same Latino male using a brick to cause extensive damage to the black jeep Grand Cherokee. Shortly after this the suspect fled the scene on foot behind the building.

By now, several officers were in the area looking for the suspect. I continued to update them with any relevant information I had. At this time, I had a moment to inspect the damaged jeep sports utility vehicle. The back right, front right, and front windshield were all heavily damaged or completely busted out. The passenger side front door handle appeared to have extensive damage. Additionally, the passenger side mirror was hanging on by a single cable.

I then made contact with the victim, [VICTIM #1], and her son, [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. At the time, the two were still sitting on the couch. Now that I was inside the apartment I could also see that a flat screen T.V was face down on the floor and a coffee machine that was lying in the floor of the apartment complex (see files for details).

[VICTIM #1] informed me that the father of her son, Hector Trejo was the one who damaged her property. She stated that before arriving on foot, Hector was calling her and asking for money. Following this, he arrived on scene at the apartment and forcefully kicked the front door using his foot. While he was in the process of kicking the front door is when she initially called 911. After making successful entry, he walked over to her, took her cell phone out of her hand and hung up with the 911 call taker.

In an attempt to escape him, she left the apartment and ran into the one under construction. This is when [WITNESS #1] took notice of her. She stated that Hector was following quickly behind her as she left. He proceeded to forcefully grab her and bring her back into apartment [REDACTED] against her will. This statement was supported by what [WITNESS #1] saw before. Once back inside the apartment, she and Hector could clearly see that Whitfield County 911 was attempting to call her back in order to gain additional information. He told [VICTIM #1] that she “had better” talk to them and tell them that everything is okay and it was an accidental 911 call.

Despite this, [VICTIM #1] refused and escaped the apartment once again to speak to call takers. [VICTIM #1] said that Hector remained inside the apartment for a short period of time. While inside, [VICTIM #1] claims to have heard Hector causing additional damage to the property inside the apartment. Shortly after this, is when Hector exited the apartment and began to cause extreme damage to [VICTIM #1]’s parked black Grand Cherokee. These statements line up with what dispatch had said while I was en route and what [WITNESS #1] stated prior.

After causing the damage, he walked back inside [REDACTED] and left the scene on foot using the back door. I then asked [VICTIM #1] is she had any visible marks or bruises on her body that were caused by Hector. She showed me a small scratch that had broken the skin on her face. She said that she sustained the injury while he was forcing her back inside. She confirmed that during the entire incident, the ex-couple’s son, [REDACTED BY AGENCY], was on the couch inside the apartment within plain view of the incident.

[VICTIM #1] was given a copy of a victim’s bill of rights. Just before leaving the scene, Officer Chase Jenkins stated that he saw the suspect running away from him while he was searching for Hector in the woodline south of the lake via radio. A nearby Whitfield County deputy saw the now shirtless suspect running away and chased him down on foot.

I quickly met with the deputy who now had the suspect in his custody. I visually confirmed with my own eyes that the suspect was in fact Hector Trejo. At the time, he was lying down on his side in thick brush. He was soaking wet from where he had jumped into the water before. I picked the suspect up and placed him on his feet. I then grabbed the suspect by the back of his neck, tilted his handcuffs up, and walked him to my patrol car. He was read his miranda rights on camera. However, when I attempted to ask any questions, he said that he was “too thirsty” to talk.

I then informed him that he was under arrest and his person was searched incident to arrest. When I asked if he was a U.S. citizen, he said that he was “too thirsty” to remember. He was seat belted in my patrol car after the back seat was visually searched. I then transported him to the W.C.S.O. Upon our arrival, I secured my firearm and Hector was handed over to booking staff. He was charged with the following on warrantless arrest form # “67062”.

  • O.C.G.A – (16-5-23.1) – “battery” – F.V.A
  • O.C.G.A – (16-5-70) – “cruelty to children in the 3rd degree”
  • O.C.G.A – (16-7-23) – “damage to property in the 2nd degree” – F.V.A
  • O.C.G.A – (16-7-1) – “burglary” – F.V.A
  • O.C.G.A – (16-10-24) – “obstruction”
  • O.C.G.A – (16-10-24.3) – “obstructing emergency phone call”
  • O.C.G.A – (16-5-40) – “kidnapping” – F.V.A
  • O.C.G.A – (16-11-39) – “disorderly conduct” – F.V.A

The backseat of my patrol car was searched once again before going back in service.

[End of Narrative]