Isaac Southern

Southern, Isaac Jahmal

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Terroristic Threats And Acts

Officer’s Narrative:
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On this date, 12/28/2022, I, Officer Hill, responded to [700 BLOCK] Skylark Place, Apartment [REDACTED], in reference to a disturbance in progress. The caller, [VICTIM #1], stated that a neighbor accused of him of physically harming another female. The caller stated that the other neighbor then brandished a pistol and threatened to shoot him.

Upon my arrival, I made contact with the occupants of room [REDACTED], which is directly below [REDACTED]. I spoke to Isaac Southern and [WITNESS #1], the occupants of the room. When I arrived, they immediately flagged me down and started to explain that some kind of disturbance happened in the apartment above them.

Officer Hammontree and myself asked to step inside their apartment with them to talk about it due to the caller listening through the open window. They agreed.

[WITNESS #1] then began to explain that she and Isaac heard a loud noise coming from the apartment above them. [WITNESS #1] stated that this happens often and that it sounded like someone was physically being beat. [WITNESS #1] stated that she and Isaac then went upstairs to check.

[WITNESS #1] explained that she knocked on the door while Isaac stood behind her. [WITNESS #1] stated that the male, [VICTIM #1], answered the door and that there was also a female in there. They stated that they were both older individuals. [WITNESS #1] stated that she asked if everything was okay. [WITNESS #1] stated that [VICTIM #1], who answered the door, said everything was fine and that she needed to leave and mind her business.

[WITNESS #1] stated that she then asked the female inside if she was okay and if the male had hit her. [WITNESS #1] stated that the female replied that the male touched her but did not hit her. [WITNESS #1] stated that she and the male then began to argue more and [VICTIM #1] said that she needed to mind her own business and leave.

[WITNESS #1] stated that while standing in the doorway, the male then pushed her one time. [WITNESS #1] stated that the male then shut the door. [WITNESS #1] stated that she then threatened to call the police. [WITNESS #1] stated that both people inside said “go ahead”. [WITNESS #1] stated that they then went back down stairs. [WITNESS #1] stated that they were planning on calling 911 but then we arrived before they could.

I then asked [WITNESS #1] and Isaac if they had taken a gun upstairs. [WITNESS #1] immediately looked at Isaac. They then both said that they did not. I then asked if either of them owned a gun or had one in the apartment. They both stated that they did not.

Shortly after this, Officer Kell stepped inside. He had been upstairs at apartment [REDACTED] speaking to [VICTIM #1], the caller. Officer Kell asked Isaac if he had a gun. Isaac then slowly reached for his appendix and stated that he did not. After further questioning, Isaac stated that he did in fact have a pistol in the bedroom. He stated that it was a gift to him but that he was not carrying it.

Officer Hammontree asked Isaac to show us the gun. Isaac then directed me to the bedroom. He pointed me to the exact location of the gun. He stated that it was in a laundry basket under a bag of cat treats. I asked Isaac if he would mind me retrieving the gun. He stated that would be okay. He stated that it was loaded however it should not have a round chambered.

I located a Taurus G2C 9mm (Serial: ADD202397) pistol in the location that Isaac directed me to. It had a brown frame with a black slide. It was in a black inside-the-waistband holster. I removed the pistol from the holster. I ejected the magazine and observed that it was loaded. I then checked the pistol to see if a round was chambered. There was no round chambered.

We then had Isaac go outside with me while [WITNESS #1] stayed inside with Officer Hammontree. I then asked Isaac to tell me the truth.

Isaac told me that he did have the pistol I had located on his person at the time of the argument. Isaac explained that he had it in his front waistband carrying it “appendix style”. Isaac stated that he never removed the pistol from the holster or otherwise made it visible to the male, [VICTIM #1]. Isaac stated that he was wearing a white t-shirt at the time was not sure if there was an imprint or if it was fully covered. He stated that he believes it was hidden. Isaac stated that the pistol was given to him as a gift.

Isaac again stated that he never removed the pistol from its holster, flashed the pistol, or otherwise made it visible. Isaac stated that he also did not make any threats with it.

Officer Hammontree spoke to [WITNESS #1] inside. He advised me that she said that she knew Isaac had a gun with him and that he “might have lifted his shirt to show the gun”.

Officer Kell and myself then spoke outside. Officer Kell advised that [VICTIM #1] stated [WITNESS #1] was standing in his doorway and what he thought was an attempt to get in. [VICTIM #1] stated that he pushed [WITNESS #1] out of his doorway and started to close the door. As he was closing the door, [VICTIM #1] stated that he could see the male, Isaac, lift his white shirt and flash a handgun that was in a holster on his inside front waistband. [VICTIM #1] described the handgun as brown and black. [VICTIM #1] stated that he asked Isaac if he was going to shoot him and Isaac said something about shooting him through the door.

A witness in the apartment next to [REDACTED] also heard Isaac say something along the lines of that if he came back up there, it would be a bad day.

Due to the fact that Isaac had already lied multiple times, [VICTIM #1] was able to describe Isaac’s pistol (most pistols are not black and brown), and the witness statement, Isaac was secured in handcuffs and placed under arrest.

I explained to Isaac that he was under arrest for terroristic threats (OCGA 16-11-37). I escorted Isaac to the front of my patrol car. I searched his person and secured him in the back seat of my patrol car. Isaac complained about a prior injury to his right shoulder. I explained to him how to sit to alleviate any pain. I also explained how to hold his wrists in the handcuffs, which I double checked for correct fit. Isaac continued to complain about both.

I escorted Isaac to the Whitfield County Jail, where he was turned over to booking staff.

Isaac Southern was charged on warrantless arrest form #66881 for the offense of terroristic threats. Isaac did commit this offense when he, while in possession of a Taurus G2C 9mm pistol, lifted his shirt to show [VICTIM #1] that firearm. Isaac then threatened to shoot [VICTIM #1] through the door. Isaac later threatened [VICTIM #1] again when he said that it would be a bad day if he went back up there. This statement would place a reasonable person in fear given the actions Isaac had taken beforehand.

The Taurus pistol, magazine, 12 9mm bullets, and holster were all entered into property and evidence.

[End of Narrative]